We have been looking at the main story missions, as well as the hidden side quests. So, we’ll be taking you on a journey through the best of those missions, and hopefully be able to help you find the hidden treasures that await you.

It’s been a few months since the launch of Borderlands 3, and we’re still coming up with ways to keep our Borderlands 2 characters alive. Well, the Borderlands community has already solved that dilemma, as they’ve created a full guide on Borderlands 3’s side missions, which gives players more insight into the game’s story, which will even help you get some of the best gear in the game. “On The Blood Path: Borderlands 3 Side Mission Guide” is a mission walkthrough for all the Borderlands 3 side missions, which include:

The main story of Borderlands 3 will have you going on a number of missions to help out the people of Sanctuary. The missions are spread out across the game world, enabling you to play in any order you like. To help you on your travels, we’ve put together this guide to the side missions in Borderlands 3.

On the Blood Trail is a side quest you can find in The Anvil, Eden-6 in Borderlands 3.

The mission is to help Ramsden find his friend Holder, but there’s a twist.

This is a walkthrough for On the Blood Trail in Borderlands 3.

Recommended level: 22 years and older.

Open Door

Your first objective is to open the door to Holder. The door is locked and needs a key.

Sentry search for key

There are 3 places where you can find the key. The key is in the toilet tank.

Unlock door

Go back to the door to open it.

Kill the lower leg

In the next area you will encounter members of Shanks’ group, who turn out to be the bad guys. Turn them all off.

Searching in your own camera

Look for Holder in his cell.

Inside, you have to find out where it is. Search the body first.

Look under the zinc on the floor.

This will show a hidden path.

Thigh strokes

Other opportunities await you in this hidden region. Kill them all first.

Conversation with incumbent

Talk to Holder, who is staying with Shanks. Apparently he is one of them, and Ramsden is not what he seems.

Side with support or open door for Ramsden

At this point, you need to make a decision. Ramsden is apparently a member of the Fingerbiters.

Instead, we sided with Holder.

Tue Ramsden

If you’re on Holder’s side, you need to take out Ramsden and the Fingerbeaters.

This way you can complete the mission and earn money.

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