For the last week, Donald Trump has been on a tirade against the NFL. He’s called the league “boring” and “a total farce”, and accused its players of disrespecting the US flag. The President has been making these statements for a long time, but this is the first time he’s gone after the NFL’s best players.

Since he was elected President of the United States, President Trump has been portrayed by the media as a racist who hates everyone who isn’t a white American. Some people claim that Trump hates women, other say he hates Mexicans, and others say he hates the LGBT community.

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure in the news. Many people loath him, while others still love him. However, what many don’t realize is that Trump is actually a big proponent of orange as a color. Specifically, he always wears an orange tie. Despite this, he’s still considered a bit of a fashion victim, as he has also worn green ties, red ties, white ties and blue ties (in addition to the orange ties). In fact, he’s even worn all 3 colors in the same outfit.

To be fair, the former Trump had orange too, at least as far as spray tanning and hair dye is concerned.  But in the sunny year that followed, Donald J. W. Hoffman and his wife were the only people who could make a difference. It is possible that Trump will go to an orange sector more suitable than prison suits. The 25th. In May, Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance gave Donald a birthday present by convening a jury to consider possible criminal charges against the former US president (just one day before the lunar eclipse combined with the asteroid Nemesis, signifying destruction and demise).  Prosecutors have been investigating Trump, the Trump Organization and their associates since at least 2018, and the convening of the grand jury suggests they are ready to present evidence and possibly file indictments. For the experienced asteroid observer this is of course no surprise, because everything happens exactly according to the cosmic calendar.  Among the many fixed points in his birth, all of which point to an inordinate influence on character or biography far beyond their usual influence, Donald Trump’s skyline hangs on an asteroid called d’Arrest.  Arrest means stop moving, stop the process, if you will.  Metaphorically, it’s any pause, stop or end.  In conjunction with the asteroid Valentine (which Trump has in close conjunction with his natal Valentine in 23 Taurus), for example, it could indicate a heart attack or heart failure.  But it can also be literal, in the form of an arrest, indictment or legal detention. In 24 Libra, Trump’s birth chart was written at 16. June 1946, two days after his birth, instantly, making it one of the strongest and most influential points in his horoscope.  As of today, the potential to send Trump to prison is being held back by an even greater force – stationary, ruling Jupiter in 17 Libra, which became direct within hours of his birth and which regularly keeps the Donald away from the shit storms he causes.  Like a true Teflon Don, Trump has so far avoided serious consequences because he has played by the rules his entire life. But some things have changed. Can Trump become president from prison? Or are you even being investigated? Something tells me these questions will be answered in 2024….. word-image-1879 Enter Pluto, the great equalizer.  If Pluto interferes with your life and things don’t turn around, it means you’ve been inattentive.  It was Pluto’s retrograde station at 17 Capricorn in April 2016, in exact square to Trump’s birthplace Jupiter, that changed his (and the nation’s) Jupiter-ruled political landscape, giving him first the Republican nomination for president, then victory in the fall general election. Initially it seemed that Pluto would lead Trump to the pinnacle of his life and career, but the seeds of his downfall had already been sown.  Until now, Trump has gone unnoticed as a relatively minor player in the billionaire’s club, but the world leader’s increasing control is beginning to reveal just how corrupt, depraved and treacherous Trump really is, as Pluto also rules over scandal and crime. Pluto is often like that: He elevates one, then destroys the other, and after elevating Trump far beyond his ability, he now wants to reduce him to dust.  For Pluto is now square d’Arrest, and the process of Trump’s fall can be traced to this transit in a second. A few days after Pluto, on the 20th. February 2020 in the 24. Capricorn came in and was exactly square d’Arrest, the first COVID-19 death was reported in Seattle, Washington (months later deaths were added in Santa Clara, California on the 6th, but the first news impact and shock of the Seattle deaths occurred on February 26).  Trump’s inept and inactive response to a virus that has now claimed the lives of more than 600,000 Americans is directly responsible for his electoral defeat last November.  Pluto began preparing the way for this fiasco as soon as he was conjunct D’Arrest, and his exact retrograde square was placed on the 25th. April left the United States isolated: The cases piled up, local and state governments were overwhelmed by the crisis, and the Trump administration could not act quickly or decisively. In early July, Pluto emerged from the 24th house. Capricorn’s degree retreated, but slowly, never more than two degrees, and found itself in the orb of the square when Trump’s political career was turned upside down after his decisive election defeat in November.  In late December, Pluto returned in a stop square just as Trump was about to enter a 2nd house of the house in a 2nd house of the house. The phone call, recorded in January, is an attempt to get the Georgia secretary of state to get enough votes to overturn Biden’s victory in the Peach State.  This call, along with his incitement to riot at the Capitol on the 6th. January was the basis for two other investigations that could lead to charges of election fraud and sedition. Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame gets a makeover in 2018; is it satire or prophecy? word-image-1880 Pluto was advancing, but during its retrograde station on the 27th. In April he turned around and returned to d’Arrest for his final four.  Pluto will then appear on the 6th. October are in exactly the same place as d’Arrest, and from the 10th. August to 29. In November, Pluto will be on the 24th. Capricorn fills with its energy, which increases the likelihood of charges.  The grand jury is set for six months, until the end of November, and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance will retire at the end of the year. So he will no doubt want a case against Trump before he leaves, although the timing of the many additional investigations into Donald’s misdeeds in and out of office is less certain. Additionally, Trump’s solar return (SR) in 2021 suggests that D’Arrest could play a significant role in this year’s events (at 1:46 p.m. EDT on June 13, 2021 at Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida).  At 20 Cancer, SR d’Arrest moves with SR asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for Trump, at 24 Cancer, and SR asteroid Manhattan at 28 Cancer, which is the most likely source of the allegations and links Trump personally (Troemper) over the New York State (Manhattan) allegations (d’Arrest).  You are in conjunction with the SR Moon at 29 Cancer, indicating a possible change of residence, facilitated by a T-square with SR Pluto opposition at 26 Capricorn and SR Achilles asteroid square at 27 Aries, indicating weakness or vulnerability.  This combines criminality (Pluto) and vulnerability to destruction (Achilles) and opens the door to a disruptive transformation (Pluto) of circumstances, with the jail cell possibly becoming Trump’s new home (Moon). Together with Pluto, the asteroid Themis wanders around on 25 Capricorn, named after the Greek goddess of justice and making sure justice is done. In addition, SR d’Arest is in conjunction with the natal asteroid Nemesis at 16 Cancer, which in turn is in exact conjunction with the natal asteroid Bilk, both of which are also in square with SR Bilk in transit at 13 Aries.  The New York State investigation focuses on financial and tax irregularities – primarily fraud and evasion by insurance companies, financial institutions and tax authorities, where assets were inflated or written off to varying degrees to serve Trump’s personal interests at the time.  In order to use the property as collateral for a loan, he inflated and wrote off its value when he filed his tax return to reduce his tax burden.  Nemesis/Bilk natal, activated by SR of Arrest and Bilk, suggests that the (natal) life pattern of questionable financial transactions (Bilk) may finally be held accountable this year (SR) and receive retribution (Nemesis) with (Arrest’s) allegations of fraud (Bilk). Family business ? If Donald Trump is guilty of fraud, most of his children are also heavily involved in his business; a Groupon prison sentence could follow. word-image-1881 Even Jupiter, which has been a loyal ally for so long, seems to be clashing a bit: SR Jupiter in 2 Pisces is in conjunction with SR Damocles in 0 Pisces and in opposition with SR asteroid Karma in 1 Virgo: there is a possible threat of excessive calamity (Jupiter) (Damocles) based on past actions (Karma).  In T-square with this 1 Sagittarius polarity is SR Nemesis, effectively ending the natal potential with Trump’s guilt and misdeeds. Also notable is the asteroid Cyrus, which represents Manhattan lawyer Cyrus Vance. He is in conjunction with the SR Ascendant in 29 Virgo to 4 Libra, indicating the importance of this year, especially in terms of Trump’s public image and how others see him.  SR Cyrus is also in conjunction with Trump’s natal Neptune in 5 Libra, the planetary ruler of deceit and deception, who also rules prisons and incarceration.  The natal asteroid Cyrus in 18 Libra is also on the station (it went direct on June 5, 1946), making people with that name an integral factor in Trump’s biography, as the first prosecutor to file charges against a former U.S. president would surely be one.  Cyrus natal is in conjunction with D’Arrest natal and square with destructive Nemesis at 16 Cancer to decorate this heavenly cake. It is also part of the Great Triangle pattern of the Air Serpent, with trines to the asteroids Themis (Justice) at 17 Gemini in conjunction with the Sun at 22 Gemini and Justia at 18 Aquarius (its Roman counterpart), with a series of Sun and Themis in opposition to the Moon and Achilles at 21 and 24 Sagittarius. This makes Cy Vance a potential agent of justice (Themis, Justice) capable of exploiting Trump’s (Achilles) weakness and vulnerability. With SR’s Sun in 22 Gemini exactly square with the asteroid Lee in 22 Virgo, we see fertile ground for Trump’s accusations based on his inherent and essential dishonesty, which is a defining trait for him.  In a final act of irony, the Sun is also in conjunction with the asteroid SR Orangia in 18 Gemini, which colors Trump’s year. Oh my god, maybe orange really is the new Trump! A whole new world : Donald Trump’s prospects may finally be changing after swapping the White House for the Big House. word-image-1882 The post Orange Is the New Trump appeared first on Alex’s Asteroid Astrology.After it was announced last week that Trump is now the president-elect, there was some head-scratching throughout the tech industry.. Read more about trump news today and let us know what you think.

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