The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has been around for a little while, but has it been worth the wait? In a word, yes! There are a ton of great features, including a gorgeous display, improved performance, great battery life and a ton of security features, that make this tablet a winner. There are just a few drawbacks, but given that this tablet retails at just $230, that’s a small price to pay.

Samsung recently unveiled its new Tab A lineup, which features the tablet with both a 7-inch and an 8-inch screen size, as well as the Tab A (8-inch version), which is smaller but features the same 7-inch display found on the Tab A7. We have compared the two models in this review, and we have found out the clear winner.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a 7-inch Android tablet running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Tab A7 Lite has a quad-core CPU, a 1.3 GHz quad-core A53 processor with a PowerVR SGX544 GPU and 2 GB of RAM. The Tab A7 Lite comes in two storage options: 32 GB and 64 GB, with a microSD card slot expandable up to 256 GB. The Tab A7 Lite has a 8 MP rear camera and a 1.2 MP front camera. The Tab A7 Lite has a 4,000 mAh battery, which can be charged from zero to 100% in about 4 hours.

samsung galaxy tab a7 lite REVIEW

Cheap tablets are improving, while superior tablets are becoming more affordable. This phrase rings true with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 8-inch tablet, which has been turning heads for being a wonderful entertainment gadget that can also help you complete all of your everyday activities with ease. 

Is it, however, worthwhile? Should you buy a one-year-old tablet now for your work and entertainment? So, today, we’ll be answering all of your questions. Continue reading to learn more about the device.

What are the key changes between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9?

The Tab A7 Lite has a few key distinctions from its bigger brother, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, and here’s all you need to know about them:

Processors – The original Tab A7 has a wonderful budget Qualcomm SD662 CPU that works brilliantly and provides a good gaming experience, but the A7 Lite has a MediaTek processor that is far less powerful. So, if you’re seeking for performance, the bigger A7 tablet should be your first choice.

Gaming Performance — The A7 has a better GPU than the A7 Lite, and the overall gaming experience on the larger tablet is better with lighter to mid-tier titles. So, if you’re looking for a casual gaming tablet, the standard A7 tablet is the way to go.

Faster Charging – Samsung enhanced the charging of their tablets, and the A7 and A7 Lite tablets both come with a 15W charger that charges the devices in under 4 and 3 hours, respectively.

Premium Metallic Finish — The build quality of the A7 and A7 Lite tablet series has been upgraded as well. The previous plastic body has been replaced with a metal and glass sandwich design that feels solid, strong, and high-end.

Samsung enhanced the cameras in response to the pandemic and greater reliance on video conversations, making all of your video calls look bright and sharp, which feels like an excellent decision for the device. The A7, on the other hand, is better all-around and features better cameras than the A7 Lite’s meager 2MP front sensor.

TFT display — Both tablets have a TFT display. We would have preferred to see a Samsung-designed AMOLED panel, but when comparing the two, the ordinary A7 panel is considerably more bright and has clearer and crisper visuals due to the higher resolution panel.


samsung galaxy tab a7 lite budget review


What’s in the box, exactly?

The following products are included in the Samsun Galaxy Tab A7 Lite box:

  • The A7 Lite Tablet is a smaller version of the A7.
  • The USB-C connector
  • A Wall Charger with 15 Watts of Power  
  • Guide to Getting Started


  • Processor – Mediatek MT8768T Helio P22T Octa-core (4 x 2.3 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4 x 1.8 GHz Cortex-A53)
  • One UI 3.1 is the operating system (Android 10 upgradable to Android 11)
  • TFT 8.7-inch panel with 800 × 1340 pixels
  • RAM – a total of 3/4 GB RAM is available.
  • PowerVR GE8320 GPU
  • 32GB and 64GB of storage
  • Primary camera: 8 megapixels, secondary camera: 2 megapixels
  • USB Type-C 2.0 connectivity
  • Measurements: 212.5 x 124.7 x 8 mm
  • 366 g g g g g g g g g g
  • 5100 mAh battery life (7-8 hours of SOT)

A Closer Examine

The device’s overall performance is outstanding. It works great for streaming movies and shows from Netflix and other streaming services, and it has the feel of a high-end tablet at a low cost. It’s a lot more than a low-cost iPad substitute. The main drawback was the mediocre display, as we had hoped to see an AMOLED panel like those found on Samsung handsets, but instead got a TFT panel that lost some details and saturation with the image. 

Overall, it delivers on a variety of characteristics that contribute to the wonderful experience – a fluid gaming experience, stunning build quality, and much more.

Identifying Characteristics

Metal construction for long life

The compact metal and glass sandwich design of the tablet is the most remarkable feature that makes it feel like a much more costly device. The design is fresh, and it allows you to take it wherever without fear of harming it.

Power and performance have improved.

We were surprised to see Samsung choose a Mediatek MT8768T Helio P22T chip instead of their Exynos chip, but we are delighted to see it. 

Battery Life for the Whole Day

The Tab A7 Lite’s 5000+ mAh battery is outstanding, and the MediaTek CPU is energy efficient. This combination enables it to produce a smartphone with an all-day battery life and an average of 8 hours of screen time. You can watch movies and shows for hours on end and still have enough battery to get through the night.

Fast Charging through USB-C

The tablet’s fast charging capability is the next feature that helps you keep it charged. The tablet can go from 0 to 100 in around 3 to 4 hours, which improves the total battery life.

Android with a Single User Interface

Samsung’s One UI has always been distinct from Google’s standard Android version. However, looking at what Samsung is delivering with the new updates, the One UI experience feels refreshing, and we are delighted to inform that you can experience all of the new features that Android 11 comes with it.

Expansion of Storage

MicroSD cards have proven to be an excellent way to increase storage capacity. The presence of a card slot on the device allows you to save a large amount of data and save movies and shows for quicker access to a wide range of entertainment.

Support for LTE

Whereas most tablets are WiFi-only, only Samsung offers both options. If you just want to use your tablet at home, there’s a cheaper WiFi-only version, and an LTE-enabled version that makes it easier to stay connected and use it as a trip work machine.

Speakers with four speakers

Finally, the four speakers it houses improve the whole media experience. The sound quality is well-balanced, with strong bass, and it sounds best at about 80% of maximum volume. 

Advantages and disadvantages

samsung galaxy tab a7 lite pros and cons




  • A sleek metallic design
  • Video calling cameras that are good
  • Exceptional battery life
  • A fantastic media encounter
  • Has the ability to support flip cases


  • Display quality is average (lack of AMOLED)
  • If you utilize it for hard tasks, the overall performance may feel a touch slow.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite the right tablet for you?

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the device, and the determining element is entirely up to you. The device is excellent as a media streaming tablet and for light workloads, but you should consider everything you need before making your decision. So, have a look at these scenarios to see if the Tab A7 Lite is right for you.

Buy If

Case 1: If you’re searching for a media machine that can stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more on an 8-inch gadget, get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. The media experience is satisfactory, and the streaming quality can only be described as satisfactory. Of course, we can’t compare it to the iPad Pro 2021 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ because it’s a budget tablet with inferior quality, but be assured that you’ll enjoy binge-watching shows and spending time on it.

Case 2: If you’re looking for a supplementary work device that can help you read, study, and send emails swiftly and efficiently, this is a fantastic option. Gmail and Outlook are fantastic, and keeping track of your audiobooks and ebooks is simple. Expect it to fall short of the iPad Pro or Samsung Tab S7+ in terms of performance. In reality, it falls short even when compared to the normal Tab A7 because it isn’t designed for that use and has a steep learning curve. 

Case 3: If you’re a student searching for a video-calling tablet with good performance and the ability to play most games at a respectable framerate, the Tab A7 Lite is the tablet for you. The Helio P22T chip is a fantastic chip, and the 1080P cameras provide a crystal-clear video calling experience. However, you should keep your expectations in check because the 2MP and 8MP sensors can’t deliver the best of the best, and you’ll most likely have to compromise to be content.

Case 4: Finally, the Tab A7 Lite is ideal for use as a home tablet for your children because it can be locked down with parental controls and passwords to restrict access to kid-friendly content. The entire construction is sturdy, the pricing is reasonable, and you can relax while your children enjoy themselves with the equipment. This is where the A7 Lite really shines, because you can be sure that your pricey tablets will be safe with you, and even if the Lite doesn’t work, you won’t have spent a fortune.


If you don’t want to buy something, don’t.

If you’re looking for a primary work device, this is the case. The Tab A7 Lite lacks the stylus and keyboard cover seen on Samsung’s other high-end tablets, and its performance can be lacking depending on the work you do.

Case 2: If you’re a serious mobile gamer that need a responsive and high-end tablet to play all of your games. It can handle games like COD and PUBG at low resolutions alright, but if you push it to higher graphics or titles like Genshin Impact, you may expect lag, performance issues, and the device to overheat. You’d be better off with a higher-end tablet like the iPad Pro or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

Case 3: If you’re searching for a tablet that can also serve as a design or editing machine, the TFT panel isn’t the best choice. Your artwork’s color may appear washed out, and the whole experience is unpleasant. As a result, make sure to look elsewhere. iPads have just received significant changes, and we urge that you have a look at them.

A quick comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and the Lenovo Smart Tab M8

These two tablets are priced substantially differently. The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a $150 tablet that performs admirably as a mid-tier device, while the Smart Tab M8 is a solid budget tablet that costs less than $100. Both perform well as media streaming devices, but which should you choose? Here’s a quick comparison of the two gadgets.

The Price

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite costs approximately $130 and can be found for less with some discounts, but the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is the absolute steal, since it costs just under $100 most of the time and is the way to go if you are solely looking for a budget-friendly movie gadget.

Lenovo Smart Tab M8 is the winner.

Performing Arts

The Helio P22T found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite greatly outperforms the Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 found in the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 in terms of performance. Because the Samsung Tab is superior for gaming and all-day operations, choosing the Samsung Tab A7 Lite is the most sensible decision if performance is your top priority.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the winner.

The Showcases

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s TFT panel is unquestionably inferior to the AMOLED panels we’re used to seeing, but the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 has an IPS LCD panel. You could imagine that because it’s IPS, it’ll be better than the TFT panel. The Smart Tab M8’s IPS display, on the other hand, is washed out and has a reduced resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels. As a result, we would still suggest the TFT panel. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the winner.

Apps, Games, and the Operating System

Finally, let’s have a look at both devices’ OS and app compatibility. The Samsung Tab A7 Lite employs the One UI shell on top of Android 11 as its weapon of choice, whilst the Google Smart Tab M8 runs on stock Android 9. Both smartphones are compatible with all apps and games, but the Samsung Tab outperforms the iPad in terms of app performance. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is the winner.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite Frequently Asked Questions

On a tablet, what does Lite mean?

The term “Lite” is used in a variety of contexts, but in the tablet world, it refers to a less powerful and less expensive tablet that is designed to be an ideal companion for the people. This is also available in phones, and as previously said, the Tab A7 Lite is significantly slower and less competent than the standard Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

Is there a SIM card slot on the Samsung Tab A7 Lite?

On the left side of the body, the Samsung Tab A7 Lite has a Nano-SIM slot as well as a MicroSD card slot. It supports GSM, HSPA, and LTE network technologies and may be used with 4G SIMs.

Is it possible for me to use the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite as a phone?

Although you may use the Tab A7 Lite as a phone and make calls, the device is primarily intended to serve as a larger and better alternative to a low-cost media player. As a result, we would advise you to purchase a phone because there are far better and more cheap ones available.

The Final Word

Samsung has done an excellent job with the Tab A7 Lite, but there are a few things you should be aware of before purchasing it. The most significant drawback is the flat, washed-out display, which we did not enjoy using. If you’re looking for AMOLED screens, which are stunning and a Samsung staple, you’ll have to go elsewhere. However, if you don’t mind the TFT panel and require a tablet for all-day use with some video streaming, light work, and a little gaming, this is a great option. 

With that, we conclude our Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite review and hope that you have made your decision. However, if you still have concerns or require answers to any questions, please leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.


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