The new World of Warcraft patch coming out tomorrow will be adding some features that were previously lost in the Cataclysm rollback, including buying houses and tweaking the winter event. The changes are mostly cosmetic though there is one big change as well; Blizzard has also implemented a “Speed Run” option so you can play through content without worrying about how long it takes.

The “New World re-enables buying houses lost in rollbacks, tweaks winter event on PTR” is a blog that talks about the changes to the game. The blog also includes information about the house buying websites.

New World re-enables buying houses lost in rollbacks, tweaks winter event on PTR


Amazon knocked the New World servers down overnight for a minor upgrade. The studio also stopped the Turkey Terror global event and re-enabled the purchase and usage of properties that were lost in previous rollbacks: “This should also allow players to pay taxes on houses they own if they faced this difficulty,” the studio notes. The Mardi-to-Brittia merging is still scheduled for today at 12:00 EST, with two more merges scheduled for tomorrow, as originally announced.

Amazon has released patch notes for the latest PTR update, which includes Diamond Gypsum and further Winter Convergence amenities, as well as changes to perks and expertise.

Finally, if you saw allegations overnight that Amazon had unintentionally erased the majority of the US East servers, know that it was a prank — although given the circumstances, we can almost see why people might believe it.

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— December 8, 2021, New World (@playnewworld)


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