The World Cup 2018 Finals have arrived and half of the game is over. The team from Peru has a 2-1 lead against Colombia, but Chile still has time to tie it up at 3-3. Which country will win?

The “colombia vs perú” is a tense three-way rivalry between Peru, Colombia, and Chile.

Peru, Colombia, Chile in tense three

It’s definitely dangerous to speak about one key moment in an 18-round marathon tournament. But, with South America’s World Cup qualifying campaign coming to a close on Tuesday, such an occurrence is difficult to overlook.

Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay have won the continent’s four automatic qualification spots in Qatar. On the last day of CONMEBOL qualifications, there is just one thing to determine. Three teams have a chance to rank fifth and earn the privilege to participate in a match against an Asian opponent in June if they win. Chile is an outsider in a fight mostly between Peru and Colombia, two sides who clashed in the sweltering midday heat of Barranquilla in late January.

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Colombia pounded the Peruvian defense for almost the entire game, but they did an outstanding job clearing crosses, maintaining discipline, and positioning themselves to repel the next onslaught. Peru might have been content with a 0-0 draw had they not made a rare breakaway in the 85th minute. Edinson Flores struck a feeble shot towards the near post, and Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, possibly swayed by an afternoon of inaction, miscalculated his angles, allowing the ball to get past him and into the net. Colombia would be in first place heading into Tuesday’s final round if the game had ended goalless. The surprising setback, on the other hand, throws everything into disarray. Peru’s destiny is in their hands, and all they have to do now is win at home against Paraguay to secure a playoff berth for the second year in a row.

This is a test of Peru’s courage more than anything else. Both Colombia and Chile might surpass them if they draw. As a result, the clock begins to tick as soon as the game in Lima begins, and the longer it takes to score a goal, the more nervous they will be waiting for results from the other games.

Paraguay’s goal threat may be limited. They have the fewest goals in the tournament, and they are without both of the players who scored in the victory against Ecuador on Thursday. Miguel Almiron, the team’s star player, has been banned, while striker Roberto Morales has suffered a major knee injury. However, when it comes to preparing for the future, the Paraguayans can typically be counted on to be tough in defense, and injury has taken away Peru’s most brilliant creative force, winger Andre Carrillo. Lima is in for a difficult evening.

Colombia’s mission is straightforward. They will go to San Cristobal to face Venezuela, who are on the verge of having their worst season since 1998. If Colombia wins and Peru loses, Colombia will take fifth place, having missing out on the playoffs in 2002, 2006, and 2010. The Argentine Jose Pekerman, who is currently in charge of Venezuela, was the coach that led them to the next two World Cups. Pekerman had to face his home Argentina on Friday and fell 3-0. He encounters James Rodriguez and other stars from his old job four days later.

Peru’s last-gasp victory against Colombia in January might be key to their chances of qualifying for the World Cup playoffs. Getty Images/Gabriel Aponte

Colombia eventually ended their goalless streak with a 3-0 win against Bolivia at home, ending an incredible seven-game drought. The trauma should now be in the past, and despite the fact that Juan Cuadrado will miss the game due to suspension, Colombia will go into the game as favorites against a team that is rebuilding. But it’s possible that it’s too late. Colombia won 4-0 away against Paraguay in the previous round over 20 years ago, but lost out on a playoff position because their goal difference was one lower than Uruguay’s. If Peru wins their game, it won’t matter how many Luis Diaz and his teammates put past Venezuela, and if that happens, many will be left thinking about that Ospina incident from January.

Chile will be next in line if neither Peru nor Colombia can win their matches. A victory over Uruguay at home would lift them to fifth position and extend the international careers of the country’s golden generation, including Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel, and Claudio Bravo, at least until June. Many members of the current squad rose through the ranks of the 2007 Under-20 team, who won the Copa America in 2015 and 2016, the only time the national team has won meaningful silverware. However, no great talent has emerged since then, and local FA head Pablo Milad is considering a major reorganization if Chile fails to qualify for Qatar.

Chile will be hoping that Uruguay’s celebrations have gone too far after they qualified for the World Cup with a victory against Peru on Thursday. But it would be a mistake to believe that Uruguay has no stake in the game. Only the FIFA dates in June and September provide opportunity for the team to prepare for Qatar. Diego Alonso, the new coach, has three victories under his belt, although the schedule has been kind to him. He is unlikely to start the World Cup with the offensive side he picked to face Venezuela and Peru. Alonso needs to make some important choices concerning some of his older players, and facing a very determined Chile side is fantastic preparation for him as he searches for the right squad balance for Qatar.

As a result, there will be frayed nerves and strained muscles in Santiago, San Cristobal, and Lima as the race for a playoff spot continues until the last whistle.

The “world cup qualifiers south america” is a tense three-way match between Peru, Colombia, and Chile. The winner of the game will be the team that progresses to the World Cup Finals in Russia.

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