Traveling is an experience that will always leave you with new memories. It’s like a collage of the best parts of your life, the ones that are worth jotting down in memory books and capturing on film for posterity – just to have them around when you need a reminder or to look back on fondly later.

When you have a wanderlust, it’s hard to not want to travel. “Wanderlust quotes” are some of the best ways to satisfy your wanderlust because they’re so inspirational and motivating.

Satisfy your wanderlust by shopping your favorite destinations

The globe is slowly but steadily opening up again. But it doesn’t always imply you’re ready to pack your belongings and cross the Atlantic. Many travelers, even the most experienced, may be apprehensive to return to their nomadic roots. If you want to satiate your wanderlust, though, you may make your Christmas shopping list global by purchasing in your favorite nations.

Whether you like Italy’s rolling Tuscan vineyards, Japan’s exquisite charm, or Denmark’s warm, hygge vibes, there are a plethora of things ideal for giving — and maybe a little shopping therapy for yourself as well.

All of our top recommendations are either created in the nation in question or were established by local entrepreneurs. When you purchase with them, you’re satisfying your wanderlust while also contributing to the global economy. That’s a win-win situation for us!

India is a great location to come to broaden your viewpoint, with its rich culture and delectable food. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in a rich and intriguing history while also learning about old practices that extend back thousands of years.


Rooshy Roy, the originator of Aavrani, is a first-generation Indian American who learnt family customs and recipes during yearly vacations to Kolkata, India. She was inspired by this encounter to start her own skin care line. The therapeutic qualities of turmeric are used throughout this set to leave skin bright and luminous. There’s an exfoliant, a serum, a moisturizer, and an elixir within.

Do you think of Montreal’s gourmet delights when you think of Canada? Perhaps Whistler’s jaw-dropping slopes? Or maybe it’s simply maple syrup, nice people, and snow? There’s a lot to like about America’s northern neighbors, as these businesses demonstrate.


If you want to look like a big ol’ puffer but don’t want to wear genuine feathers, Noize’s vegan range is for you. George Batchoun, a Quebec-based entrepreneur who owns Noxs Designs, which distributes and manufactures 10 different Canadian brands, including Noize, is in charge of the brand. This high-quality, PETA-approved vegan coat will keep you — or your present recipient — warm throughout the season.


This option is also a present for you. Your pet puppy deserves a gift to open this holiday season. When you gift your dog this GPS-enabled smart collar, you’ll be helping two countries: Jonathan Bensamoun, a Frenchman, and Loren Kirkby, a Canadian. You’ll be able to follow their whereabouts, health insights, sleep, and other data from your phone while they wear it. Shouldn’t a chew stick be included as well?

There’s fantastic wine, gorgeous vistas, fresh pasta and olive oil, and a lot of individuals who are enthusiastic about what they do. What isn’t there to like about Italy? These presents will remind you why this nation in the form of a shoe is a must-see for practically all tourists, young and old.

Short-Sleeve Top and Boxer Pajama Set by Cosabella ($100.50;


Valeria and Ugo Campello, a husband-and-wife duo, have been building their luxury lingerie and loungewear firm Cosabella since 1983. This shirt and pajama set’s name means “lovely thing,” and that’s precisely how you’ll feel when you wear it. Fans like the silky-soft texture and feel of the company’s goods, which are still handcrafted in Italy.


If you like all things Italian, you just must participate in this Italian holiday ritual. Here’s how it works: Many stories abound about how Panettone came to be such an important part of the Christmas season. The Legend of Toni, which recalls the account of a young kitchen lad who burnt the sweets for the Duke of Milan on Christmas Eve, is the most well-known. To make amends, he invented panettone, a dessert bread. Italian immigrants introduced his celebratory meal to America in the early 1900s, and it has since become a staple for Italian Americans. For your holiday party, choose from lemon cherry, double chocolate with Malvasia wine, or olive oil and blood orange from Bona Furtuna.

Venchi Fine Italian Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Gift Box ($58; Venchi Fine Italian Chocolates Assorted Chocolate Gift Box


These sumptuous delicacies were initially developed in a modest room in Turin in 1878 by 20-year-old aspiring chocolatier Silviano Venchi. They’re still created in Italy, but they’re adored across the globe. This lovely gift box has a selection of dark and milk chocolates, ideal as a present for your holiday hostess.

Russia’s people and architecture challenge tourists with amazing skin care, fantastic vodka, and lots of personality. If you’ve made it to this part of the globe, you’ve certainly tried some unusual cuisine and marveled at the city and countryside scenery.


This skin care website, founded by Russian businesswoman Maria Karr, provides a wide range of cosmetic items. Botavikos’ choice, which uses 99.2% natural substances to clean your pores naturally, is one of our favorites. PETA has verified it to be cruelty-free and vegan. This serum contains niacinamide and essential oils like mint and cotton to brighten and relax your skin, making it a fantastic stocking stuffer present for that overworked bestie.

South Korea has taken the beauty industry by storm with its commitment to skin care and clean beauty. If you can’t eat your way through South Korea’s delectable food markets, you may at least try to uncover its fresh skin secrets with these gift ideas.


With these highly acclaimed ManiMe stick-on nails, you can give the gift of a salon-quality manicure. Jooyeon Song, a South Korean-born entrepreneur, co-founded the company, which provides custom-fit, stick-on gel manicures and pedicures. Its own 3D modeling, machine-learning, and laser-cutting technologies make it work. Each set is custom-made to match the nails of your present recipient, resulting in a polished and professional appearance.


Mediheal has been making desired skin care products since 1969, when Imsoon Yoo founded the company. In addition to its best-selling face masks, it also has a range of high-end serums and moisturizers, including this one. It’s created with superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and hyaluronic acid to give you plumpness and moisture all in one.

Mexico offers a diverse range of experiences, from the beaches of Tulum and Cancun to the dynamic capital city of Mexico City and the highlands of Oaxaca. It’s difficult to choose just one gift option since the country’s artists are so accomplished and flexible.


Do you want to enhance your family’s overall balance? If that’s the case, this Christmas challenge will be a blast. It was invented by Mexican businesswoman Ana Cecilia Parra Nava and is intended for children, although it may also be used by adults. It’s one of the company’s most popular things, and it’ll keep kids entertained for hours from infancy to adolescence.

Handcrafted Blown Glass Tequila Shot Glasses from UNICEF Market ($49.99;


The nicest thing about purchasing these handmade tequila shot glasses created in Mexico is that your Christmas shopping helps people in need all across the globe. In reality, single purchase may supply hundreds of youngsters with measles vaccines. Furthermore, the glasses are a wonderful present for a friend who often visits Mexico. We recommend matching it with a fantastic bottle of tequila so they can try both.

Anyone who visits this West African nation is left with a lasting impression. Ghana is a vibrant nation with friendly people, a rich culture, and miles of beaches – and lots of gift possibilities.


Christie Brown is a Ghana-based premium apparel label. Aisha Ayensu founded the business in 2008, and it develops clothing for global citizens, with all of its items created in Ghana. This stunning tulle skirt is the ideal present for the fashionista in your life, or browse Christie Brown’s whole selection of clothing and accessories.

A journey to Vietnam, where you may visit rice terraces and sample native food while admiring the gorgeous mountaintops, is unlikely to happen anytime soon. That isn’t to say you can’t satiate your wanderlust by shopping with foreign ideas.


Have you tried Vietnamese coffee before? You’re in for a treat if you haven’t already. This coffee is full of flavor, packs a punch, and is silkier than other sorts, making it a wonderful present for any coffee lover. Debbie Wei Mullin created the firm, and the tastes are inspired by her ethnicity. This collection includes all of the company’s best-selling coffees, allowing you to make the ideal cup of Vietnamese pour-over coffee.

Tokyo’s sparkling frenzy, Kyoto’s tranquillity, and Kinosaki’s Zen are just a few of the country’s beauties. Fortunately, you may still indulge your Japanese obsession with this Christmas present.


Matcha is a popular beverage in Japan. While it may be an acquired taste for some, this premium gift will satisfy tea and design lovers. Cuzen is a high-end goods company created by Eijiro Tsukada. This bundle includes the maker as well as three kinds of organic shade-grown matcha leaves. For an extra touch, it’s wrapped in a sustainable Japanese gift-wrapping fabric.

Denmark, as one of the world’s happiest countries, is serene, hospitable, and colorful, not to mention warm. Hygge is a Danish Christmas ritual that stretches from city to rural and is simple to imitate at home throughout the holidays – and beyond.

Skandinavisk Hibernate Gift Set of 3 Mini Scented Candles ($68; Skandinavisk Hibernate Gift Set of 3 Mini Scented Candles


This beautiful gift package, created by Danish entrepreneur Shaun Russell, allows you to spread hygge sentiments to your loved ones. It has nods from various Scandinavian nations and comes in a reusable FSC-certified box. Skog, which is Swedish meaning forest and comprises undertones of pine needles and fir cones, is one of the smells. Then there’s Hygge, which is Danish for “comfort,” which has notes of black tea, mint leaves, and dried apples. Finally, Koto, which means “home” in Finnish, features vanilla bean, dried orange peel, and bitter undertones.

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