The Wild Fields Brewery in Ukraine’s capital of Kiev recently opened its doors to the public and was met with a big response. It turns out that Ukrainians are eager for more craft beer options like this one, which is why it wasn’t long until demand outstripped supply.

The “wild fields this is how we brew it” is a blog post about the support of Ukraine’s effort.

Wild Fields Brewhouse Maker's Market Supports Ukraine Effort •

Jake and Anya Knotts are assisting with the evacuation of Ukrainians to neighboring nations.

ATASCADERO — From 12 to 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 20, Wild Fields Brewhouse hosted a Maker’s Market, with revenues going to a local-run relief effort in Ukraine. 

“After we did a podcast with Jaime Lewis from ‘Consumed,’ her email included a note about Jake from Midstate Containers since he’s one of the podcast sponsors, and it was just pretty quick,” said Jacque Fields, president and co-founder of Wild Fields. “It was, you know, he lived there [Ukraine] for ten years, his wife is Ukrainian, they had their children there, and they’re on the ground supporting folks,” she said. 

Wild-Fields-Relief-Market-Contributed-5During last weekend’s Wild Fields event, Peaceful Plants, an outdoor Maker’s Market exhibitor, put up a booth full of real plants for sale, with revenues benefiting Ukraine relief efforts. Photo by a contributor

Lewis, a San Luis Obispo local, developed the podcast “Consumed.” She travels the Central Coast and the rest of California, interviewing producers, eaters, and drinkers about food and culture. To demonstrate his support for the Knotts, Lewis also went to the Maker’s Market. 

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero


She said, “Jake [Knotts] and I both grew up in Nipomo, and our families are close.” “Many years ago, I witnessed him move to Ukraine as a missionary, where he met Anya” (who is Ukrainian). They’ve been back in SLO County for a while, but when Russia attacked Ukraine, my mother sent me a note from his family stating he’d departed to assist Anya’s family in crossing the Polish border. 

“Since then, Anya has joined him, and the two of them are successfully assisting people cross the border every day: securing Airbnbs for individuals who need to recuperate after waiting days in their vehicles in the snow to cross to Poland, purchasing vans, importing petrol, medical supplies, and so on. They’ve gathered a group of pals from Ukraine and the United States to work tirelessly every day to help people in need.”

Knotts and his wife worked as missionaries in Chernihiv, Ukraine, for nearly ten years. Jake, a Nipomo native, married Anya, a Kyiv, Ukraine native, 16 years ago. They have three children, whom they left in the United States when they traveled to assist in the relocation of Ukrainians to neighboring nations.

Jake and Anya’s tale moved Fields, and he wanted to do something to assist them with their relief efforts. 

“I was thinking, ‘I don’t know what I can do, but what can I do?’ What options do I have? Is it possible for me to hold a fundraiser?” Fields remarked. “We went out to all of the vendors we’ve been doing Maker’s Markets with and told them we wanted to put together a little market and do profits in order to assist them [The Knotts] out.”

On Sunday, there were 10 sellers at the Maker’s Market.

FRONT-Wild-Fields-Relief-Market-ContributedOutdoors in the Wild Fields During last weekend’s event, Peaceful Plants, a Marker’s Market vendor, put up its “Beer Can Plants” in a heart shape, with earnings benefiting Ukraine rescue efforts. Photo by a contributor

On their donation website, Anya Knotts said, “We will be working in European nations surrounding Ukraine to set up refugee homes, offer food and medical treatment, help with transportation, childcare, paperwork, and whatever other needs emerge.” “We are just a Ukrainian/American family with numerous relatives and close friends still in Ukraine, fighting in the Army, trapped in their towns, or fleeing west to escape; at the very least, we want to be there for them when they arrive in a strange country with nothing.”

The Knotts, who are now on the ground in Poland, received $662 from Wild Fields Brewhouse, with the revenues from the other merchants going to the Knotts individually.

Follow Jake’s Instagram account, @jakefrommidstate, to keep up with The Knotts’ adventure and learn how you can assist with their relief efforts. 

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