Tua Tagovailoa is one of the most exciting players in the NFL right now and he doesn’t seem to feel any more pressure with the Miami Dolphins’ additions. Instead, he believes they make his team better.

Tua Tagovailoa says he doesn’t feel more pressure with the Miami Dolphins’ additions. The Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen, in order to get their quarterback of the future. Read more in detail here: tua tagovailoa injury.

Tua Tagovailoa says he doesn't feel more pressure with the Miami Dolphins' additions

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MIAMI, Fla. — For the 2022 season, all indicators point to Dolphins quarterback Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tag facing a lot of pressure.

The Dolphins hired offensive-minded coach Mike McDaniel, traded for All-Pro receiver Tyreek Hill, and signed ESPN’s top-ranked free agent Terron Armstead in the span of three months this offseason — and that’s before they added running backs Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds, guard Connor Williams, and receiver Cedrick Wilson.

With few, if any, doubts about his supporting cast, Tagovailoa seems to be the driving force behind the team’s success this season.

But, in his perspective, the pressure to achieve is like the sun in Miami: it never goes away.

“I believe pressure will be there at all times,” he remarked on Wednesday. “I’m not feeling any more pressure now that we’ve got all of these players. It’s more of a chance for me, and for us as a squad, to demonstrate what we’re capable of this year.”

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At the beginning of April, Tagovailoa and the Dolphins returned to their team facility to begin their offseason exercise program, which is open to all players.

Several veterans, like cornerback Xavien Howard and offensive lineman Austin Jackson, have mentioned how well-attended Miami’s practices have been thus far, and Tagovailoa backed up that claim at his first media session of the summer on Wednesday. The third-year quarterback also acknowledged his accomplishments to first-year head coach McDaniel.

“The dressing room has a distinct atmosphere. We’re all ecstatic “According to Tagovailoa. “This is the first time I’ve seen so many men come up for Phase I of OTAs, and many of them are veterans. That says a lot about Mike and his connection with a lot of the men on the team, as well as the level of respect he commands in the locker room.”

Tagovailoa also discussed his friendship with McDaniel, including McDaniel’s attendance at his charity event in April.

McDaniel, he added, “doesn’t compel you to be something you aren’t,” which has earned him the respect of his players during his first few months in charge.

While a team’s quarterback is usually the center of attention, Miami’s offensive acquisitions were made with McDaniel in mind rather than Tagovailoa in mind. Many of the team’s new players suit Tagovailoa’s skill set, according to general manager Chris Grier, but they all fall under what McDaniel wants to accomplish with his offense.

“I believe a lot of it has to do with Coach McDaniel and his coaching staff, as well.” “It’s kind of Mike’s offense, what he’s creating here, and what his mindset has been,” Grier said. “I believe we’ve acquired some offensive components as well, but a lot of it matches Mike’s needs.”

“The dressing room has a distinct atmosphere. We’re all ecstatic. This is the first time I’ve seen so many men come up for Phase I of OTAs, and many of them are veterans. That says a lot about Mike and his connection with a lot of the men on the team, as well as the level of respect he commands in the locker room.”


Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tagovailoa Tag

“Much of it is in line with Tua’s strengths, and I believe we’re all extremely delighted. Mike, I’m sure, has been bragging about Tua here in town — he and Coach (Darrell) Bevell — and their time working with him and spending time in the meeting rooms with him, as well as seeing him play on the field yesterday. So, yes, we’re extremely thrilled about him and looking forward to seeing how he progresses during the season.”

Many experts across the league questioned Tagovailoa’s ceiling after his 2021 season. Last season, he had the fifth-best completion % in the NFL, but his 6.92 average air yards per attempt and 10.09 average yards per completion placed ninth and seventh, respectively.

Last season, he also missed the greater part of six games due to different ailments.

But it was under the former administration of the Dolphins. Tagovailoa intends to be more efficient in his third NFL season with a new offensive staff, particularly with the tools he currently has at his disposal.

He remarked, “I got down with the head coach and we went through around 150 throwing footage.” “There were throws that needed to be improved, throws that were excellent, and all types of throws.” The reason he showed me that is because it relates to the way he plans out the offensive.

“The most important factor for us is YAC (yards after catch). We aim to YAC as many teams as possible.”

Tua Tagovailoa says that he doesn’t feel more pressure with the Miami Dolphins’ additions. The team made some big moves in free agency, but they were not enough to get him to change his mind. Reference: miami dolphins coach.

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