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If you haven’t been paying attention, Tim Tebow may be the biggest sports story since Michael Jordan. The former Florida Gators quarterback has been in the news for months because of his work with the Philadelphia Eagles as their quarterback coach, and he could be a new member of the UF staff before the end of the year. It’s not a stretch to think that Tebow could eventually be the starting quarterback for the Gators again, but there are a number of other jobs in the NFL that he could pursue after his time in Philly.

New Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer was part of the great Tim Tebow experiment, bringing the former college and NFL quarterback into training camp as a tight end candidate. The media will make this the most exciting pregame of the NFL preseason. Tebow isn’t the only athlete to come out of nowhere to make a name for himself. In fact, the state of Texas could be full of them this fall, thanks to a bill called Tebow that is gaining popularity across the country.

Tim Tebow jumps

word-image-9502 word-image-9503 Tim Tebow has already tried out as a quarterback in the NFL and as an outfielder in Major League Baseball. He recently signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars, who transformed him into a tight end. | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images COMPARED TO: Attention Tim Tebow fans: His new Jacksonville Jaguars jersey is already on sale, because of course it’s on sale Thanks to ESPN talking heads like Skip Bayless, who kept talking about him during his senior year at the University of Florida and his first two seasons in the NFL, football fans know much of Tebow’s story. After an outstanding career as a Heisman Trophy winner and three-year starting quarterback for the Gators, Tebow joined the Denver Broncos in 2010. After spending two seasons with the New York Jets, he left the NFL and began a career in television. In 2016, however, Tebow turned his attention to baseball and signed with the New York Mets organization as a 29-year-old outfielder who would start in the minors. Tebow couldn’t hit, but the Mets promoted him through their farm system until he hit .163 on Triple-A Syracuse’s International League team in 2019. Pandemic swept the minor leagues in 2020, and the Mets let Tebow go for the 2021 season. For example, Tebow tried to switch to tight end today to reconnect with Meyer, who was his college coach.

. COMPARED TO: Urban Meyer may already be digging his own grave with the Jacksonville Jaguars Besides being a promising football talent, one of the things that set him apart from his peers as a high school student was that he didn’t take classes in his district. Instead, Tebow went to school in Jacksonville, Florida, and then to Ponte Vedra. Tebow started as a tight end and then played quarterback. The fact that he played at all was unusual. At the time, only Florida and a few other states allowed homeschooled students to participate in extracurricular activities in their respective school districts. Florida’s law was passed a few years before Tebow’s, but his remarkable academic career has led to more interest in athletics opportunities for homeschoolers across the country. More than half of the states now allow these students to play on high school teams. Bills that provide for this possibility are commonly referred to as Tim Tebow legislation.

Texas will open the floodgates

. COMPARED TO: Dez Bryant’s reaction to Tim Tebow’s trade to the Jaguars is understandable Texas is about to allow homeschooled students to participate in high school sports for the first time under its own version of Tim Tebow’s law. The 22nd. In May, the Texas Senate voted 16-14 in favor of a bill supporting it. The measure now goes back to the House of Representatives, which can accept the Senate’s version or convene a reconciliation conference to resolve the differences, according to the Dallas Morning News. If passed, the law would apply to all sports. However, during the discussion of the bill, football was at the centre of the debate. Last season, Houston placed 24 players on the NFL roster on the first day of the season. Of the states, Texas (192 players) ranks second, behind Florida (194). The Texas bill proposes to allow school districts and charter schools to allow home-schooled students to participate in the University Interscholastic League, which includes extracurricular activities such as drama and band. Like Sportscasting on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter @sportscasting19 .

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