Astrology, or the study of the stars, is an old science that has been around for centuries. In fact, some historians believe that the ancient Egyptians were the first people to look at the night skies and try to understand their movements and predictions. The most common elements of astrology include the position of the stars, their movements, and the sun and moon. Understanding all of this is crucial in order to be able to understand your own personal horoscope, as well as that of other people.

The astrology world does have a lot of different views of astrology. Some people think it’s about the planets and zodiac signs, while others think it’s about the planets and biological signs. However, there is a lot to be learned about astrology and it is not all about the planets. The key to understanding astrology is to understand the signs and their significance.

The astrology for the week of Nov 16th, 2020 for all the signs.


Weekly astrological predictions for all signs 16. november 2020


word-image-6401 Where intention goes, manifestation flows Feel the excitement and say yes Are you ready for more? This week, Aries, you will receive a call to freedom and free yourself from whatever is holding you back. Above all, this week wants you to know that you are more powerful than you thought when it comes to initiating the changes you want – and that you want to achieve in your life right now. What appears this week will be an outer manifestation of the inner desire. Something you’ve been dreaming about or focusing on for a while. In fact, it will show you what the true desire inside is. It’s about what gets you out of a rut or satisfies a deep need within you. Maybe you’ve been waiting for it since 2017! We just finished the monumental and final encounter of Jupiter and Pluto last week.

You are so worthy!

This week Venus will be in its 7th house. House square Jupiter and then Saturn in your 10th house. Form the house. Meanwhile, Mercury comes out retrograde in your property, assets and general resources zone and collides with Uranus in your money zone. He asks if you’re ready for more. But willing to take responsibility for having more. Are you not only ready, but do you feel worthy? Whether it’s love or worldly success. Yes, it has everything to do with that focus I hope was about being enough and winning what I thought I could win! Venus also enters your 8th house this week. on the same day, the Sun enters your 9th house. The presence of freedom may involve an exchange, a transaction, a compromise or a counteraction. Or it’s about setting aside the familiar and entering new territory. And it can be scary. If everything you knew wasn’t enough, having everything – or at least more of it – can take us places we’ve never been. But that’s freedom. So, no matter how hard it is, feel the fear and focus on doing it anyway. In a nutshell: This week, your thoughts may become reality. It seems like this is what you’ve been focusing on for a while. Consciously or unconsciously. His work is to set you free and move your soul. Feel the excitement – and say yes anyway, Aries.


word-image-6402 Love takes time – in more ways than one. Clearing the way to freedom What needs to be done? Give back to get more! What does freedom or opportunity look like to you, Taurus? Because, let’s face it, it will be different for everyone. What about the freedom to love who, how and even where you want? What if you had time to do something you love? And what could stand invisibly between you and that? Venus is about to enter the 7th house. Sign in your horoscope to enter. In addition, both Mercury and the Sun leave their retrograde shadows this week, until the 21st. When the Sun changes signs and lands in your 8th house. sign, it means a cleansing of what stands between you and that love. And the path to get there will be illuminated early this week when Venus, still in your 6th, puts Jupiter in 9th square, and Saturn then on the 19th.

Take time for love!

You need to get organized right away. Have a program, a plan, a goal. And stay there. Do not lose sight of the details, for therein lies the key to freeing yourself from limitations. Jupiter is good for large images, but not for small lines. First of all, because Mercury is in your 7th house. The zodiac sign Uranus in your 1st house. You have to be willing to change or adjust your routine or just make time for love. If you’re looking for love, take it as seriously as your professional goals. If you agree, pin a date and consider it a business meeting too important to cancel. And that’s what your partner is – or should be. When it comes to your time – the time you spend doing what you love, not what you do – freeing up that time is a matter of organization, detail and planning. Or just set new priorities. Venus is in trine with the mighty Ceres in your house of the future on the 22nd, and combined with the Sun in your sector of change, it tells you that something is about to happen. Act, if necessary, bull. Because only you can say what really matters when it comes to the freedom of love. In a nutshell: This week, Taurus, freedom, especially in love, comes from organization. Making time for love, or letting it in, starts with making time. So take the time to do it, because more time means more love.


word-image-6403 Free yourself for love Keep answering yes. A new point of view gives you a new perspective Venus in your fabulous 5th and the Sun in your 7th from the 21st add to the attraction, Gemini. Magnetize these desires and feel strong above all when it comes to making them a reality. Last week was the last meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 8th house. House. What solution or opportunity to overcome a long-standing problem has presented itself or is in the works that gives you a sense of rebirth? Hope and optimism can bring renewal. To increase the potential for love and partnership and simply your ability to get the results you want, Venus is square Jupiter and Saturn in your 8th house. Know that if you get a no from someone this week, it won’t be a yes after all. But chances are you’re leaning towards yes. Especially when it comes to you and the other person. Mercury comes out of retrograde and enters the 6th house ruled by it. Unexpected information, twists and turns may even prove to be a blessing in opposition to Uranus on the 17th, or a spur to freedom. If something didn’t go as you had hoped, you will now see that it was in fact a release from that which was holding you back. This will allow you to see your current situation in a completely different light. And that gives you the power to change it for you. And the best part.

Turn on the light of your love

The sun in your 7th house. House will be lighting up all types of partnerships next month. Venus enters your 6th house on the 21st and forms a trine with Ceres in your 10th house on the 22nd. House. So it’s not just about love, but also about work and professional partnerships. Ceres is as powerful as Pluto. After all, in mythology, she was his stepmother. In your manhood and status 10. Sign and Venus in conjunction in your work sector, this is a new power dynamic. About compromises and new dynamics. This is where you can show yes. Maybe you dare to ask for something different or you are willing to give up something to get something better. Either way, the result will be greater freedom and better partnerships overall. Start with what you have with yourself, Gemini. In a nutshell: Long-term love and partner issues of all kinds are back on the agenda, Gemini. In addition, the end of Mercury retrograde will allow you to regain control of your routine. Free yourself for love!


word-image-6404 No more routines that have become a chore No more compromises in love! Dress up your glamazon! Last week, you may have reached a turning point in partnership issues as Jupiter and Pluto align in your 7th house. This week, while Venus is in your 4th until the 21st. House, you can learn the truth firsthand. As long as it’s not in your 5 of fun. If you are in the 2nd house, make informed and lasting decisions about your partner, circumstances, and even your career, because Venus is in square first Jupiter (16th) and then Saturn (19th). Something is pushing you up and forward, away from everything that is holding you back, from everything that is going nowhere or stagnating. It could be anything – a connection to your job, to your usual social circle or to where you live. This week Mercury will come out of its retrograde pattern in your 5th house. and just before that it will confront Uranus in the 11th house. Something new, free and exciting can be offered. A connection, an invitation, an idea. It may even be related to one of your goals. What’s your answer? On the 6th, the Sun enters your house of habits, day jobs (paid or unpaid), health, wellness and routine. He wants you to pay attention to what supports and facilitates rescue work and what does not. The kind of routine that is really a routine. Those habits that you may know, but have no use for. Does everything need to be shaken up a bit?

Become what you want to wear

Venus is now in your 5th house. Triangle with Dita Von Teese’s last planet, Ceres in your 9th house. Yes, it’s true. We’re so caught up in the mythology that Ceres was the mother of Persephone that we’ve forgotten that you can’t symbolize fertility without being sexual. One story says that the cheeky seal Neptune fell in love with her. She didn’t like that, so she turned into a horse to get away from him. But if that’s not a call to channel your inner goddess (however you identify yourself, since it’s a primal energy, regardless of gender) and acknowledge that it’s too much, then I don’t know what is. Don’t compromise in love, don’t let your ego waver by wearing the glamazon or whatever else you like to do this week. Free yourself to do this. In a nutshell: The themes of love, romance, partnership and dynamic duos of all kinds remain central. Your best engagement strategy? Swing the glamazone as hard as you can, Cancer! And get out of the rut while you’re at it!


word-image-6405 Appear and express yourself What do you have to give to get? Taking care of the small things to live something bigger Waiting for the sun to come out in your 5th year. Sign that stands for all that is fabulous and Leo-centric, something must be changed or given. Don’t forget to get rid of the mundane things so that the pleasure principle prevails. In other words, an escape from Dullsville, Leo. Sure, the world has lost its luster on several levels lately. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shine. The final meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 6th house. House must have made lasting changes in your work, your well-being, your routines, your studies, your habits in the past week, and made you look at all the little things that make up your day with fresh eyes. More updates or news on this subject may come this week, as Venus is in your 3rd house. is now in an angle with Jupiter and Saturn. These details take on new meaning, or the news that comes in is too important to ignore.

Gloss shift

Mercury rules your 3rd and 6th houses. and has not been retrograde in your 4th house since the 19th. These changes in the day could also lead to changes in the career, as it is in opposition to Uranus on the 17th. Venus also arrives in your 4th house on the 21st. Draw and form a triangle with Ceres in your 8th on the 22nd. The powerful and life-enhancing changes you describe can be the result. If this is the case and the ruler of the Sun enters his ruling house in your horoscope, you should take time to celebrate. Even if it is a lockdown. Somehow, romance, relationships, pampering, children, your creativity, hobbies, youth, fun and yes, your chance to stand out and be noticed will happen next month. Light to shine, Leo. In a nutshell: Continue to explore options that give you the freedom to do or be what you love or what you want to express, Leo. The sun in your 5th house. House emphasizes the importance of self-expression this week. And give yourself permission to shine!


word-image-6406 Know what you need, not what you think you need. Get a new contract with love Fresh ideas will get you going On the 19th, Mercury enters the third house ruling him. The House of Shadows. You’re always able to get your point across, Virgo. If you were to delay the launch, filing or rebranding, you have the green light again. This also applies to the signing of important documents, contracts and new businesses. Or change the shape of the old one, because Venus comes on the 21st. On the 22nd it forms a triangle with Ceres in the 7th. Degree, Venus rules, promises a new deal in love. Or to rethink the partnerships that exist around them. Before Venus lands here, she will square Jupiter (16) and Saturn (19) in your 5th house. The House of Europe from his number 2. All this leads to mental stimulation – or even bank account or ego stimulation.

What is priceless to you?

The goal is to free yourself, thanks to Mercury’s opposition to Uranus in your 9th house. House at 17. Freedom, which includes the freedom of the soul and the freedom to determine its own direction, comes in many forms. You also need to know where you are willing to compromise and where not. Here’s what you need to know to start this week. On the 21st, the sun enters your 4th house. Signs of home, family and everything related to your lifestyle, safety, roots, homeland, traditions and emotional needs. It asks you to look again at what you really need and not at what you have been led to believe. And know the difference. Again: If you know this, you know what you’re selling and what you’re not. This is a home truth you can pass on – and maybe take to the bank, Virgo. In a nutshell: This week, Virgo, there is movement around your ideas, business, work and the internet. You will be able to get your message across and sell yourself more effectively. But know that you will never sell your soul. And take it to the bank.


word-image-6407 Extra effort pays off Create this message Budget your life to get more of what you love! A little extra effort in daily routines, small things or housework could get you what you’ve been hoping for or looking for this week, Libra. You are just coming off the latest life-changing encounter of Jupiter and Pluto in your 4th house. Home, family, roots and safety. This week Venus is square Jupiter (16) and Saturn (19) in your sign. A little extra effort is needed here. Start with a long-term attitude, and that’s exactly what you’ll get. Advanced solutions that just make you more comfortable, whether it’s your home or your finances. From the 19th, Mercury removes the retrosmut in your house of money.

Do you have a living wage that gives you more

Two days earlier he is opposite Uranus in your other house of money. This can begin a new cycle of freedom around your money, income, earnings and assets. Especially when Venus enters your 2nd from the 21st. Be both optimistic and realistic about what you have and where the money is going. Venus forms a trine with Ceres in your pragmatic and orderly 6th house on the 22nd. House. The result can be a life budget that makes use of all your available resources, including your talents, energy and time. Order it now, scale. The Sun is also in your 3rd house this week. House. So what’s the message now? Business, communication, writing, publishing, teaching, zooming, internet, ideas and what you say, hear and broadcast in the world will be covered next month. Ready to get started in early 2021? Compose this life/budget message. It can take you there. In a nutshell: Budget is a boring word. So develop a plan to make the most of your resources, Libra. Time and talent are included. Knowing how much you spend in each area will help you save more for the things you really love. It’s a winning plan this week.



word-image-6408 It’s the season for self-promotion. Development to reflect on own development The message confirms your ability to This week, on the 21st, the Sun can leave your sign and enter your money zone. But the good news is that your party has only just begun, Scorpio. Mercury finally comes out of its retro shadow in your 1st year on the 19th. House out. Venus arrives in your 1st on the same day the sun leaves it. So think of this season as one of self-expression and gratitude. Enjoy your sensuality and do your best to look and feel good. Above all, think about what you want to wear and work on your self-esteem. The Sun in the house of control of Venus will help you with this. Venus also forms a trine with Ceres in your 5th on the 22nd. House, which in turn is the house of attraction, lust, romance, sensuality and love. Before Mercury completes its retrograde phase, it is in opposition to Uranus in your seventh house. While Venus is in your 12th house, she also squares Jupiter (16th) and then Saturn (19th) in your 3rd house. Their needs have changed. What is changing in the relationship and what you have done or wanted in the past will be felt.

Taking stock of love and attraction

It may just be a consolidation of something set in motion by the crucial and final encounter between Jupiter and your ruler Pluto last week. News can now give you direction, and decisions can be made accordingly. Some of you may literally be looking for a new love or something you’ve been craving for a long time. So make sure your outer appearance reflects that, Scorpio. And watch your relationship do the same. In a nutshell: The Sun may be leaving your sign this week, but the arrival of Venus in your first house will give you a big boost. The sign keeps the emphasis on you, you, you. It’s time to spoil yourself. And to make sure your appearance reflects exactly what you want to wear.

Magnetic switch

Prepare your message for the present time Something old is new again Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Happy birthday, Sag! Expect a new world to emerge from the new normal in 2021. It will be about your ideas, what you share and communicate, your message, your brand, your social media presence, the internet and, yes, ultimately, travel, especially in relation to places from your past. At the beginning of a new cycle, Venus is in your 11th house. House with Jupiter (16th) square the ruler of it and then Saturn (19th) in the 2nd house ruling it. House of Venus in your horoscope. Meanwhile, Mercury will go retrograde in your deep and mysterious 12th on the 19th. For that, he is in opposition to Uranus in your 6th, which can free you from something that has been a burden for too long. You see you don’t need it anymore, so expect to be relieved and liberated.

What comes from the past looks brand new again

On the same day that the Sun illuminates your sign, Venus enters your 12th, and on the 22nd she forms a trine with Ceres in your 4th. It will not only nurture your psychic and creative talents, but in this time of new beginnings, it will give you back what you thought was lost forever. But now it’s coming back, sparkling with new meaning. It’s about creating a new sense of belonging or stability. It can be expressed as a choice or a decision, but it must be clear. Call it a special birthday gift when it happens. It gives you what you need to enjoy all the benefits that the Age of Now, which begins next month, wants to give you, Sag, In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Yeah, 2020 clipped your wings. But in 2021, your ideas and messages will be realized. Your gift? An element from the past returns with new meaning and relevance.


word-image-6409 Make a greater contribution People set your future in motion Opportunities and solutions are stimulated by self-determination What is your contribution to the common cause, Capricorn? We are now entering the season of giving. And there are so many ways to donate. And reach out to them, even if they are isolated or socially distant. First Venus square Jupiter (16) is in your status sector and then Saturn (19) as ruler in your 1st house. This could lead to opportunities and/or decisions to be made during the final and mega important conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st house. The characters revealed last week show up with a little self-determination on your part. At this point, it’s especially important for you to know what you want to accomplish in all areas, Cappie. From love to professional ambition. And pay attention to how your choices affect how others see you and your path forward. Mercury comes out retrograde in your eleventh year from the 19th. House. Before that, he is in opposition to Uranus in your 5th house. House, the main body of Uranus. Venus also enters your 11th house from the 21st. House. On the day the Sun is in your 12th, the countdown to your birthday begins. This will be a cycle like no other, for it marks the beginning of a new Aquarian Age. So it depends on who you know and who you are connected to. Of your past, your present and yes, your future.

Indicate your presence

In anticipation of this, consider how the people you know and what you believe affect your personal freedom and those dreams. Also see what you can give to your friends, group, network, party, club, association or cause. If not in person, then from a distance. Not participating or staying on the sidelines is not an option at the moment. A Venus trine with Ceres on the 22nd can bring you news of how closely your path and the paths of those you know are connected. You don’t have to hold back, either. Share your time, thoughts, ideas, wisdom and love in any way you can and see how everything you get in return is multiplied tenfold. The people you know, meet or work with want your opinion. And your contribution sets your future in motion, Capricorn. In a nutshell: Give a little to get a lot more, Capricorn. This week you say your contribution is important. Your presence, your ideas and all you have to offer inspire others. And that, in turn, sets in motion a greater future.


word-image-6410 Level the playing field Make yourself known Rebalancing What rules do you play by, Waterman? And aren’t they biased in favor of one party? This week may bring an imbalance to light. Especially if you didn’t know it existed until now. I’m talking about everything from your employer favoring certain people in pay raises or promotions to the lover who does things his way. Venus begins the week in your 9th house. House and forms a square to Jupiter (16) and Saturn (19) in your 12th house. House. It’s from the house of Jupiter. There is no bad square between Venus and Jupiter. But the mega meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th house. Home in the last week may reveal a power play or bias that needs to be addressed. Fortunately, this may be a solution to the problem. Mercury will also complete its retrograde this week. Clear it on the 19th in your 10th, that’s public standing and status. Before that, on the 17th, he is opposite Uranus in your 4th year. House across the street. Maybe you think it’s time to introduce some rules of your own. You can also start a journey of your own choosing to become a textbook author.

New rules for a new century

On the 21st, the Sun is in your 11th house. House where Aquarius reigns and where everything is focused on the future. So, if you need to change something, you will develop a plan on how to do so. Perhaps you are at a turning point in your career, status, awards or even relationship status. Venus moves to your 10th on the 21st and forms a trine with Ceres in her 2nd position in your horoscope on the 22nd. It’s not just about money, it’s about self-worth. For example, using your voice to demand what you are worth. Or just say the responsibility stops here. So don’t settle for the offer you get if it’s not fair. Make a deal for something better. In a nutshell: What rules do you follow, Aquarius? This week may tell whether they are right or wrong. If this is the case, you can ask for a better offer. So is the search for novelty.


word-image-6411 Surfing in a new direction Prepare for a change of weather The future is no longer set in stone The changing weather we’re in now means change, Pisces. Yes, we start the week in cardinal and fixed mode again. We have Venus in Libra and in your 8th house. House. Venus is square Jupiter and Saturn in your 11th sign and in the other cardinal signs of Capricorn on the 16th and 19th. He will then enter the fixed sign of Scorpio on the 21st and 9th. Enter the characters. Mercury casts its retro shadow in your 9th on the 19th. Solve the house. And before that, it is in opposition to Uranus in your fixed 3rd sign, Taurus. So you can feel a real struggle between the choice to leave things as they are and the choice to change them. This is especially true for relationships and money. The Sun enters your expanding status on the 10th. The 21st day of the 21st triggers the variable time effect. Remember that you have a North Node in changeable Gemini and in your 4th house. Mercury is gaining strength now and will soon align with the Sun in your 10th house. Followed by Venus. They all square your planets in Pisces, plus your ruler Neptune in your sign. What does that tell you? Give in to change and don’t fight it.

Leading the tides of change

You also have Ceres in your first year. House. Venus will form a trine to this sign from your 9th on the 22nd. Ceres is responsible for making agreements, compromises, and what we can live with and what we can’t live without. It’s about good business and balance. It’s about giving up something to gain ground. Compromises and concessions. And with Venus in your 9th, finally something more and freedom. Making this decision now means you’ve already taken your board to the shore to catch the perfect wave in the coming weeks, when the changeable weather presents itself. So don’t resist change. Start it or join it. This may push some people over the edge. It can be scary sometimes. But exciting and exhilarating at the same time. It will remind you what it means to love a lot and live on the edge, Pisces. Go that way. In a nutshell: Get ready to catch the perfect wave, fish. When it comes to freedom and opportunity, the tide is rising. But first, you must be willing to accept change. Don’t lie there. Take the leap.’s All About You [3]  is a guide to the world of astrology for everybody, and the astrological predictions for every single day of the year are the core of our website. We will return to our roots and provide a much more in-depth analysis of the astrological predictions for each sign, with a first look at the overall situation for each sign, and a forecast for the coming year.. Read more about november horoscope sign and let us know what you think.

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