In the post, which spans two pages, the author begins with a few examples of how the code in Windows 10 has changed since the operating system’s launch. The author notes that in Windows 8 the code was stable, but that Microsoft had to make some drastic changes to Windows 10 to fix issues related to the update and to make Windows work better, and that the work Microsoft has to do to keep the software stable will get harder as more features and more code will be integrated into Windows.

For years, we have been hearing about Windows 9, Windows 10, and Windows 11 as the next major release of Windows. However, Windows 10 is now being pushed as the “final” release and, indeed, it is the only version that Microsoft is actively promoting. And it looks as if the Windows 11 moniker will be retired altogether.

For Microsoft, the Windows development branch is an essential element of their software development process that helps speed up the process for new and advanced features. However, new information has come to light that suggests that the Windows development branch may not be as stable as it has been in the past. In a blog post, a Microsoft developer has warned that future Windows build will be less stable than the Windows 10 version. He said, “We are actively making changes, and they are getting stickier.”


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  • You haven’t seen anything yet if you thought Windows 11 was a difficult experience.
  • Despite the fact that Insiders in the Dev and Beta channels are evaluating the same version, Microsoft will step it up a level.
  • The first significant Windows 11 upgrade, 22H2, will be tested via the Dev channel, according to Microsoft. 
  • The information that builds would become more buggy and unstable was communicated to insiders through email.


The new operating system, Windows 11, is now undergoing final testing and will be released on suitable devices in October.

Joining the Dev and Beta channels now gives you access to the technical preview versions of Windows 11.

However, Microsoft is said to have cautioned its Dev Channel members that what they’ve been dealing with thus far has been little more than a stroll in the park, and that more unstable versions are on the horizon.

Beware! More unstable builds are on the way for Dev Insiders.

Despite the fact that Windows 11 is still in beta, it is fairly reliable for day-to-day use provided you can put up with a few bugs.

The Redmond firm is currently concentrating on the next edition of Windows 11, and customers have been warned.

Microsoft intends to shift to a single year upgrade cycle with its new operating system.

This implies that just one feature upgrade will be issued in the second half of the year, with regular monthly updates for all users continuing throughout the year.

We’re currently testing Windows 11 version 21H2 builds, which will be available to the general public in October 2021.

Microsoft is now intending to test next year’s experimental additions and upgrades via the Dev Channel, and builds may become very unstable.

All of this suggests that internal development on Windows 11’s first major upgrade has already started.

Version 22H is the internal codename for the future version of Windows 11, which does not seem to have a specific codename at this time.

So be ready, because Microsoft will start delivering unstable releases to Dev channel members in the coming weeks.

Insiders are being advised to move to the Beta channel by Microsoft.

In an email to testers, Microsoft recently emphasized the dangers of running Dev Channel versions and cautioned consumers that the forthcoming release of Windows 11 will offer them with buggier builds.

If Insiders simply want to test the first and original version of Windows 11, they should stay away from this channel.

You won’t notice many obvious changes or new features in Dev Channel at first, but things may become tough on certain devices.

Please switch your device to the Beta Channel via the Windows Insider Program Settings if you want to enjoy more dependable Windows 11 Insider Previews Builds linked to the forthcoming release [version 21H2].

Keep in mind that if you switch to the Beta channel today, you’ll still have access to all of the capabilities that will be available to customers later this year.

It’s also worth noting that customers in both channels are presently using Windows 11 Build 22000.160 and have the same set of features available.

If you wish to test the experimental features that will be published in 2022 with version 22H2, no action is needed.

Do you want to participate in the beta testing of Windows 11’s first major update? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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It may be surprising to learn that Microsoft has announced that Windows 11, the operating system that is due to launch later this year, will be more unstable than Windows 10. In a blog post, Microsoft acknowledged that Windows 11 is still in the pre-release phase and will not be perfect, but admitted that stability issues are more likely to occur than in a stable beta.. Read more about windows 11 insider reddit and let us know what you think.

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