Skip Bayless, ESPN’s newest commentator and former columnist for the Dallas Morning News, has been subjected to some pretty intense bullying from Charles Barkley. Skip previously wrote an article about Barkley in which he suggested that people who don’t like him “hating” should just kill themselves. This was not received well with those close to Barkley – so much so that someone told Bashin’ Bone how they would love it if he actually killed or hurt Skip.

Skip Bayless On Why Charles Barkley Wants To Kill And Hurt Him:



Skip Bayless is generally regarded as one of the most popular, as well as one of the most divisive, sports commentators in the industry. Whether it’s American football or basketball, there’s no denying that he has some very strong and often fiery opinions on the subject.

Skip Bayless has been chastised by other commentators and players for some of his opinions. Basketball Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley is one of many who has been vocal in his criticism of Skip Bayless. Bayless has alleged in the past that Barkley is envious of him.

Skip Bayless claimed on a recent edition of his podcast that he has no clue why Charles Barkley has a fight with him. He said that he “never wrote or spoke a single word, anything derogatory” about Charles Barkley, making Barkley want to reduce him to a “DNA sample.” Bayless also invited Barkley to participate in a discussion on his program. Bayless’ remarks were conveyed by Liam McKeone of The Big Lead.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never written or said anything derogatory about Charles that would cause him to desire to reduce me to my DNA sample… There isn’t much of a background here. There are no hidden agendas here. I didn’t do him any harm in an interview setting, and I didn’t betray him. As far as anything I’ve said, written, or done, I don’t know anything that might have set Charles off.”

“I dare Charles to join me on this stage once again. We can go back and forth for an hour so I can better understand why he wants to murder me. And who knows what could happen? Maybe I’ll be able to persuade him that I’m not worth murdering.”

Skip Bayless is talking about Charles Barkley maybe injuring him because of Barkley’s past statements in which he claimed if he had a cancer and died, he’d “murder” Bayless “live on national television.” That is, without a question, a fairly contentious statement. The Washington Post’s Des Bieler broke the news.

“You know what we should do for ratings?” says Charles Barkley. “How about you bring Skip Bayless in here and I’ll murder him live on national television if I develop an illness and die,” says the narrator. 

“I like it,” Dan Patrick says. “It’s similar to pay-per-view.”

“No, no, no,” says Charles Barkley. Get him in here as soon as possible. Only when I’m certain I’m going to die… Because all I want to do is lock Skip Bayless in a room and beat him up like a dog.”

“So you’d murder him,” Dan Patrick says.

“Yes,” says Charles Barkley. I’d only do it if I knew I was going to die. Not if I’m going to survive; I don’t want to go to jail. Because, as Mahorn puts it, “they’d adore you in jail.”

Skip Bayless’ DNA statements were definitely a reference to Charles Barkley’s comments about Bayless in 2013, when he remarked that if he could get “Skip Bayless in a room,” people would “require DNA to figure out” who he was. This was also stated in Bieler’s piece.

“If I could get Skip Bayless in a room, you’d need DNA to figure out who he was,” he quipped on the set of TNT’s NBA program in 2013.

Skip Bayless’ critique is clearly repulsive to Charles Barkley. Without a doubt, there are instances when Skip Bayless’ criticism of athletes seems ludicrous. That isn’t to say Barkley should want to harm Bayless. Skip Bayless claims that he has “never had a single interaction” with Charles Barkley and has “no notion precisely why” he would want to injure him. Those statements were recounted in a Fox Sports piece. (4:51)

“This 15-year assault has astonished and entertained me, but it has always perplexed me because I have no understanding why Charles wants to [harm] me.” Charles Barkley is a name I’m unfamiliar with. Charles Barkley is the only person I’ve ever had a discussion with.”

It’s unclear if Charles Barkley will reply to Skip Bayless’ comments regarding their animosity. Skip Bayless, without a doubt, has lately made some bold assertions on the matter.

Hopefully, the two will be able to work out their differences in the future. Skip Bayless is definitely attempting to figure out why Charles Barkley is so hostile toward him, and we’ll see whether he succeeds.

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