If you are looking for a video editing software for Linux that is currently available, then you may have to opt for a paid one. Even though some free ones have been released, they are not yet as efficient as paid ones. In general, paid video editing software is more reliable and reliable than free ones.

Are you a video editor? Are you looking to get paid for your editing skills? In this article, we have picked out 5 video editing software that you can use to make videos on Linux.

As we all must know by now, video editing software has taken over the world and has made it into an industry that is worth billions of dollars. In fact, there are a lot of video editing software applications in the market that are free or are even paid. For someone who is not a professional video editor, it is very difficult to come to terms with which software to choose.

Are you looking for a good video editing program for Linux? If that’s the case, this breakdown will come in handy. You may read tried and proven reviews of the top 5 goods that have earned a respectable place on the contemporary market right here. Continue reading to learn about the most popular video improvement applications for Linux and how to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Video software on Linux is a subject of speculation. While some customers are searching for simple video editing software, others prefer to utilize more sophisticated tools. Your decision on the best product should be based on your degree of experience and creative objectives. A software with a complex UI and a high learning curve will be difficult for a novice to deal with. If you’re a seasoned user, you’re definitely looking for a tool that will let you show off your video editing skills and produce jaw-dropping recordings. 

This list of the top 5 video editing competitors contains choices suited for both beginner and advanced users. Other alternatives are available if you can move to a different operating system. Check out this website to discover a trustworthy developer’s product. 

Top 5 Linux Video Editing Programs

Choosing the top-firing software is essential if you want to edit video footage. It should meet all of your creative requirements in addition to having wide utility. Here are the best video enhancement performers, along with short evaluations. Examine these lists carefully to determine the best video editing tools for Linux presently available. 



Lightworks is a sophisticated video editing software that is widely used by filmmakers. It has a lot of capabilities that you may use for both basic changes and complicated objects. Many transitions, effects, filters, and other tools are included in the software, allowing you to give your video a unique touch.

You don’t need to import third-party tools since the software uses a wide range of plug-ins. Aside from a variety of export choices, the program has a number of sophisticated features. Color grading methods of the highest level, complex effects, and professional audio overlaying capabilities are only a few of the options available to users. Incorporating this software into your workflow may be a good option if you want to create professional-looking video. 



Kdenlive includes all of the tools needed to create basic storyboards, clips, and real-time editing. Captions, pictures, objects, audio tracks, and other components may be used to enhance your creations. This software may be used to edit video in real time and create stunning transitions between frames. Each footage may also be previewed in real time to assess the potential outcomes. Kdenlive offers a clip collection, an easy-to-use interface, and cutting-edge video editing capabilities. Kdenlive offers screen-capture capabilities in addition to the well-thought-out toolkit. As a result, you may make captivating slideshows and films, add audio tracks, and share them on the most popular digital networks. 

The software is compatible with all frequently used video formats and has a configurable layout. Kdenlive also supports multi-track video editing, making it a viable alternative to the more well-known FXhome products.



Because of its unique features, OpenShot is popular among both novice and expert users. Creating professional-looking clips will be a snap with the cutting-edge capabilities. Effects, filters, and transitions may all be customized to give your films a unique look. In addition, the software has a huge collection of audio tracks and layers that may be used to create amazing videos. OpenShot is a versatile video editing and recording application. With this application, you may quickly upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Importing is simple using the software; all you have to do is locate the appropriate movie in a folder and drag it into the application. The option to export the finished product to a DVD format is OpenShot’s main selling feature. There’s no need to utilize video conversion software from a third party. 



Shotcut is a popular video editing program that works with nearly all video formats. Lossless compression may be beneficial to your efforts. This is particularly helpful if you wish to compress a movie without compromising its quality. It’s also easy to add subtitles to your project and merge several clips into one.

Despite being designed for non-professional usage, the program’s feature set is far from basic. The program includes an audio tone generator, 3-way color wheels for color correction and grading, and keyframes for filter settings, to name a few features. Shotcut is a good choice to add to your workflow even if it lacks sophisticated video editing capabilities. 



Pitivi offers a lot of features, including a lot of built-in filters and beautiful transitions. It has minimal functionality and simple importing and exporting options. You can easily manage the software thanks to sleep and a clean UI.

You can edit, chop, flip, and rotate your movies using Pitivi. The software also has an audio mixer and limitless video/audio track layers. With such a simple yet powerful video editor at your disposal, you will undoubtedly push the limits of your creativity. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best video enhancing software is a difficult job. If you’re going to invest in the program, you’ll want to go through all of the features it has to offer. The applications listed below are the most often used on Linux. By the way, if you’re looking for Linux media server software to build a home theater, this article may be of interest. It covers the tools that will make it simple for you to set up your own media server. 

Video editing is a very useful skill that is used by many people in today’s world. A video editing software can be very useful in any digital media, whether it is a movie, a corporate presentation, a music video or any other type of video. The best videos always look professional and there are a lot of users who want to edit their videos to look perfect. So if you are looking for the best video editing software for Linux in 2021, then you are at the right place. Here is the list of top 5 paid video editing software for Linux in 2021.. Read more about professional video editing linux and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best video editing software in 2021?

The best video editing software in 2021 is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Which Linux is best for video editing?

Ubuntu is a good option for video editing.

Is Linux good for video editing?

Linux is a good operating system for video editing.

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