In astrology, the Sun is the planet that rules the zodiac signs. The Sun sets time and space, and it is the source of all energy that exists in our universe. Consequently, Sun in astrology is one of the most important factors that affect our daily lives.

The Sun is the most important planet in astrology and it is the only planet which is considered as the head of the zodiac, which is basically a circle that is divisions into 12 signs. It is the most important planet from every aspect, especially in daily life; it is also considered as the ruler of the solar system.

Planet Sun is the leader of the 12 zodiac signs. It is understood that in astrology, planet Sun signifies the personality and birth traits of the zodiac signs. That is why Planet Sun is also called the boss of the zodiac signs. In this article we will talk about the importance of Planet Sun in astrology.

The Sun in astrology – role and meaning Skip to content word-image-18045 In astrology, the Sun is the head of all the planets and is considered the king of the planets. It is the life force behind everything, and even in astrology it is considered the main reason for the existence of life. The sun is one of the nine planets of astrology and is of utmost importance in all Hindu traditions, where almost no ritual is complete without saluting the Sun God or Suryadev. The sun represents the soul and the self. It’s clean and positive. It also represents the outward self or personality that people display in society. The Sun is a powerful planet in astrology. When appropriate, a person acquires fame, prestige, and good health – proving to be a leader and a manager. However, in astrology, if the Sun is unfavorably placed in the birth chart, the person will either be too shy and timid, with a painful, often pathological constitution, or will have a very dominant and aggressive personality. Therefore, in astrology, it is very important to correct any error of the Sun, whether it is too strong or too weak.

Planet Sun – Vedic History

Surya or Sun is the one who dispels the darkness and illuminates the world. It is believed that he was born as the son of Sage Kashyapa and Aditi.  He rides his chariot to fight the evil of darkness and bless the world with light. He pointed out a chariot, driven by seven horses, with Arun in his hand, leading the horses and protecting the world from the bright rays of the sun. In ancient traditions he is one of the most important gods, and a hymn considered one of the most powerful, the Gayatri Mantra, composed by the sage Vishwamitra, is dedicated to the Sun God. He is also given several other names including Aditya (son of Aditi), Jagat Chaksha (eye of the world), Bhaskar (creator of light), Savitra (creator of progeny), Divakar (day maker), etc. Although Vishnu overshadowed many other gods and deities in the late Vedic era and became the main god to be worshipped, Surya remains remarkably relevant to this day, as some people begin their day by worshipping Surya Narayan. Such a practice is recommended to those who have a weak Sun in their astrological horoscope to please the Sun God and receive his blessings. It is said that the sun god has enormous power. When he was cursed by his father Sri Krishna, Samba did a long penance before Suryadev, for only the Sun God could redeem Samba from the curse imposed on him by Sri Krishna, an incarnation of Vishnu himself.

Planet Sun in astrology

In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of the 5th house. House, the ruler of the Lion, or Simha-rashi. The sun is the center of the solar system and also the center of astrology. The Sun is the king of planets in Vedic astrology. It takes 12 months for the Sun to pass through an astrological house, and therefore the passage through each house or Rashi is 1 month. The direction of the sun is east and the day is Sunday. It is associated with orange. Those who have an unfavorable solar position in their astrological horoscope are better off wearing bright or vibrant colors, such as white, yellow, orange or pink. The sun is associated with metals such as gold and copper and with stones or gems such as rubies. It has a spicy flavor. The Sun in astrology has a hot temperament. People with strong sunlight can often lose their composure quite quickly. When the sun is exalted or in its nakshatra, the value of gold increases. The planets that are favorable to the sun are Mars, the moon and Jupiter. The sun is in conflict with planets like Saturn and Venus. The Sun is in a neutral state with Mercury.

Sun and Saturn

It is known that the Sun is a descendant of the Sun, but it has a conflicting relationship with Saturn. Sanjana was Sun’s wife, but she left him because she couldn’t stand his ego and Sun’s pride. before she escaped, she made a copy of herself known as chaya. Saturn is a descendant of the Sun and Chaya. Sun didn’t notice the change for a long time. But as soon as he did, he began to hate Chaya as much as Saturn. In addition, Saturn (Sani) was dark and lame. Saturn also had a very bitter relationship with his father because of the humiliation he had suffered at the hands of his father. When the Sun and Saturn are together, in conjunction or aspected in the natal chart, the born usually has problems with the father and older male figures in the family.

Sun and Venus

Similarly, Venus is known as the guru of the Asuras and the Sun belongs to the clan of the Devas. According to the Vedas, the Devas and the Asuras have opposing interests. The Sun and Venus do not have a good relationship in astrology. If the Sun and Venus are together in the same house, it denies a happy love and a happy married life. Get a detailed marriage prediction by date of birth.

The sun and its different forms

The Sun is in an elevated state in Aries at 10 degrees and in an elevated state in Libra at 10 degrees. The mahadashi period of the sun is 6 years. The sun is in its purest form especially at sunrise and sunset. He finds direction in the 10th. Horoscope house and direction weakness in the 4th house. House. The sun, as an illuminator, illuminates or strengthens the qualities associated with a particular house. When the sun is in the 1st house in astrology. In a home, a person is likely to have honey-colored brown eyes, a mustache and beard, and thinning hair. When the sun is in the 5th house. At home, a male child is expected to excel in his field. If he is in the 10th house, the chances of professional success are very high.  There is also a chance to get a government job even if the sun is weak. Get your FREE 60-page personal horoscope

Significance of the Sun in Astrology

The Sun interacts with several planets in the same house during its one-month transit. The interaction depends very much on the proximity of the sun and the other planet. If the distance between the two planets is great, the sun shines its rays on the planet, bringing out its best features. On the other hand, when the sun is near another planet, it is said to have a burning effect on the properties of that planet. As a result, any quality that was signaled by the nearest planet is reduced or absent from the person. The sun is considered a warrior. It also manages leadership. Therefore, many ruling dynasties in ancient and medieval India associated themselves with the sun to gain more power and authority. The Ikshvaku or Suryavamshi dynasty is considered the sun dynasty and belongs to the original Kshatriya class. Lord Rama is from Surya-vamsa, and Lord Krishna is from Chandravamsa. Later, many Rajput clans also claimed a kinship with the sun. The Sun is associated with qualities such as respect and fame. Those for whom the Sun is favourable in astrology often attain great heights, fame and recognition in the country. The sun is also synonymous with health, vitality and long life. People with a painful constitution or lack of willpower, problems with the government are also considered a weak product of the Sun. The Sun is also the signifier for the father and other male figures in the family line. So it is also associated with the birth of a male child. When are you going to get a job? Find it now! A strong sun leads to a pleasant personality. These people are successful in life. They are very good at communication and when they enter the field of communication or media, they make excellent progress and reach great heights professionally. The sun is also of great importance to the human body. It regulates the head, brain, vision, heart, lungs, chest, stomach, bones, immune system and white blood cells (WBC) in our blood.  Therefore, if the sun has a negative influence, the native should be very careful with the organs in the chest area. People with a strong Sun in astrology have promising careers in leadership positions, such as politicians, bureaucrats, civil servants, doctors and health professionals.


Each planet controls a quality or characteristic in us, and the Sun is said to be the origin of leadership.

When the Sun is strong in the astrological chart

People with a strong sun are often leaders in their field – personal or professional. As the sun guides the planets, so these people teach others. They have the ability to lead people through their vision. People with a strong Sun are energetic and enthusiastically accept any task or responsibility. In astrology, the Sun represents energy and vitality. The Sun also governs trust, and people whose Sun is well placed in their natal chart are not rejected by the world. They are often excellent speakers, even politicians and powerful speakers. The Sun stands for determination, so people with a good Sun in astrology are people with an iron will who do not give up easily. Even when they fail, they persevere and achieve their goal. The sun also represents courage, and these people are not easily defeated by the enemy. When faced with a challenge, they come through with flying colors. Get personalized career predictions now! Creativity is another trait associated with the sun. Under the influence of the sun, people become innovators and think outside the box. They see things more and more thoroughly and tend to do things differently. This often makes them stand out from the crowd. Many people who are engaged in a creative field – film, music, art, dance, theater – often have a very favorable Sun position in astrology. The sun is also generous and benevolent. People with a well-placed Sun are alert and sensitive to their surroundings, and one can see that they are helping others. They devote their time and energy to good causes and are often involved in philanthropy and charity. They treat others with the respect they deserve and don’t look down on those who have problems. The sun, in astrology, rules greatness. Under the influence of the sun, people reach great heights, both personally and professionally, and even in behavior. It is likely that they will succeed in all their efforts. The sun is also a symbol of government and power. Successful politicians and ministers have the right solar position in astrology. It also governs our relationships with our superiors or those in positions of power and authority – at home, at school or at work. A positive Sun indicates a cordial relationship with people in power and authority. Get your FREE Kundli now!

When the Sun is unfavorable in the astrological chart:

When the planet is in an unfavorable position in the horoscope, several negative qualities are opposed to the positive qualities of the planet. If the Sun is in the second house and aspected, in the second or eighth house and conjunct Venus, this also indicates weak eyes. A misplaced sun leads to arrogance. Too much power fills someone with a sense of leadership and makes them feel arrogant and condescending. They look down on others and think they are the best. They completely ignore the feelings of others and place great value on themselves. People with the dominant characteristic have an unfavorable Sun position in astrology. They believe that it is in their best interest to command and dominate others and take every opportunity for themselves. The Sun also rules over jealousy. These people are very prone to resentment when they see the success of others. They never like the people around them, including their loved ones, to make progress in life. With unfavorable sunlight, people are also cruel and unforgiving. They are quick to make difficult decisions and are often tough in their relationships with others. Some even like to make things difficult for others. In astrology, the Sun, when it is in an unfavorable position, also stands for vanity. People under this influence plan and act against others. It is easy for them to mislead people to serve their interests. The sun is also aggressive. People with unfavorable sunlight tend to be very aggressive towards others, even family and friends. They fight easily and do not hesitate to hit people verbally or physically. An unfavorable position of the Sun often leads to a lack of self-confidence. These people tend to remain shy and anxious and are afraid to take on important roles. They prefer to work in the shadows, away from the public eye. An ominous Sun in astrology also makes people disrespectful of others, especially the elderly and those in positions of power and authority. They may have unfavorable relationships with teachers, elders, authority figures and government officials. word-image-18046

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👉🏻🌙 We all know the importance of a good sun sign. With the sun’s influence on our lives, it is natural to be curious about Planet Sun in Astrology. Whether you are a horoscope aficionado, or you just want to know more about the role of Planet Sun in Astrology, you are at the right place.. Read more about effects of weak sun in astrology and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Sun in astrology?

The planets along with the stars form the celestial sphere and vary in their relationship with the Sun. This relationship is called the aspect of the planet/star. The Sun is the hub of the celestial sphere. The relationship between the planets is called the aspect of the planet/star. The aspect of the Sun with respect to the other planets and the stars in the sky is known as the aspect of the Sun. The main difference between mundane astrology and predictive astrology is the time frame in which the aspect of the Sun is calculated. In mundane astrology, the aspect of the Sun is calculated in the context of the current day or a specific time span. In predictive astrology, the aspect of the Sun is calculated from the moment of birth of Astrology is one of the oldest and most commonly practiced forms of divination in the world. Sun is the most important celestial body in astrology. It is considered as the ruler of the zodiac, and it is the most powerful and influential of the Sun in astrology.

Why is Sun sign important?

One thing that is very important in Astrology is the Sun sign. It works like a personality report card. Every person’s Sun sign has some similarities and some differences. The differentiating factor is our birth time. The Sun sign is one of the most popular astrological features. The name – “Sun sign” – is derived from the mythological sun itself, which was believed to have ruled the human race for 4,800 years and held the power to influence human beings. Indeed, sun sign astrology is a powerful tool and many people all around the world believe in what it has to offer.

What is a strong sun in astrology?

Astrology is the study of planetary positions and the effects of those positions on people. A strong sun astrological sign is a planet that is generally considered to have a positive effect on the individual. The sun in astrology is an important planet that represents the source of all life, and is the primary source of light and energy. The sun is much more than a mere star, it is a symbol of a person’s life and their relationship to the universe. Naturally, the sun in astrology represents the basic life force that is present in each and every human being.

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