A woman in Virginia is accused of assaulting a Navy sailor who was trying to remove her from his car. The video went viral, but the woman has since been released after she posted bail.

The woman slaps navy sailor youtube is a viral video that has circulated the internet. It shows a woman slapping a Navy Sailor in the face and then kicking him as he lays on the ground.

navy sailor assault

Police in Berlin, Connecticut, are searching for a woman suspected of assaulting a Navy sailor.

After being accused of attacking a Navy sailor in a pizza restaurant on the 9/11 anniversary, a Connecticut lady faces potential charges. A portion of the altercation was taped. The video, which is posted below, has gone viral on social media.

The lady can be heard criticizing the young guy of donning a phony military outfit in the video. The woman’s photo was published by police in Berlin, Connecticut, and they were seeking for the public’s assistance in identifying her. According to WFSB-TV, officers now have a “probable” ID but haven’t published a name. For additional information, Heavy has contacted the Berlin Police Department.

Sean Nolte, Jr. was recognized as the young guy. Nolte is a sailor presently undergoing training at the Naval Submarine School in Groton, according to Navy authorities.

Here’s what you should be aware of:

He claims the woman threw the Sailor’s hat to the ground and slapped his face.

The brawl took occurred on September 11 at Berlin’s Central Pizza. According to police, the alleged attack occurred about 9:45 p.m., just before the restaurant’s closing hour.

The lady starts the video by tossing her black hat to the ground and exclaiming, “This is horrible!” She repeats the word “disgusting,” then takes a step closer and smacks Nolte in the face. She continues to taunt him with obscenities. The guy who was filming kept the camera mainly away from Nolte, although his face can be seen momentarily on the right-hand side of the screen when the lady smacks him.

The guy who was filming then advised the lady to leave. “Ma’am, you’re being recorded. Before I contact the cops, I’d leave right now.” The person filming also informs the lady that she isn’t allowed to pick up the phone, that she isn’t allowed to “grab his cap,” and that she should “leave him be.”

VIDEO: A sailor has been attacked, and a lady is being sought. Police in Berlin are searching for a woman who went viral after allegedly attacking a sailor. 2021-09-15T10:08:04Z

The lady requests that the person filming reveal the man’s uniform. “You insult the USA,” she adds, pointing to where Nolte was standing. “That is not a uniform,” the lady screams again, pointing at Nolte after more obscenity.

According to a press release, the Berlin Police Department has started an assault investigation. Anyone with information regarding the woman’s identify should call 860-828-7080, according to the agency.

When Nolte showed the woman his military ID, she screamed that it was a fake, according to him.

In the video, Nolte identified himself as the sailor. According to WFSB-TV, the lady mistook his outfit for a fake since it was green.

The Navy officially changed its camouflage from blue to forest green on October 1, 2017, according to Newsweek. Navy troops at the Pentagon also converted to green uniforms in 2019, according to the US Naval Institute.

Shortly after the incident, Nolte shared the following on Facebook:

To say the least, tonight has been exciting…. I went off-base to a nearby pizza joint for a bite to eat. As my buddy stands there chatting to her family, the current owners of this pizza parlor, a lady comes in and stares me down. I gently smile back since I am in uniform…. Over the period of ten minutes, the lady walks in and out many times. Her meal is ready, and she returns to the kitchen to get her pizza… As she walks away, she glances at me and sarcastically remarks, “Nice Smile.” “Thank you,” I say, “have a good day, ma’am,” and go about my business.

She returns less than 30 seconds later, yelling at the Pizzeria staff, “He is a phony by the way, my husband is in the Army…” You can probably guess the rest. I then proceeded to try to establish that I was not a phony, even showing her my VALID Military ID. She continued to allege that my Military ID was a forgery, and then proceeded to show me her DEPENDENT MILITARY ID, yelling, “This is what your ID should look like!”

I gently reply, “Tell your husband thank you for his service for me, and have a good day,” as I know there is no way to persuade this lady that I am not a phony. She rushes out of the pizzeria and back in, yelling at me, “You disgust me, you son of a bitch,” snatching my uniform and tossing my cover on the ground, completely oblivious to the fact that I am a genuine military member. She comes at me and smacks me on the left side of my face in a desperate attempt to flee. Because I’m in uniform, I have to retain my professionalism, so I stand there and wish her a pleasant day…. It seems that some of our own citizens are unable to identify authenticity when they encounter it.

Since then, Nolte’s Facebook post has been inundated with sympathetic comments thanking him for his service and complimenting him for his calm demeanor.

Nolte is a volunteer firefighter and a submarine technician.

Nolte was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the Harrisburg High School Sci-Tech Campus in 2017, according to WHTM-TV. In July 2021, the TV station honored him with a special broadcast to thank him for his service. “Nolte is serving in the United States Navy in Groton, Connecticut,” the announcement said.

Nolte is a Navy Submarine Electronics Fire Control Technician, according to his Facebook profile. He also said that he would continue to study at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology till 2020.

Nolte was also a volunteer fireman in his birthplace of Harrisburg, according to the Hartford Courant. “Sean is a very nice guy,” Rescue Fire Company 37 Chief Nick Wachter told the publication. We’re fortunate to have him since he joined us straight out of high school. He joined the Navy and is no longer a member, yet he is still a member.”

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The woman slaps navy sailor identified is a viral video that has been circulating the internet. In the video, a woman is accused of assaulting a Navy Sailor in an elevator in San Diego.

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