Comedian and actor Chris Rock was called out on Twitter after old videos of him shading black women resurfaced. The social media personality has since apologized for his comments, but many are still left wondering if he is truly sorry.

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Chris Rock’s brother Tony Rock rushed to his brother’s rescue last week after Will Smith smacked him at the Academy Awards for insulting Jada Pinkett-Smith.

After witnessing the globe go through a period of “defend the black lady,” it was intriguing to observe how people reacted when a male did just that. Black hair has a lot more to do with sentiments and history than bad comedy jokes. Black women have undergone years of discomfort for the sake of a few chuckles, from alopecia to being told our hair is “poor.” Men with black mothers, aunts, and relatives are supposed to understand the anguish behind black hair, having been called nappy-headed, bald-headed, and worse. Acceptance, convenience, time management, and a lack of hair understanding have all played a role in the hair journey of black women. While it may be as intimate to some as personal hygiene, it’s always perplexing when guys talk about women’s difficulties.

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Tony Rock suggested that everyone view his brother’s film ‘Good Hair’ to illustrate that Chris has no prejudices towards ‘women of color.’ When he was reminded of how poorly Chris represented Black women in ‘Good Hair,’ a film he supposedly stole from another Black lady, things swiftly escalated. Chris Rock’s contempt for black women’s hair choices was unavoidable, from explaining to White America why Michelle Obama wears weaves to snubbing ladies who relax their hair. His video, Good Hair, was meant to educate people about our hair journey. Reminds me of the youngster who goes to school and explains everything about his family. While celebrities backed the film and the ladies in it giggled uncomfortably, the majority of black women suffered through it. It was just another slap in the face to the women we are meant to protect, from asking a youngster about her perm to attempting to sell black hair that no one wanted. While Chris Rock’s personal relationships have failed despite his preference for women with amazing hair, the issue remains: is it a man’s business to critique a woman’s hairstyle? Take a look at the videos below, as well as Twitter’s reaction.




It was a terrible film that only served to highlight Chris Rock’s contempt for Black women.

NOT ONCE (in the entire movie) was anybody allowed to talk about how Black Men have pressured BW historically to look more “Eurocentric” & rewarded/dated/married those BW who imitated Euro hair.

— KOLA BOOF (@KolaBoof3), WRITER March 31, 2022

Good Hair openly mocked black women, and it wasn’t even funny. He’s not amusing. You’re not amusing. Please accept my apologies to your mother.

Mya (@The COSBY Kid) (@The COSBY Kid) (@The COSBY Kid) (@ 31 March 2022

What about women of color? It’s BLACK WOMEN, not WHITE WOMEN. Make sure you get it right! And all the documentary did was make fun of Black women, as I’ve seen in the comments.

— Being black is a fact, not a label (@coloredgirl143) 31 March 2022

That is exactly what we did. That’s why we know he only shows disrespect for WOC.

Under the pretext of “educating,” Good Hair was essentially a black guy explaining black women’s hair to white people while making cheap digs and veiled criticisms of how black women handled their hair

— It Is Going to ‘Slap a Hoe’ 31 March 2022, Smith (@BNashes88)

You’re referring to the “documentary” in which he spends the whole time criticizing Black women for wearing weaves in a culture that tells us we’re unattractive without them? What was the title of the film?

March 31, 2022 — High-Key Superstar (@Allikatte)

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please lmao

That film criticized Black women for wearing weaves and obtaining perms without providing an explanation for why they did so.

NO ANALYSIS OF CULTURE OR CRITICAL THINKING There is just humiliation, individual guilt, and no answers.

— @anempathswords (@vibetheemenace) 31 March 2022

We saw it and thought it was an issue back then! Chris Rock met down with this lady, listened to her express her suffering, and then proceeded to make a joke about baldness about another Black woman, which likewise depended on comparing her looks to that of a white woman. Tony Rock, I bid you farewell.

March 31, 2022 — Ari Limbrick (@arilimbrick)

You’re referring to the movie he stole, in which he advised an Indian lady to flee if she met black ladies because they would take her hair? Sure, we completely modified the story.

March 31, 2022 —.hack/da sound hashira (@Etrouse)

Your brother produced the film Good Hair to criticize Black women for their hair. Cut the nonsense. He instructed an Indian girl in the movie to go in the other way if she encountered a Black lady. Will should have slammed his fist into him harder.

— Becca (@MJFINESSELOVER) 31 March 2022


Jada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett SmithJada Pin Tony Rockwill Smith is an American actor who is best known for his role in the film Tony Rock



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