DotA Underlord is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Valve Corporation. It was released in Beta on October 23, 2013 and officially released on May 6, 2014 for Windows PC through Steam’s “Early Access” program.

The team members of DotA Underlords believe that it is important to hear the community’s opinion on which units are best for individual heroes. The top 5 list has been created based upon feedback from Reddit and Twitter, as well as popularity among players.Underlords is a rewarding and completely free to play online strategy game. It has managed to become one of the most popular games in this genre, with more than half a million players worldwide

The “dota underlords best build 2021” is a build that has been used by many players to great success. This article will be discussing the top 5 best individual units in DotA Underlords.

DotA Underlords

In DotA Underlords, alliances are crucial, yet there are several DotA Underlords troops that are excellent regardless of whose team they’re on. Individually, these are the top 5 best DotA Underlords units.

If you’re playing DotA Underlords, you’ll want to learn all you can about the DotA Underlords troops, since selecting which DotA Underlords units to include on your team is the game’s main goal.

– The Top 5 Best DotA Underlords Builds for 2021

For those who don’t know, I’ve spent about 600 hours playing DotA Underlords, thus I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable on which DotA Underlords troops are excellent and which are awful. I usually play DotA Underlords on a daily basis while listening to a podcast in the background. I’m now listening to Lex Fridman’s, Russell Brand’s, and Andrew Huberman’s podcasts, but that’s beside the point. DotA Underlords and podcasts, on the other hand, go together like peanut butter and jelly.

best dota underlords units playtime

Most DotA Underlords matchups conclude with me in first or second place, and I seldom finish outside of the top four. Now that DotA Underlords is no longer being continually updated and tweaked, I feel confident in writing additional guides about it without them being outdated a few weeks later.

I’d want to clarify that this post is not about ALLIANCES or FULL BUILDS. Check out my Top 5 DotA Underlords Builds Guide for more information. This is a list of the finest DotA Underlords troops. Even if you don’t have any alliance benefits, these troops are capable of bizarre nonsense that other DotA Underlords units aren’t.

So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get to the list. These are the Top 5 DotA Underlords Individual Units.

5. Spectre – DotA Underlords Units at Their Finest

best dota underlords units spectre

Let’s begin our discussion of the finest DotA Underlords troops with Spectre. Spectre is excellent for two reasons. First and foremost, she nearly always manages to get a kill or two. Second, if you have space for an additional unit, you may put her into almost any alliance. She can fit in an Assassins build or a Knights build, and you can simply put her in, bulk up your squad, and then get rid of her if you don’t need her any more.

Because she’s a 3-star unit, she’s also pretty common, thus you can 2-star her fairly fast and early. What makes Spectre so good is because she does a lot of damage and is nearly always guaranteed to have a high kill count, which means that if you grab a Stonehall Pike (+damage depending on kill count), she’ll almost always earn the full +120 damage by the mid-game.

Another thing that makes her wonderful is that she is a powerful unit in general. High damage, good tankiness, and a fantastic ability. She sneaks behind enemy lines and annihilates the weakest troops.

Spectre doesn’t give much in the way of Alliance benefits (Void is an endgame build that’s difficult to reach), but she brings a lot to the table as an individual unit, which is why she’s ranked #5 on my list of the top individual DotA Underlords troops.

Puck – DotA Underlords Best Units

best dota underlords units puck

Puck is ranked #4 for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, he’s a key component of two of the greatest builds available: the Mages/Humans combination and the Brawny build. Even if you don’t opt for one of those builds, Puck is crazy if you acquire him plus one other dragon (typically Snapfire) and an Octarine Essence.

A 3 star Puck’s phase shift will go off virtually every second because to the cooldown reduction offered by an Octarine Essence, giving him amazing resilience. Not to mention the fact that his Illusory Orb will fire one after the other with little to no delay. It will take 0.3 seconds to cool down.

He’s also one of the simplest troops to 3 star as a 3 cost unit. While 1 and 2 star troops grow more scarce as the game progresses, while 4 and 5 star units are always uncommon, 3 star units are the most prevalent across the board.

With Puck’s antics, I’ve won whole bouts. Puck refuses to die and machine guns out high damage, huge AoE Illusory Orbs repeatedly, hence I won matches I should have lost.

Puck has the potential to go nuts, which is why he’s my #4 option for the finest DotA Underlords units.

3. Best DotA Underlords Units – Lifestealer

best dota underlords units lifestealer

Now we’re getting down to business with some of the big guns. Lifestealer doesn’t have many abilities; it’s simply a highly powerful unit in general. When you have a 2-star Lifesteal, it simply whacks away at foes, causing a lot of damage, healing itself, and remaining alive. It’s basically a wonderful, rock-solid unit, and at 3 stars, it tends to blast through adversaries unless it’s being ganged up on.

Lifestealer nearly always has value as a direct counter to Juul, given the meta of DotA Underlords, where Juul is usually regarded to be the best underlord.

The itemization in Lifestealer is likewise rather customizable. Unlike other troops, which need one particular item to fully unlock their potential, Lifestealer just requires attack speed. Watch him go to town with a Mask of Madness, a Butterfly, or a Moon Shard.

Lifestealer isn’t glamorous, but he does his job well. It’s a sturdy, dependable unit, and although it’s most often seen on Heartless/Hunters or Heartless/Fallen teams, it can fit into any team. I feel like I should also mention that utilizing Lifestealer is pretty much the key to defeating the single player map, particularly as the damage penalty begins to mount up after you’ve gone through it once or twice.

For all of these reasons, I rank Lifestealer third among the finest individual DotA Underlords units.

2. Slark – DotA Underlords Units of the Year

best dota underlords units slark

Any DotA Underlords veteran who chances to read this essay will no doubt recognize Slark. Perhaps the only surprise will be that he is number two rather than number one. You’ve very well won the game if you earn a 3-star Slark. Slark is a fantastic two-star film. As long as Slark has some type of lifesteal, I’ve seen him take down whole endgame teams by himself at 3 stars.

The thing with Slark is that after he gets a couple hits in, his attack speed skyrockets, and he begins cutting through the opponent like a hot knife through butter.

The only way to stop a rampaging 3 star Slark is to crowd control him early and hope your soldiers concentrate fire him down before he gets going, however this may be a tough tactic to execute since Slark prefers to run through your back line and slaughter all your support units before they can cast their spells.

To get the AI to concentrate fire Slark, you’ll have to redo your whole unit placement and pray your opponent doesn’t simply shift his Slark someplace else before the next encounter.

The coolest thing about Slark is that, although he’s most crazy on an Assassin team, he’s ridiculous on whatever team you put him on. Warriors, Knights, Brutes, whatever you want to call them. Just throw a Slark in there and it’ll tear everything to bits at 3 stars.

Slark’s best in slot item is usually a Mask of Madness, although Butterfly or Satanic may also be effective.

Getting Slark to 3 stars very much means you’ve won the game, thus I’m going to have to put Slark at #4 on my list of the finest DotA Underlords units.

1. Meepo – DotA Underlords Units of the Year

best dota underlords units meepo

Meepo is my top selection for the top five greatest DotA Underlords troops. Meepo is simply plain obnoxious.

Meepo is an extremely powerful unit throughout the most of the game. It works well with a variety of alliances, particularly Rogues/Assassins and Savages/Shamans/Summoners, but you can put him in pretty much any setup and he’ll do well. He’s just a fantastic unit.

That’s before you obtain the three-star rating. Meepo is already a top-tier unit before he has three stars, thanks to the way he can utterly overwhelm opponent forces by calling swarms of Meepos with no apparent limit on how many Meepos may be brought to the field.

Meepo absolutely and thoroughly destroys the game after three stars. This is because 3 star Meepo’s bonus ability, which allows summoned Meepos to benefit from Meepo’s item, only works on items that have a single use per fight, such as Horn of the Alpha, which summons a Thunderhide Lizard, and Shiva’s Guard, which emits a powerful frost nova that damages and slows enemies in a large AoE.

The hijinks that ensue if you have 3 star Meepo and any of these things are so potent that it nearly seems like cheating. Continuous Shiva’s Guard novas or a battlefield with 6 Thunderhide Lizards on it are ridiculously strong.

Meepo’s endgame strats are so ridiculous that I’m going to have to vote him as the greatest DotA Underlords unit, even ahead of Slark.

– The Top 5 Best DotA Underlords Builds for 2021

When it comes to the greatest individual DotA Underlords units for 2021, that pretty much sums it up. Because the game no longer seems to be updated, this guide will most likely remain relevant until the game is taken down. If you’re looking for additional RPG game instructions, go to the main page. Check out the DotA Underlords webpage for additional information on this game.

The “dota underlords tips and tricks 2021” is a list of the top 5 best individual DotA Underlord units. It includes information on what each unit does, how to use them effectively, and their pros and cons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Build in DotA underlords?

A: Here is a link to the best builds in DotA. Please check it out!

How do I get better at Underlords DotA?

A: The best way to improve your Underlords DotA skills is by playing the game and mastering it. If you feel like you need help, I recommend trying out a few different heroes before narrowing in on one that fits your playstyle.

How do you win Underlords?

A: You win by defeating the other players in combat, either through attrition or outright victory. Underlords is a PvPvE game with most of its focus on player versus player combat.

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