The role of sales operations is one that has been evolving over the years. It’s now a full-fledged department that encompasses all aspects of marketing, business development and finance as well as customer service. Sales Operations can be viewed in terms of strategic goals or its impact on a company’s income.

Sales operations is responsible for generating revenue and profit. Sales operations can have a large impact on the company’s income.

What is the role of sales operations and what is its impact on a company's income

What is the function of sales operations and how does it affect a company’s revenue?



Account executive, account manager, sales manager, head of sales, etc. are all examples of sales development representatives. Do we recognize any of these names? So, we’re going to add sales operations to this vast list of job titles. It’s certainly not as well-known as the others, at least not in Spain, but more and more organizations are starting to hire or train individuals for this role.

But how did this figure come to be? What are your responsibilities? What effect will it have on the company’s bottom line? And where do we look for these people? In this post, we’ll attempt to address these questions by shedding some light on one of the major commercial equipment advancements that will certainly create a trend in the future until it becomes a “must.”

How did the sales operations number come to be?

Sales professionals cannot think the same way they did a few years ago in a highly competitive atmosphere where not only is it necessary to sell, but also to comprehend the market: customers, competitors, environment, and so on. A basic denominator for all businesses is the necessity of knowing and then selling. This is mostly due to the rising complexity of marketplaces, which makes it more difficult to react to the market and the organization’s reality within its industry. Given this paradigm, having analytical and solely strategic profiles inside sales teams becomes very vital.

When a sales team expands to serve a developing firm, this problem becomes much more apparent. Sales operations are becoming more important. There are more KPIs to measure and greater complexity in how they sell equipment as they gain more clients and income.

The title “head of sales operations” or “sales operations manager” comes into play here.

Responsibilities in sales operations

The head of sales operations, or sales operations managers, are in charge of creating and managing a sales process that allows the businesses they serve to expand. To put it another way, the sales operations managers or heads of sales operations and their staff look after whatever the commercials need to support their sales capability. The following are some of its key responsibilities:

Control the sales funnel.

The sales operations manager is in charge of ensuring that sales opportunities flow efficiently through the sales funnel. This person’s job entails tracking conversion rates at each level of the funnel and evaluating the data to give credible suggestions on how to boost productivity.

Sales process streamlining and optimization

A sales operations manager may discover aspects of your sales team’s sales process that are potentially losing you money. This isn’t only restricted to the analytical side; if you have a profile that dominates the business vision, you may offer and execute solutions to maintain your sales process in tip-top form.

Tools for sales automation should be chosen, implemented, and managed.

One of the maxims of this figure is to ensure that the sales staff has the tools they need to be effective in the sales process. This work starts with a review of the various tools available on the market, a rapid grasp of how they fit into the business, and then making onboarding as easy as possible for the sales staff.

CRM data management

Even if a great CRM system is in place, it’s conceivable that sales teams aren’t reaping all of the advantages and much more since the system isn’t tailored for them. Another of the operational duties that a sales operations manager must coordinate is administering a CRM, knowing the data that commercial teams want at all times, applying various evolutionary panels of metrics or business, extracting critical information for strategic choices, and so on.

Convert facts and ideas into corporate strategy.

Let’s not forget that the figure of head of sales operations or sales operations manager is a cross-functional role that supports all sales managers and so has a thorough understanding of both internal and external events. As a result, he will play an active role in the company’s marketing strategy.

How do you go about finding a solid sales operation?

The head of sales operations or sales operations managers are continually working on several initiatives while interacting with stakeholders from all areas of the company, including finance, strategy, and human resources. Because each of these teams has its own set of goals, the director of sales operations is tasked with “juggling” these disparate interests and mediating between them.

As a result, a profile that properly operates sales operations is an extraordinarily comprehensive profile that combines strategic vision, commercial vision, and analytical ability. Here are some of the essential abilities that a successful sales operations manager must possess:

Business savvy Skills in organization Managing the sales funnel Program administration Management of projects Experience in data analysis and reporting Knowledge of CRM and database applications Financial system experience People management experience

The pioneers in the industry, huge IT businesses, or scaleups whose desire for expansion has made it imperative to have highly analytical profiles with strategic vision and business development are the first to deal with these profiles. One of my tips is to look up job descriptions on LinkedIn and see what huge firms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Google, and Facebook are looking for. This will aid our search, not just in terms of the qualities we need in a sales agent, but also in terms of how these huge corporations are attempting to attract this highly sought yet difficult to recruit profile.

But what if you can’t find this kind of talent? Another alternative that many firms are exploring in this circumstance is to fill the job with internal talent that they already have. This position requires you to have a broad understanding of business and sales while also enjoying the strategic and analytical aspects. You must be able to see all commercial processes and even the sales team’s relationships with others such as marketing, product development, and technology. A strong head of sales operations is unquestionably a valuable friend of the chief of sales, who is often more concerned with billing.

Impact affects the firm directly

With all of this, we have a good understanding of what a head of sales operations or sales operations manager is, but the issue now is what influence they will have on a company.

Profitability is enhanced.

The sales & revenue operations teams are primarily responsible for providing high-level support to the sales department co-defining the strategy and giving constant follow-up in the commercial process itself. Sales operations should not be confused with sales enablement teams, which are only involved in the early stages of the sales lifecycle and focus on supporting sales reps.

Sales operations teams are responsible for improving company processes, sales data, and strategic planning, enabling sales people to concentrate more on selling. Data analysis and sales forecasting are used by sales operations teams to develop a sales strategy.

As a result, activities such as enhancing the pitch, lowering the time leads spend in sales funnels, or offering tools for automation will have a direct influence on sales force productivity, which will be directly connected to increased profitability. With the same resources, you can acquire more.

Assist the commercial director as a loyal ally

A head of sales operations or sales operations manager reports directly to the Commercial Director in direct reporting. This report, on the other hand, must be considerably different from the typical report that an account manager or even a key account manager produces; mostly because they will be discussing figures and clients in a more operational manner.

However, the report that the figure of sales operations will prepare goes far further, discussing strategic and worldwide components of the company’s complete sales process. For the same reason, he becomes the commercial director’s most useful ally, as he provides him with more quantitative data that aids in understanding the qualitative data that the rest of the commercials can supply.

We may state that a strong sales operations manager substantially assists a commercial director in clarifying thoughts and even defining the path that they have in mind, offering them with a fresh perspective that they did not have before. This implies that the commercial director is almost solely concerned with getting his team to sell, but the sales operations manager is concerned with getting his team to sell better and more efficiently.

In times of expansion, increase scalability.

Automation and scalability are two notions that are becoming more popular. “What is not measured cannot be improved,” we’ve all heard; nevertheless, a competent head of sales operations would add, “and what is not measurable, is not reproducible, and so is not scalable.” And, inside a commercial department, what is the most repeatable? The selling procedures.

For the same reason, the sales operations figure must be continually assessing the processes, attempting to refine them to the maximum, correcting them if required, reaching the desired efficiency, and scaling them “to infinity” once this point has been achieved.

And it is that scalability is achieved not just via excellent goods, but also through well-defined commercial procedures.

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The “sales operations” is a role that has been present in organizations for quite some time. This role has the responsibility of managing and optimizing sales activities, which can have great impact on a company’s income. Reference: sales operations examples.

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