The Buffalo Bills were the kings of the AFC East for over a decade, but it looks like those days are behind them. The New England Patriots have consistently managed to find a way to outwit and outlast Buffalo, and the team has won 10 or more games every year since 2000. The Bills have made one playoff appearance since 1993, and they’ve never won a division title.

The Washington Redskins are a football team based in Washington, D.C. that plays in the National Football League. They are the oldest franchise in the NFL, having played their first game in the league in 1932. They are also a team that has been known to have some rather odd teams. From quarterbacks named Rocky, to running backs named Barlow, to quarterbacks named Tebow. (Tebow being Ryan Tebow, who is the current starting quarterback for the team.)

With four years remaining on his contract, Washington Redskins quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is in line for a huge payday. The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is set to earn $6.5 million in salary and bonuses in 2017, and he could pocket even more cash if he records the best passer rating in the NFL the following year. But in recent years, the NFL has come under fire for allowing some players to set team and league records that are set to expire shortly after, and Fitzpatrick could be the NFL’s next victim.

Quarterback is a glamorous position in the National Football League. In the 1960s, film legend Charlton Heston used his inner Billy Kilmer to play a lawyer on the silver screen. But even if the quarterback has no direct influence on the defense, special teams, front office or coaching staff, he gets the credit for the win and the blame for the loss. Adding to the list is veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will join his ninth team this season after signing with Washington in free agency. Fitzpatrick has started 146 games in his 16 NFL seasons, including 20 in the last two years with the Miami Dolphins. Although these statistics are less important than the wins and losses of pitchers in Major League Baseball, each team’s wins, losses and sometimes ties are kept in the quarterback’s record book. And that’s where Fitzpatrick could have a chance to break an unfair NFL record in 2021.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s long career in a unique position

. COMPARED TO: Dale Earnhardt Jr. made a surprise call to Washington football player Jamin Davis at the request of coach Ron Rivera All seven starting quarterbacks have lost to 30 different NFL teams in their careers. Recently, signal-caller Ryan Fitzpatrick was replaced on the Washington football team. Alex Smith has had at least one statistical rebound in 14 NFL seasons with every team except the Dolphins and Cleveland Browns. The others lost to 30 teams: Drew Bledsoe, Drew Brees, Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, John Kitna and Carson Palmer. Kerry Collins, also retired, lost to 29 teams. Fitzpatrick is one of 11 quarterbacks who have lost to 28 different clubs. On that list are starting QBs Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan. According to Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, however, Fitzpatrick could be the leader of the 2021 class. Washington plays three of the four remaining teams on Fitzpatrick’s list. At least Fitzpatrick can’t lose to the Detroit Lions this season (the football team won’t play the Lions this season). However, Washington has yet to play the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. word-image-13268 word-image-13269 Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) scrambles and will play in the Wild Card Game on the 9th. January 2021. He will compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job in 2021. | Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images The Washington football team signed Ryan Fitzpatrick as a free agent after Smith decided to quit. Washington finished just 7-9 last season, but that was good enough to win a disappointing NFL East championship. The football team became just the third team with one loss over the entire 16-game season to qualify for the playoffs. They joined the Seattle Seahawks in 2010 and the Carolina Panthers in 2015. The Browns and Lyons made the playoffs in 1982, 4-5. But this season, the NFL expanded the playoff field to 16 teams. It was a cash grab with extra playoff rounds after a players’ strike derailed seven weeks. The teams Fitzpatrick has yet to lose to and could face this season are the other NFC division champions. Tampa Bay still has Tom Brady, so they won’t be bad. With Brees gone, the Saints will have a new quarterback. (Since quarterbacks are the only thing that determines wins and losses, this is important). What about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers? Yeah, nobody does.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Long and Wild Road

word-image-13270 word-image-13271 Ryan Fitzpatrick, then with the Miami Dolphins, signed with Washington this season. | Elsa/Getty Images Ryan Fitzpatrick, selected in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams in 2005, is a product of the famed Harvard Football Factory and started three games as a rookie. Fitzpatrick didn’t start again until 2008, making 12 starts for the Cincinnati Bengals. In four seasons with the Buffalo Bills from 2009 to 2012, Fitzpatrick was a starter 53 times. All 32 of them in his last two seasons of work. He made nine starts for the Tennessee Titans in 2013 and 12 starts for the Houston Texans in 2014. Fitz played 27 games for the New York Jets in the 2015/16 season and 10 games for the Bucks in the 2017/18 season. He then joined the Dolphins’ staff via Florida for the last two years. His record in those starts is 59-86-1, with more wins than losses in just three seasons. The Jets were 10-6 in 2015, Tampa Bay was 2-1 in 2017, and the Dolphins were 4-3 last year. Ryan Fitzpatrick could set a new record in 2021. But this record should not rest solely on his shoulders. After all, a man must be very good to start – and lose – so often. Statistics provided by Pro Football Reference.

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