The Miami Dolphins have interviewed New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles for their vacant head coaching position, according to multiple reports. If the interview goes well, he could become the fifth new NFL coach this year and help expand instant replay in football games.

The “todd bowles” is a report that the Raiders are planning to interview Todd Bowles for the head job.

Raiders Plan to Interview Todd Bowles for Head Job: Report

mark davis

Mark Davis, owner of the Las Vegas Raiders (Getty).

Rich Bisaccia has done an excellent job as the interim head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders. Bisaccia has guided the club to a 5-5 record in games he has coached, and they are still in the postseason chase despite dealing with a lot of circumstances that even the most seasoned head coach would struggle to navigate in a year. When it comes to determining who will coach his club next, though, owner Mark Davis is unlikely to forget about the team’s two blowout defeats to the Kansas City Chiefs this season.

Bisaccia will have a shot to maintain his job, but even if the Raiders reach the playoffs, they are likely to go elsewhere. Many people should be interested in the position since it involves taking over a club that was in the postseason chase at the conclusion of the season and has a youthful squad. After hiring an offensive-minded head coach in Jon Gruden, Davis may seriously explore bringing in a defensive-minded coach. The Raiders are expected to interview Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles for the position of head coach in the coming weeks, according to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora:

Bowles is a candidate that has surfaced in previous Raiders searches, and his outstanding résumé and track record as a head coach connect with the owner, according to sources. The Raiders’ defense has been an ongoing issue – both in terms of personnel and execution – and Bowles has a track record of swiftly improving that side of the ball, as he did as a coordinator in Tampa Bay last year, when that club won the Super Bowl. Bowles is highly regarded by the Tampa brass, and the Buccaneers have considered him as a possible successor to head coach Bruce Arians, should he decide to retire at any time. Arians has previously fought cancer and other health difficulties, and he and his family discuss his health and profession following each season.

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Is Bowles’ tenure with the Jets concerning?

Bowles has done a fantastic job with Tampa Bay’s defense. Without his great gameplan against the Chiefs, they would not have won the Super Bowl last year. He’s undoubtedly one of the league’s greatest defensive thinkers. However, he’s been regarded as such for years and has previously held the position of head coach.

In his first season as head coach of the New York Jets, Bowles guided the team to a 10-6 record. It seemed to be the beginning of something good, but he didn’t win more than five games in each of the next three seasons, and he was sacked. To be fair, no one can win with the Jets these days, and he didn’t have a reliable quarterback throughout his tenure there. This has the potential to succeed if he can bring in a quality offensive coordinator while focusing on upgrading the defense to an elite level. Derek Carr is a much better quarterback than any of the quarterbacks Bowles had in New York. Not every first-year head coach hits the ball out of the park. Perhaps the Raiders are a better fit for him, and he’s gained a lot of experience since his stint with the Jets. Bowles’ hiring would demonstrate Davis’ commitment to developing a strong defense in Las Vegas.

Davis expected me to have a lot of candidates.

Although it seems that Bowles will be interviewed, he will not be the only one. According to La Canfora, Davis intends to look at a number of possibilities for the starting job this summer.

“In terms of how many candidates he meets with and their histories, Davis is likely to cast a broad swath,” La Canfora wrote.

Bowles will have a chance, but there will be a lot of competition for this position. Davis may potentially target Doug Pederson, a past Super Bowl champion, or attempt to entice Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan. Davis will have a hard road ahead of him, but he will be well-equipped.

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