Patrick Kielty and his wife Cat Deeley have revealed that the key to their successful marriage is finding someone who doesn’t think they are good enough for them. The couple made an appearance on BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans show, where Patrick explained how he brought Cat home from a night club after just speaking to her briefly at the party.

“The key is to find someone out of your league and convince them they aren’t.” Patrick Kielty reveals his secret to finding love.

Patrick Kielty 'punching' with wife Cat Deeley: 'The key is to find someone out of your league and convince them they aren’t'

Sixty Seconds Patrick Kielty

He also had some comments on the Oscars smack (Picture: )

On his current tour, comedian Patrick Kielty, 51, slapped by the Oscars and punching above his weight alongside his wife Cat Deeley.

Borderline is the name of the new tour. You’re definitely a great admirer of Madonna’s early singles.

[Laughs] Yeah, I couldn’t really cram any kind of political commentary into a tour named Vogue, so I figured Borderline would be a better match.

It’s a lengthy tour…

I guess that is, but the benefit of people wanting to laugh on weekends is that you have two or three days off at the beginning of the week.

From Thursday through Sunday, people enjoy a drink of wine and a good laugh, so I consider it more of a weekend getaway.

How do you put a new show together? Is this a fresh page?

It’s a new chapter in my life. The first rule of writing a stand-up act, in my opinion, is that you should do it only if you have anything to say. This is the most autobiographical piece I’ve ever written.

I remember growing up in Northern Ireland as a child, remembering the good times and some of the bad times…

Programme Name: Patrick Kielty: One Hundred Years of Union - TX: 16/09/2021 - Episode: Patrick Kielty: One Hundred Years of Union (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Dundrum, County Down Patrick Kielty - (C) Dragonfly TV - Photographer: Seamus McCracken

The comedian recently aired a documentary about Northern Ireland’s future (Photo: /Dragonfly TV/Seamus McCracken).

It’s the narrative of realizing that a binary society coming together in peace was more significant than I realized at the time.

When you’re living through something, you don’t always appreciate it until you look back.

You also worked with Kenneth Branagh on his Academy Award-winning Belfast film.

Yes, I was quite fortunate. Ken called and asked if I would host the Belfast premiere in Belfast, and it was the most incredible night.

Jamie Dornan is a friend, and to be in Belfast viewing that picture with a Belfast crowd, and then having to stand up and speak to the actors about what Ken had gone through and his Belfast experience…

Obviously, most people in Northern Ireland are familiar with my tragedy [Kielty’s father was killed by terrorists], so it was an emotional night, but regular people live in Belfast.

I used to believe Northern Ireland was a bats*** insane area, but now I see it was just regular, good people trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Jamie Dornan greets Patrick Kielty with Ciaran Hinds looking on as they attend the Irish premiere of film Belfast at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast, to mark the opening night of the Belfast Film Festival. Picture date: Thursday November 4, 2021. PA Photo. See PA story SHOWBIZ Belfast Photo credit should read: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Patrick describes hosting the screening of Jamie Dornan’s film Belfast as a “emotional” experience. (Photo credit: PA)

Is there still a Catholic-Protestant divide? How do people know who is on which side?

There’s approximately ten or fifteen minutes of content there!

When I play my English dates, it’s amusing how English people think of Northern Ireland as this binary dysfunctional society when, in reality, we’re heading in the other direction as a result of everything we’ve gone through, while we see the rest of the UK grow more binary as a result of Brexit.

‘Guys, guys, we’ve done this, and it’s not a nice thing,’ it’s like.

Do you still pinch yourself after ten years with the lovely Cat Deeley?

Aren’t you still pinching yourself? Finding someone out of your league and convincing them they aren’t is the secret to life.

The Wedding Of Ant McPartlin & Anne-Marie Corbett Sightings

Patrick and Cat Deely have been married for ten years and have two children together (Karwai Tang/WireImage).

It sounds like gaslighting to me.

[Laughs] That’s a different perspective. I assumed the “pinch myself” question was a ruse.

If Chris Rock made a joke about her, would you hit him in the face?

I’d never hit a comic! Let’s just put it in context: I founded Belfast’s first comedy club and performed satire in Belfast about people who still had firearms, yet nobody used violence against me.

People were permitted to speak jokes even in a violent city. To be honest, I’m still trying to get my brain around [the Oscars].

Are you aware that what people tolerate has changed while you’re developing a new show?

Comedy is a unique blend of how you feel as an individual and how the audience feels.

And excellent humor pushes the limits a little farther than the audience wants to go, making them think about topics they haven’t thought about before.

It’s a collaboration between the audience and the performer.

The moment you walk up there and say, “Here’s what I think is hilarious, and I don’t care what you think,” you’re not doing comedy. That is a class.

Do you have the ability to read a room like a DJ?

That is not the case. Comedians observe society, and the finest of them mirror that culture.

Comedy reflects society, and I believe that effective comedy makes people feel little uncomfortable with their own ideas, rather than giving them out-of-date ones.

Ballywalter, you’ve got a movie coming up. How’s your performance?

No idea. I’ve never performed on film before. I was frightened. Ask me this question again when I’m hiding behind the back row seats when the movie comes out later this year.

The Borderline is on tour in the UK and will be at The Y Theatre in Leicester tonight; tickets are available here.

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