The Windows 10 start screen offers a prominent news and interests section, which is a handy way to keep up with Microsoft news and the latest happenings in the tech world.

All Windows users will be familiar with the Notifications and Action Center, but many of us use the app to do a lot more than just notify us of new messages on our lock screens. It’s a handy way to keep track of news and interests, and to find out what our friends are talking about or listening to.

Ever since Windows 10 rolled out, there has been a new app in the Windows Store named News and Interests. After downloading the app, I thought it would be a useful, free app to keep me in the loop and find out what is going on in the world, but I was wrong. The app is not a news app, it is a place to geotag RSS feeds that appear on other Windows 10 devices such as your phone and tablet. This is not a problem for me because I use RSS feeds to stay up on world news, but for other people this is a deal breaker.

With the latest Windows 10 21H1 update, Microsoft has released a new feature called News and interests widget. It is located in the taskbar, in the bottom right corner, next to the taskbar icons. To see the widget icon, install the new cumulative pre-release update KB5003214 on your computer. It is enabled by default. You can click or hover over the taskbar widget. Select the weather map to see all the details. Individual users can view the content. You do not need to do anything to display the weather icon. Build 21286 was one of the first developer Insider builds in which the News and Pinterest widget first appeared. The 21H1 update does not have this feature. Only after installing the KB5003214 update will you be able to see this widget in the stable versions. The Edge browser has all the standard features of the MSN information and message cards.

MSN feeds & news & interest

Make sure you sign in to your Microsoft account in the Messages & Interests widget with the three horizontal dots at the top. You can see the linked account if you have linked both accounts.


If you have not associated your widget with your Microsoft account, the experience settings may not work as expected. The MSN Feed account must be the same Microsoft account as the account associated with the News and Pinterest widget. Otherwise, the weather map cannot be restored. Microsoft account connectedMSN feed account word-image-6636 word-image-6637 Use this information card to display the current weather and the weather forecast. Access to DeepL is provided in the taskbar. Windows Insiders will receive more updates. An empty field next to the up arrow means that the widget is not installed. The weather location can be changed automatically or manually. You can refresh the taskbar using the refresh icon at the top. News and interest widget with information cards word-image-6638 In the Start menu you will always find the standard Microsoft News application, including a weather widget. This KB update will be rolled out to all Windows 10 users in the coming months. Easy access to the weather map. To save your location, enter your city and then tap Save.

To hide the weather map in the News & Views widget

The following rules apply to each INFORMATION CARD in this section. 1. Click on the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of the weather map. 2. There are 3 options – Change location, Hide weather map, Other settings. 3. Click the Hide weather map option to not display this item. Weather map settings word-image-6639 4. It will disappear from the News & Interests widget. 5. However, it will still be displayed in the taskbar. 6. You will need to restart the computer to make sure it is gone.

To activate the weather map in the News & Places of Interest widget

1. At the top of the News & Interests widget, click Manage Interests. You will see a pencil icon. 2. The custom MSN settings page for your Microsoft account will open. 3. Click on the Experience Settings tab. 4. Set the switch to ON to show the weather map in my feed. Activate weather map word-image-6640 5. It’s turning blue. Your card will be returned by default. 6. Restart the computer if necessary.

To change location

By default, the taskbar displays the temperature, its icon and the amount of precipitation. Click on the three dots at the top of the map for more options. 1. Change location – There are two options here. You can also enable location setting on your Windows 10 computer. Or enter the name of your city in the search field. The zip code will probably work in the next Windows update as well. Click on the Save button. Finding a location for the weather map word-image-6641 2. Other Settings – opens the experience settings in the MSN stream in your default browser. If you do not need the weather map, you can turn it off. Click on the View Full Weather Forecast button to view full weather information in your browser.

What else you can do

The following details are displayed – Detail of weather map word-image-6642 1. Location – City, State 2. Time updated in the local area. 3. Temperature detection – Deviates from the recorded temperature. For example, the temperature at my house today was 32 degrees Celsius, but it felt like 44 degrees Celsius. 4. Other indicators: wind, visibility, humidity, air pressure, dew point, air quality, people affected and outdoor activities. 5. Daily Summary – Ten-day forecasts are displayed here. 6. Schedule – Provides detailed weather, temperature and precipitation information for the next 15 hours. 7. For more technical information, click on More information. 8. Click on an alarm under Alarms for more information. 9. Click on the yellow button in the top left corner to get a detailed weather forecast for the day. 10. The weather report is updated every minute. The weather report in the browser tab. Weather information on all web pages – All detailed information on the above parameters is provided.’Windows 10′ is Microsoft’s newest operating system and, as with all the Windows versions before it, is available for download from the company’s website.. Read more about news and interests windows 10 and let us know what you think.

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