Former WWE Superstar Sami Zayn, now with the Smackdown brand, says there is a lot to be excited about with the current rivalry between himself and Brock Lesnar. The two recently went head-to-head on Raw in what was billed as an epic showdown for WrestleMania.
“I hope it goes longer than three weeks,” said Zayn of their feud before adding that he appreciates how much time they have invested in this storyline which has allowed fans to grow more attached to his character.

The “brock lesnar news” is the latest on Brock Lesnar. Sami Zayn talks about his chemistry with Brock and hopes for a longer rivalry.

WWE superstar Sami Zayn and Brock Lesnar on SmackDown

The former IC Champion wants to work with the Beast again. (Photo courtesy of WWE)

Sami Zayn says he enjoyed working with Brock Lesnar and hopes to continue their WWE feud in the future.

When Sami found himself in the thick of the Beast’s continuing rivalry with Roman Reigns in December of last year, fans were treated to flashes of comic gold between two very different characters, and fans were treated to moments of comedy gold between the two superstars.

‘I believe it let Brock display a side of himself that truly no one had really seen,’ Sami exclusively told of the run. I believe I was a decent foil for him, and he’s a fantastic foil for me.

‘I believe there was some on-screen chemistry there that I’d want to return at some point.’ Yeah, I was ecstatic all over! I believe it was a nice approach to pique people’s interest, and maybe it’s something they’ll be interested in seeing in the future.’

Fans enjoyed the exchanges, and it was evident that Sami – who just inked a new contract with WWE – was having a great time.

That turns out to be a’recurring theme’ for the former Intercontinental Champion, whose conspiracy theorist persona has grown in popularity.


‘It was a lot of fun,’ he remarked, referring to a repeating theme in his work during the previous year or two. ‘Even that [brief run with Brock] made me happy and proud.’

He also believes it aided him in showcasing his own abilities as a performer and strengthened his standing.

‘It didn’t develop into a big show; I was just sort of thrown into the tale of Roman and Brock for a few minutes.’ ‘I believe it did a lot for me, and I think it also emphasized my capacity to shift a show’s dynamic,’ he added.


Sami has really enjoyed his rivalry with Johnny Knoxville. (Photo courtesy of Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images) )

‘It’s been a long time since the Brock and Roman tale was that serious, and they’re going back and forth.’ Even though it was just for a week or two, putting me in there drastically transformed the dynamic.’

A few months later, Zayn is embroiled in a battle with Jackass icon Johnny Knoxville, who has promised to retire the wrestler in this weekend’s WrestleMania 38 Anything Goes Match.

Sami has been having a ‘lot of fun’ being a part of a’very unique’ tale, and this continues the pattern.

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He said, ‘I believe this entire affair has been a lot of fun, particularly for me.’ ‘I think the audience has enjoyed it as well, because we’ve been able to create the match in some really creative and unconventional ways that you don’t get to do with any WWE superstar.’

‘To construct this match, we’ve gotten to do some very out-of-the-box, unexpected, and entertaining stuff.’

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