The Australian government has announced that it is leaving the International Monetary Fund and will print its own currency, a move which could cause financial instability.
What does this mean for cryptocurrency? if Australia’s economy continues to shift away from fiat currencies such as the US dollar or Euro, there may be more opportunities in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The “stop making small talk” is a meme that has been circulating on the internet. It refers to how Australia is leaving zero dollars as it exits from the European Union.

Omicron Roils Australia’s Exit From Zero

ADELAIDE, Australia – ADELAIDE, Australia – Following a wager that a high vaccination rate would prevent severe sickness and hospitalizations, Australia decided to live with Covid-19 after keeping cases near nil for most of the epidemic.

This 26-million-strong nation is doing well on both counts. So far, evidence shows that the Omicron variety, which accounts for the majority of new infections in Australia, causes less severe illness than previous strains of the virus. However, Australia’s health system is in trouble as a rise of Covid-19 cases overwhelms the test-and-trace system, which has been a critical line of protection up until now.

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In other areas, PCR test lines are so lengthy that authorities are only swabbing persons who have Covid-19 symptoms or cohabit with infected people. In order to keep up with demand, state governments are eliminating interstate testing standards, which were long seen as a safety net to prevent epidemics from spreading across the nation.

Pathology services are taking longer to process tests, and when they attempt to hurry up, they risk making errors. Hundreds of individuals were incorrectly assured they didn’t have the virus by a Sydney laboratory last week, thereby clearing them to socialize. It blamed the switch from an automated to a manual data processing method for hastening the dissemination of bad findings.

“To be honest, if you have to line for eight hours and then wait 72 to 96 hours for a result, it’s not providing any helpful public health role,” Australia’s chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, said.

Even though Omicron is milder than previous variations, Australia’s experience demonstrates the limitations of a reopening strategy that puts a high vaccination rate against a quickly spreading strain of Covid-19. It shows the dangers that other nations, especially several in Asia, might face if they switch from reacting to outbreaks with limitations like lockdowns and travel bans to allowing the virus to grow endemic.

Australia revamped its strategy on Thursday. Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated that close connections of Covid-19 cases would now largely be considered as persons from the same home, lowering the number of people who would need to be isolated. The government said it would give at-home testing kits to select individuals, including those in nursing homes, but it would not make them free to everyone.


Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister of Australia.

Photo credit: Shutterstock/lukas Coch

Mr. Morrison said, “We cannot have hundreds of thousands or more Australians pulled out of circulation based on restrictions that were created for the Delta version.” “The Omicron variation requires rules.”

The Australian Medical Association, on the other hand, blasted the government for narrowing the definition of close contacts, claiming that it would lock in high transmission rates. “We’ll miss so many more instances,” said the association’s president, Dr. Omar Khorshid.

With about 360,000 cases and 2,224 fatalities since the epidemic started, Covid-19 cases in Australia are still low by worldwide norms. According to statistics provided by Johns Hopkins University, the United States has had more than 53 million illnesses and 820,000 fatalities.

Not shortly after Omicron was discovered abroad, Australia started to loosen restrictions, including easing lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne. This month, the national government said that skilled migrants and students who are vaccinated are free to enter the country. In Sydney, officials allow persons who have not been vaccinated to access most places. They also removed the necessity to wear masks inside and check in at several events for a short period.

As the new year approaches, cities all around the globe are changing their New Year’s Eve plans due to a spike in Covid-19 cases and the fast-spreading Omicron variant. Meanwhile, some health authorities are modifying quarantine rules to help vital companies cope with workforce shortages. Associated Press photo by Seth Wenig

Omicron is causing instances to double every 2-4 days, according to health experts. Despite the fact that more than 93 percent of those aged 16 and over have had two vaccination doses, cases in New South Wales, home to Sydney, have surged from approximately 300 per day to more than 12,200 in the last two months. In certain jurisdictions, such as Victoria and South Australia, the number of cases has reached an all-time high.

Australia’s low number of Covid-19 cases, according to Adrian Esterman, an epidemiologist and biostatistician at the University of South Australia, should have given the nation an edge in controlling Omicron’s spread.

Instead, he claims, authorities lost the chance, partially because they were sluggish to let people to utilize at-home tests and because they didn’t have enough testing kits, as indicated by empty shelves in supermarkets and pharmacies.

Officials claim that intensive-care facilities have the capacity to manage those who are critically unwell with Covid-19. Nonetheless, as cases increased, the number of healthcare workers in isolation in New South Wales almost quadrupled to 1,364 in the week before Christmas.

According to the South Australian Ambulance Employees Association, some ambulance crews are depending on police and university students to assist fulfill demand, although up to 35 emergency calls remained unanswered overnight Tuesday to Wednesday.

Many jurisdictions have reverted to prior epidemic prohibitions, sometimes only days after declaring that there was no going back. In New South Wales, restaurants and cafés must once again restrict the amount of clients they may serve indoors. South Australia’s premier, Steven Marshall, intends to restrict non-urgent surgery to prevent an increase of Covid-19 hospitalizations.

Despite this, authorities have mainly rejected pleas to cancel New Year’s Eve events, such as the popular firework displays on Sydney Harbour.


At Sydney International Airport, there is a Covid-19 testing center.

Getty Images/Jennifer Evans

The fast expansion of Omicron is putting pressure on health systems throughout the globe. Because employees were ill or in seclusion or quarantine, several hospitals, drugstores, and testing institutions in the United States reported they were functioning with decreased manpower.

When testing facilities get overcrowded, persons with minor symptoms may be discouraged from checking whether they have Covid-19, particularly around Christmas and New Year, when holiday travel is common in Australia.

Kerri Sackville, a Sydney-based novelist, claimed her 22-year-old son tried to be tested at two locations early last week but was turned away due to a lack of availability. With a sore throat and plans to travel over the holidays, he went to another drive-through on Dec. 23, when he was swabbed. It took six days for the affirmative result to come back, which included the whole Christmas season.

“We would have been locked up all week for nothing if it hadn’t been [positive],” Ms. Sackville, who tested negative, added. “A lot of individuals would just declare, ‘I’m not going to be locked up any longer.’”

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