The Orlando Magic made a big splash in the NBA draft by trading up to the third pick and taking Zion Williamson. How did their other picks fare?

The number 1 draft picks nba 2021 is a blog post that gives the Orlando Magic’s 2021 NBA draft grades for both their first and second round picks.


The Orlando Magic had two choices in the 2021 NBA draft, and they chose Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs (fifth) and Michigan’s Franz Wagner (eighth). It’s fair to assume that the company was fortunate enough to have two lottery selections in one draft.

This would undoubtedly help the Magic’s rebuilding efforts, which were slowed last season by Markelle Fultz’s injury and the trades of Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic.

It will be interesting to watch whether their selections really kickstart the rebuilding process. We’ll have to wait until the regular season to see how things turn out. But, for the sake of argument, let’s rank the Magic’s draft choices, focusing on their fit with the present team.

NBA Draft: Magic in 2021

Jalen Suggs, 5th overall pick:

It’s no surprise that Jalen Suggs was selected fifth overall. Cade Cunningham is widely regarded as the finest playmaker in the draft class. However, no one can deny that Suggs is a close second. The 6-foot-4 Gonzaga star is a terrific transition player who would give the Magic’s offense additional flexibility. He’s not just a terrific finisher, but he can also make darting passes in tight areas. Some may be concerned about his defensive size. Suggs, on the other hand, has great lateral mobility and strong hands. He possesses excellent anticipation off the ball, which he employs to obstruct passing lanes.

This will help the Magic’s defense, which was one of the worst last season. Apart from that, many scouts think that Suggs’ desire to lead is his most valuable attribute. There aren’t many possibilities with the same mentality as Suggs. This demonstrates the guard’s mental preparedness and maturity.

The only reason we can’t award this selection an A+ is because the Magic already have a plethora of point guards. They also have Markelle Fultz, who has been in excellent form since his injury-plagued days with the Philadelphia 76ers. And when he tore his ACL, Anthony Cole was the man who stepped forward to take his place.

In his debut year in the NBA, Suggs will undoubtedly find a spot on the Magic’s roster. Head coach Jamahl Mosley, on the other hand, will have a difficult time balancing Suggs and Anthony’s playing time. Both are at their best when they play point guard, which is their natural position. To make the most of the guards’ abilities, Mosley will need to devise a solid rotation strategy.

Franz Wagner, 8th pick: A+

Wagner’s biggest strength is his defense. The 6-foot-9 forward has the lateral speed and toughness to effectively defend several spots. Wagner’s greatest quality is that he enjoys playing defense and gets excited after making tackles. Wagner should not be placed in pick-and-roll situations. He is an excellent defender, often earning deflections or thefts that lead to transition buckets. Wagner is a savvy defensive player who is never late in his rotations, in addition to his dedication. Even veteran players struggle to be in the right position at the right time on defense at the pro level, so this is critical. As a rookie, Wagner has a good grasp of how team defense works.

In terms of his offensive game, he has to work on his ball-handling, ability to generate his own shots, and finishing. He’ll certainly put in some additional effort to sort things out. Magic fans should expect to see some development in this area of his game over the coming several years. As a result, he’s unlikely to become a key component of the offense – at least not right now. Even in his first year, he will be an important component of the Magic’s defense.



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