The Kansas City Chiefs have often been linked to the up-and-coming tight end, George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers. But it turns out that Kittle may be a tough competitor to beat for the title of best tight end in the NFL. That’s because Kelce flaunts a unique skill that few NFL players possess: He’s a pass-catching machine.

With the NFL season still three months away, the battle for the top tight end spot in the league isn’t settled yet. While Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is the clear leader in the tight end competition, his top competition in the form of the San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle is making the most of the offseason.

Last July at the start of the NFL offseason, we wrote about why we believe that Travis Kelce will be the league’s best tight end in 2018. After all, Kelce’s 2018 numbers were incredible: he led the league in receiving yards for the second year in a row, recorded the second-most touchdowns by a tight end, and ranked third in average receiving yards per game.

In today’s NFL, a good tight end is an important part of any successful offense. Gone are the days of simply placing a large bodyguard in the back of the line as an extra blocker. Now you need a true athlete who can survive in the trenches, but can also catch and run like a receiver. Take Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, for example. Although the Chiefs’ 2020 campaign ended in disappointment, Kels still managed to get a win in the offseason. According to the latest rankings from Pro Football Focus, he has officially passed George Kittle for the top spot among tight ends.

. Good or bad, sports fans love to debate. This reality explains, at least in part, the controversy over where Kels and Kittle fit into the tight end hierarchy. Since Kelce has been around for a while – he’s been playing in the league since 2013 and broke the 1,000-yard receiving barrier for the first time in 2016 – the Chiefs tight end seemed like an easy choice to take up Rob Gronkowski’s mantle as the position’s protagonist. However, Kittle has exploded in 2018 and is the talk of the town. Amplified by Fantasy Football and the importance of power rankings at every position, the Kelce Kittle debate has been raging for several seasons. Those on Kelcey’s side cite his athletic ability and great strength; those on Kittle’s side point to his comparable offensive output and his added value as a blocker. A quick Google search turns up numerous articles comparing the two tight ends from different angles, but the two involved don’t seem to care about the debate. Kittle and Kelsey have become friends over the years and will host a tight end summit during the 2021 offseason. word-image-10040 word-image-10041 Travis Kelce in action for the Kansas City Chiefs. | Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images For the 2020 NFL campaign, Pro Football Focus named Kittle the best tight end in the NFL. This year, however, Kels gave the crown back to his positional opponent. While the move isn’t exactly surprising – Kittle had an injury-plagued season and Kelce set the NFL record for most yards by a tight end – it’s still a feather in the Chiefs’ metaphorical hat. Over the past five seasons, Kelce has amassed 2,639 yards after an interception, 400 yards more than any other tight end or wide receiver in the NFL, according to Ben Linsey. In the same period, only Golden Tate and Jarvis Landry have missed more tackles. His ability to get open, combined with his ability to tackle, makes him the most dangerous receiver at the tight end position the league currently has to offer.

Travis Kelce will have an even bigger price, but

. On a personal level, Kels will probably appreciate the title of best tight end according to PFF; after all, professional athletes are nothing but competitors. But the Chiefs star had his eye on a much bigger prize. With Patrick Mahomes under command, Kansas City is currently in winning mode. The franchise ended its long Super Bowl drought in February 2020, but just missed out on a new title this winter. General manager Brett Veach has spent the season rebuilding his team’s offensive line to allow Mahomes to be in the pocket and make the most of his talents. While pass defense isn’t really part of Kel’s job, the tight end will still play a key role in Kansas City’s success. Right now, teams are familiar with Tyreek Hill’s high speed; if defenders are also prepared for Kels, they’ll have a bit more trouble stopping both the speedy deep threat and the larger target that exploits the mismatch. If the Chiefs want to hoist another Lombardi trophy, it’s safe to assume their tight end will be a major contributor. Regardless of what happens this season, the debate over Kittle and Kels is unlikely to end anytime soon. But if the Chiefs man wins another Super Bowl, it will be hard to argue with his NFL resume. COMPARED TO: The Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line could get a boost from a forgotten big man with such great legsEvery offseason, the “ugly duckling”—that is, the tight end position—gets the lion’s share of the attention in the NFL. Fans and analysts alike love to wonder which kid on the roster will breakout and become a star. As a result, most fans have zero grasp on how the position actually works. Let’s refresh your memory on some basic truths about the tight end position.. Read more about travis kelce vs george kittle fantasy and let us know what you think.

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