The Warriors were able to trade for Pau Gasol, as well as sign Kevin Durant. This highlights the Lakers’ front office’s ineptitude in trying to build a roster that can compete on the court and attract fans. The Lakers are now catching up with other teams like Cleveland, while also potentially losing their superstar player free agent.

The “gasol lakers” is a story that highlights the Lakers’ front office ineptitude. Pau Gasol’s potential role with the Warriors is spotlighting the Lakers’ inability to make a move before it was too late.

Pau Gasol's Potential Role With the Warriors Spotlights the Lakers' Front Office Ineptitude

The Los Angeles Lakers are a proud, well-respected team with a long history of legends donning the purple and gold. Pau Gasol, a seven-foot Spaniard on the verge of entry into the Basketball Hall of Fame, is one of those legends.

Former players have always had a place on the squad, and LA has never shied away from doing so. Jerry West became the Lakers’ head coach and general manager after a 14-year stint with the team. Magic Johnson also coached for a short time, although he is most known for his time as the team’s president of basketball operations, which he held from 2017 to 2019. Kurt Rambis, a non-superstar, was able to carve out a niche for himself inside the company.

This leads us to Pau. On JJ Redick’s podcast The Old Man and the Three, the 41-year-old claimed that one organization is prepared to teach him the ropes in the front office. It’s not going to be the Lakers.

Pau Gasol is in talks with the Warriors about a possible front-office job.

Gasol was a six-time All-Star who played for the Purple and Gold for 6.5 seasons. The big guy was Kobe Bryant’s ideal number two, winning titles in both 2009 and 2010. His No. 16 jersey will be retired by the team as soon as next season.

Pau Gasol’s 18-year playing career may be gone, but his basketball career is far from done. Gasol is eager to study the ins and outs of everything that takes on behind the scenes. Surely, the Lakers, his old club, could provide him with that vital experience.

That’s not the case.

Gasol informed Redick on The Old Man and the Three that he’s exploring a job with the Golden State Warriors, LA’s Pacific Division foe. The Warriors have been one of the NBA’s top teams for the previous seven seasons, despite the fact that he has no links to them from his playing days.

“I’m looking at a possible team position,” Gasol revealed. “With the Warriors, I’ve been a little more under the radar, and they’ve sort of opened their doors for me to come in and be a part of meetings, see the players a little bit, and chat to some of the guys.”

It’s not the first time the Warriors have welcomed a Laker great into their fold. West joined Golden State’s executive board in 2011 and helped the team win two championships in 2015 and 2017.

The Lakers’ executive management should be humiliated for passing up a chance to work with Gasol.

The Lakers have been a family company since Dr. Jerry Buss bought the franchise in 1979. The Buss children, particularly Jeanie, LA’s principal owner and president, have long held positions inside the company.

The Lakers aren’t only family-oriented because of the Buss family. As previously said, there is a long list of players that donned Laker colors before retiring and worked for the organization. Not only can those guys get experience and help the Lakers develop, but they can also teach the Purple and Gold a thing or two.

So why is Gasol, a two-time champion and potential number-one pick, joining the Warriors? The Warriors, who hadn’t won an NBA championship in 40 years until 2015?

Gasol isn’t interested in managing a club, at least not right now. All he wants is some front-office experience to get a sense of how things function. Why wouldn’t the Lakers give him the chance in the first place?

Given the team’s poor performance this season, LA should be urging its previous stars to return and assist in any way they can. Gasol should be chatting to Anthony Davis and Stanley Johnson instead of Draymond Green and James Wiseman. Rather of assisting one of LA’s greatest rivals, Golden State, he should be assisting the club with whom he won two rings.

In Los Angeles, the “family business” must prioritize family. That includes going out to any and all noteworthy players who have worn the jersey and informing them that they will have a part with the squad if they desire it. Given Pau Gasol’s credentials and importance to the team, a call should have been made long ago.

In any case, Gasol will get more knowledge from a successful company.

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Gasol would be faced with a difficult decision if the Lakers and Warriors made him two equal deals. On the one hand, LA elevated him from a forgotten Memphis Grizzlies player to a real champion and potential Hall of Famer.

With Golden State, on the other hand, he’d learn a lot more about how to run a successful organization.

No one in the NBA has ever come close to matching the Lakers’ total greatness. Only the Boston Celtics can equal that, with both clubs having won 17 titles. Despite this, LA has stood quietly by while the Warriors have risen to become the league’s best team over the previous decade.

Golden State reached the playoffs every season from 2013 to 2019, with five Western Conference championships and three championship banners. LA only had one playoff appearance during that time, a first-round elimination in 2013, which Gasol was a part of.

In fact, the Lakers would have had no playoff victories since 2012 if it weren’t for their 2020 championship on the brink.

The Warriors are clearly doing things well as they prepare to return to the playoffs in 2022. Meanwhile, LeBron James and the Lakers are now out of the play-in round with a 31-45 record.

The Lakers made a mistake by allowing Gasol to serve in any front office other than his own. Pau, on the other hand, will almost certainly benefit greatly.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

Pau Gasol says the Lakers were “rewarded” in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Celtics.

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