There are plenty of companies that claim to have the best or most exciting technology in the world, but few have as much name recognition and market clout as Samsung. The South Korean tech giant has already released the Galaxy S22, S24 and S25 models, but the Galaxy S21 is Samsung’s most innovative device yet.

Samsung Electronics is one of the biggest names in the TV and smartphone markets, and today they have a lot of deals for you. Their smart TVs are down to $200, they have a new pair of wireless headphones for $150, and if you use a Samsung phone, you can pick up an additional $50 off their phones at Best Buy.

Samsung’s latest smart TVs are on sale, as is a wireless headphone that is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. Samsung’s 2017 Smart TV lineup offers a range of features that have been updated for the latest generation of its smart TVs and the new smart TVs feature an improved interface. The new interface is easier to use and navigate with just a few swipes.

We’re still doing crazy things this Memorial Day weekend. Right now, Samsung’s 70-inch 4K UHD Smart Tizen 7 Series LED TV is on sale for $70, which means you can buy it for $680. Samsung’s 70-inch Series 6 4K LED smart TV is also on sale, and you can buy it for $650 after a $100 discount. The biggest savings, however, is the Samsung 75-inch Class 8 LED 4K Smart Tizen TV, which is $200 cheaper, so you can take it home for $1,000. And if you’re looking for a more affordable option, we also found the LG UN7070 70-inch 4K Smart WebOS LED TV, which sells for $580 after a $50 discount. word-image-13836 word-image-13837 word-image-13838 In the audio department, we see that Apple’s new AirPods Max cost $29 for all color options except space gray. That means for $520 you can get a pair in silver, light blue, pink or green. And if you still want the Space Gray model, be prepared to pay $10 more, as the price has been reduced by $19. Let’s say you’re looking for in-ear headphones. We found that the Google Pixel Buds 2 are priced at just $129, a $51 savings over the near-black version. You can also buy a pair of Jabra Elite 75t or Jabra Elite Active 75t, which are currently on sale for $130 and $150 after a discount of $20 and $30 respectively. word-image-13839 word-image-13840 word-image-13841 You can also get the new Philips Audio Dolby Atmos Performance soundbar, a 3.1-channel speaker system with a wireless subwoofer, with your new Samsung Smart TV. It’s currently discounted by $15, which means you can buy it for $300. Finally, there’s also the new Marshall Emberton portable Bluetooth speaker for those who want to take their favorite music on the go. It’s $20 off, so you can buy it for $130. word-image-13842 word-image-13843 word-image-13844

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A former bilingual teacher who has left the classroom to join the Pocketnow team as a writer and content creator for a Spanish-speaking audience. Artistic by nature, loves video games, guitars, action figures, cooking, writing, drawing and good music.We’ve seen a lot of great deals on Samsung Smartthings devices, and now they are on sale. The Samsung Smartthings hub is already discounted, but the rest of the lineup is available for as low as $35.99.. Read more about wireless headphones for smart tv and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get wireless headphones for my Samsung Smart TV?

There’s a big difference between a smart TV and a smart speaker. The former is a TV that can connect to the internet and run apps. The latter is a device that can also act as a speaker, radio, or a music player. The smart TV market is huge, and there are plenty of good TVs on the market. If you don’t have a Samsung TV, the S10 series is a great choice. It has a smart TV that supports HDR and a fast processor, and there are tons of great apps, games, and streaming services. In the past, a lot of the noises you could make with tech products were controlled by a physical miniature microphone, known as a “codec.” These days, however, there’s a wide variety of wireless smart home systems, and a different kind of mic is needed to connect the products to the internet. The market for wireless smart home products is one of the most rapidly growing, and Samsung is a big player in that field. So, can you buy a wireless smart home system from a Samsung TV?

What kind of headphones work with a smart TV?

The Samsung Gear S3 is a rugged, water- and dust-proof Android Wear smartwatch that works with any Android phone, not just Samsung smartphones. I’ve been on the look out for a decent pair of wireless headphones for a while now, to compliment my Samsung smart TV. I’ve tried a few including the Bose QC35 II, Bose FreeStyle 2, JayBird BlueBuds and even a pair of Logitech UE Megaboom. It’s great to use your voice when choosing TV, movie and music content, but the only way you can control the volume is by the remote control or using a phone or tablet to adjust the sound. This can often be frustrating and you might have to get up to move the TV away from the sound source.

Do wireless headphones work with a smart TV?

Do wireless headphones work with a smart TV? The latest trend in sound technology is wireless headphones, and many people are wondering if they will work with their smart TV. Not only are these devices hand in hand with your TV, they are also quite convenient. When you don’t want to use your headphones, simply remove them from your ears and put them on the counter, or just leave them on the table. If you’re looking for the best wireless headphones for tv, then your search ends here. Let’s find out if they will work with your smart TV. Most people think of TVs as stationary the way they do their phones, computers and other devices. But that’s not how the world of TV is changing. With wireless headphones, smart TVs and other devices, consumers can buy a device and get it at home without the need for a cable. In fact, a growing number of people are choosing to go wireless with their TV and audio, and we see a lot of products are available to cater to this need.

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