Microsoft recently announced that Teams, the company’s chat and document sharing app, will soon allow users to share their screen from taskbar. This feature is a first step towards an even more immersive experience for teams with multiple members in different locations.

Microsoft is adding a new feature to Teams. The “Microsoft teams” will soon be able to share your screen from the taskbar. Read more in detail here: microsoft teams.

Sharing your screen in Teams will soon be done from the taskbar


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The Redmond-based software firm is about to release another another important Teams integration for Windows 11.

Microsoft has begun testing a feature that will enable Teams users to hover over open windows on the taskbar and share the content of those windows on a Microsoft Teams conversation.

This is a significant change that will make screen sharing for Teams and other communication applications on Windows 11 a lot simpler.

Directly from the taskbar, share the screen you want.

Rather than the built-in consumer version of the app, this new connection will be tested first with Teams for work or education.

This implies that not everyone will notice this with their Teams calls straight away. Later, we aim to introduce this to Microsoft Teams Chat (Microsoft Teams for Home).

More good news is that this new functionality will not be confined to Teams; other messaging apps will be able to utilize it as well.

This implies that programs like Slack or Zoom might include this feature into their systems, making it more simpler for Windows 11 users to share what’s on their screen during video conversations.

Simply mouse over the applications running on your taskbar when in a Teams conference call to see a new button that enables you to share your window with your meeting guests.


When you’re through sharing your material, mouse over the window again and click Stop Sharing, or click Share this Window and choose another window.

If you’re giving a full-screen PowerPoint presentation, just slide your mouse to the bottom of the screen, and your taskbar will appear, allowing you to share or stop sharing the presentation without disturbing your audience.

Although it’s unclear when Microsoft will bring this feature to Windows 11, given the timeframe of testing, it’s expected to arrive in early 2022.

Also, Microsoft is only testing this with a select group of Windows Insiders, so just because you have the Dev Channel releases of Windows 11 installed doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to test it.

What additional valuable features do you believe Teams should have? Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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Microsoft Teams is bringing a new feature that allows users to share their screen in Teams from the taskbar. This will be done by clicking on the “microsoft teams toolbar.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I let Microsoft Teams share my screen?

A: To share your screen on Microsoft Teams, you will need to enable share my screen under the settings for Windows 10.

Why is screen sharing not working in Teams?

A: Screen sharing does not currently work in Teams. This is due to the way that it uses for security purposes, and requires a users authentication information before allowing them to share their screen with another user.

How do I get rid of the presenting bar in Microsoft Teams?

A: In Microsoft Teams, there is a presenting bar that appears at the top of your screen. To get rid of this, you will want to click on it and select hide.

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