On Wednesday, ESPN NFL analyst and former front-office executive Louis Riddick continued his hot streak after guaranteeing the Kansas City Chiefs would defeat the Los Angeles Chargers.
The only person to back a team before it wins is oddsmaker Sports Interaction giving them 2/1 odds for victory.

The “patrick mahomes’ new contract breakdown” is a detailed blog post about the NFL Analyst’s guarantee that the Kansas City Chiefs would make the playoffs. The article includes a breakdown of how much money each player will be making this season.

NFL Analyst Guarantees Chiefs

Roger Goodell

On February 7, 2021, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell clutches the Lombardi Trophy during the Super Bowl.

NFL fans will know which teams have reached the playoffs for the 2021 regular season by the time the clock strikes midnight on Sunday.

The ultimate prize is the coveted Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the Super Bowl champions. That is the initial goal for every franchise on the first day of training camp — regardless of projections — but the ultimate prize is the coveted Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the Super Bowl champions.

Since the Super Bowl era started, the Kansas City Chiefs have won the Lombardi Trophy twice, which is tied for 10th in the NFL. Many teams — 12 to be precise — have never won the big game, and four have never even participated in it.

There’s nothing quite like the NFL playoff excitement, but according to one observer, the Green Bay Packers and our Kansas City Chiefs are a guarantee to meet at the pinnacle this year.

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The ‘Herd’ of Predictions in the League

Play The Herd | Nick Wright tells Colin that the Chiefs and Packers are on pace for a rematch in the Super Bowl I. The Herd | Nick Wright tells Colin that the Chiefs and Packers are on pace for a rematch in the Super Bowl I. 2022-01-05T17:45:07Z

When chatting with host Colin Cowherd on a January 5th episode of The Herd (6:15 minute mark), FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright termed this “the most clear-cut apparent Super Bowl we’ve seen in years.” He went on to say:

There isn’t a strong challenger for third place. I don’t believe there is a team in the AFC nipping at the Chiefs’ heels, especially given what has happened to the [Tampa Bay Buccaneers] with wide receiver and defense injuries, with the [Dallas] Cowboys to me not playing anything close to their best football — Dak [Prescott] not looking great at all, [Mike] McCarthy’s still having time — the injuries to J.J. Watt and DeAndre Hopkins that have clearly If the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl this year, it will be an all-time joke for me. So I believe there are just two teams remaining — I’m looking forward to the playoffs, but I know how it will finish. If it’s not Chiefs-Packers at the end of the year, I’d be astonished on a level I can’t recall.

It’s always nice to have a vote of confidence as the favorite in any league, but sentiments like these tend to encourage others. How many times have we seen an underdog beat all odds to win the Super Bowl? Or does the leading team suffer a stunning upset?

In a one-game sport like football, when any week may be your last, these things tend to happen.

Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the Kansas City Chiefs have all been in this situation before. Actually, it’s been two seasons in a row, but who’s counting?

They defeated all AFC opponents both times, and they’ll want to make it three in a row in the 2022 playoffs.

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The Chiefs versus. Packers rivalry has a long history.

SUPER BOWL 1: A QUICK HISTORY/GREEN BAY PACKERS VS. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS SUPER BOWL DOCUMENTARY We’ll take a look back at Super Bowl 1 and the battle between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers in this All Sports History video (AFL vs NFL). Also, what is the significance of the Super Bowl’s name? This “Super Bowl 1 History” video covers the following topics: On the 15th of January, 1967, the… 2021-02-05T20:00:05Z

Chiefs-Packers was, of course, the Super Bowl I game for the NFL historians out there.

Green Bay won the inaugural championship game of the new era, 35-10. By 2022, the Packers will have won four Lombardi trophies, tying them for seventh all-time.

Some speculated that the epic rematch would take place in 2020-21, but that was before Tom Brady and the Bucs defeated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. With the injuries in Tampa and Rodgers as the favorite to win the MVP award, this season appears even more likely to happen if Kansas City keeps up their half of the agreement, as Wright indicated.

The great duel of superstars that was ripped away from us in Week 9 due to the pandemic will return with Mahomes vs. Rodgers. The Chiefs defeated the Packers 13-7 in a low-scoring game in which Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers watched Jordan Love run the offense from home.

If the two teams meet in the Super Bowl, you won’t get the same Packers, but you also won’t get the same Chiefs. This offense has become a lot better as the season has progressed, and Mahomes is usually at his best in the playoffs.

We have yet to see the two former MVPs square off in the league after five seasons together. Will the quarterback battle we’ve all been waiting for finally happen in this year’s Super Bowl?


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