The modular action camera is a new product that promises to bring professional-level video and photography right into the hands of anyone who wants it. It has an innovative design with its unique two-in one lens, which unites a telephoto zoom lens for capturing distant objects with clarity, as well as a wide angle ultra HD f2.8 fixed focal length lense to capture more in close up detail without distortion or pixelation issues.

The “best action camera 2021” is a modular action camera that has improved on various levels. It can be used for filming, photography, and extreme sports.

The modular action camera improves on various levels

Compact, the new Insta360 Asian modular camera, as shown in the Insta360 ONE RS’s forms and specs, offers its adaptability to the enhanced core, due to interchangeable lenses (also compatible with the old model). Insta360 ONE RS: The modular action camera improves on various levels

The Insta360 ONE RS modular action camera, the successor of the Insta360 ONE R model, has been publicly unveiled after two years of development from the ONE X2. It is already available internationally at approved retailers and on the official shop.

The Insta360 ONE RS is a modular camera (composed of lens, core, and battery) with a waterproof frame up to 5 meters in water, according to IPX8 certification: the lens and core are improved over the model from which it collects the baton. In the first case, it comes into play, as an alternative to a 1-inch wide-angle lens, resolute in 5.3K and co-designed with Leica (with a self-contained 1,445 mAh battery for 84 min after an hour of charging), and a 360 5.7 lens K (ideal for 360 ° shooting and, via dual-lens design, to hide the selfie stick, autonomous for 82 min thanks to the 1,445mAh battery), a new half-inch lens, the Boost 4K (70.1 × 49.1 × 32.6 mm, for 125.3 grams), resolved in 48 megapixels, with f / 2.4 aperture, 3 different color profiles (Standard, Video and LOG), capable of shooting in mp4 at 4K @ 60fps in various modes (eg Slow Motion, Timelapse, Active HDR, TimeShift, loop) and not only standard shots (but also in HDR, Night Shot, Starlapse, interval, burst, PureShot modes), set up for both Widescreen 6K mode (wide-angle shooting capturing in 2.35: 1 format with maximum 6016 × 2560 @ 25 / 24fps) which (in reducing ghosting in action sports) to Active HDR, pro equipped with a 1,445mAh battery (can be charged in 60 minutes, with an autonomy of 75 minutes).

Starting with the section for FlowState proprietary stabilization, which is now carried out at the hardware level with the possibility of leveling the horizon at 360 degrees regardless of which lens is used for shooting, the video shot is always perfectly leveled, starting the ideal setting from the mobile app or from the PC program. In addition, the redesigned core has a modem for 50 percent faster Wi-Fi, a quick menu for quicker access to predetermined shooting settings, an extra microphone, and immediate digital zoom up to 2.7x during video recording.

Both the new Boost 4 lens and the new core, which is also compatible with the previous Insta360 One R, are installed on a revamped frame that includes a thermal dissipation panel, a microphone windshield, and a release mechanism. and easily swap out the lenses Synergies between the smartphone and computer persist in the name of versatility: In the first case, connect the Ista360 One RS to a phone and use the Insta360 app for livestreaming; in the second case, export the files to a microSD card using the accessory Quick Reader, then use the aforementioned app to use various AI-based editing tools, such as FlashCut (chooses the best moments of the clips and stitches them together to the rhythm of music), Cinelapse (creates hyperlapse by inserting cinematic tacks), and so on. The plug-ins for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as the free cross-platform editing tool Insta360 Studio, will be available to anyone who wish to utilize this camera in conjunction with a Windows PC or Mac.

The Twin Edition package (with Boost 4K and 360 lens) costs 569.99 euros, the same as the 1-inch Edition, which goes down to 319.99 euros for the 4K Edition, assuming that frame, lens, and core may also be bought individually.

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