Qatar is home to many LGBTQ supporters, but the World Cup director says their rainbow flags may be taken away from them. Although Qatar’s law protects citizens’ freedom of expression and assembly, it does not include those who support LGBT rights.

The “rainbow flag qatar” is a symbol that has been seen at the World Cup. However, the director of the Qatar 2022 World Cup warns supporters that their flags could be taken away from them.

Rainbow flags may be removed from fans at the World Cup in Qatar to prevent them from being harmed for supporting gay rights, according to a top official coordinating the tournament’s security.

Despite the fact that same-sex relationships are still illegal in Qatar, Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari assured that LGBTQ+ couples will be welcomed and accepted in the country during the FIFA World Cup, which runs from November 21 to December 18.

Al Ansari, on the other hand, is opposed to the open promotion of LGBTQ+ rights, as represented by the rainbow flag, which FIFA and World Cup organizers had previously said would be welcome throughout Qatar’s eight stadiums.

“If [a fan] hoisted the rainbow flag and I pulled it away from him, it’s not because I really want to, really, really take it away from him, to really disrespect him,” Al Ansari told the Associated Press. “Because if it isn’t me, someone else near him may assault [him]… I can’t guarantee everyone’s conduct. ‘Please, no need to actually raise that flag at this moment,’ I’ll tell him.”

Al Ansari is the head of the Ministry of Interior’s Department of International Cooperation and chairman of the National Counterterrorism Committee, where he spoke with the Associated Press for an hour on World Cup preparations.

“You want to show your perspective on the [LGBTQ+] issue in a society where it will be welcomed,” he remarked. “We recognize that this individual has a ticket and has come here to watch the game, not to protest, to engage in a political [act], or to do anything else that comes to mind.”

Throughout Euro 2020 last summer, Dutch fans waved rainbow flags. Photo courtesy of ANP Sport and Getty Images.

“Keep an eye on the game. That’s excellent. But don’t go about insulting the whole culture because of it.”

“Everyone will see that everyone is welcome here in Qatar, especially if we talk about LGBTQ,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated this week in Doha.

Al Ansari said that he is not advising LBGTQ+ fans to avoid Qatar or threatening them with punishment.

“Reserve the room together, sleep together — this isn’t anything we care about,” he said. “We’ve come to oversee the event.” Let’s not go into the specific personal matters that may be occurring between these individuals… this is the notion.

“We can’t modify the laws here. For the duration of the World Cup, you are unable to alter your faith.”

When it was pointed out that the statements would offend visiting fans and teams, Al Ansari claimed he didn’t see himself as discriminating.

“I’m putting myself in a position where I’m pitting a minority perspective against a majority,” he stated. “We need to get close to the issue before it explodes and becomes uncontrollable…. If someone assaults you, I’m going to have to intervene, and it’ll be too late.”

Joyce Cook, FIFA’s top social responsibility and education officer, told the Associated Press in 2020: “It’s a certainty that rainbow flags and T-shirts will be allowed inside the stadium. That is our position, and they are fully aware of it.”

Nasser Al Khater, the World Cup’s chief executive, has said that “we would obey” FIFA standards on the use of rainbow flags.

The “world cup 2022” is a football tournament that will be held in the middle east. The director of the World Cup has warned supporters to not wave rainbow flags at matches, as they could be taken away from them.

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