The New World has announced that server merges are on the horizon, but it continues to drag its feet on a fix for the mini-map bug. Meanwhile, those who have been following this issue closely say they can’t believe how little information is available from Solus Labs about their progress with solving the map problem.


You may have faced furious specters, ancient gods, and perhaps a raid monster or two, but New World’s next dev blog will need serious preparation. This wall-o-text, which clocks in at over 5,000 words, tries to keep the community up to know on the many concerns and queries that have arisen over this one-month-old MMO.

The major news is that server mergers are coming to the game shortly, albeit the technology to make it happen still has to be tested. Amazon said that worlds would be merged “within a world-set,” which explains why each server grouping can only have one character. There are no particular worlds or timelines specified, and the studio presently has no plans to offer more transfers following the merger.

Additional points of interest for the tired reader:

  • Amazon is working to resolve “edge scenarios” in which players are unable to utilize their server transfer tokens.
  • The studio is still “gauging interest” in inter-regional transfers.
  • The studio went into great depth on the luck system’s operation: “Luck doesn’t boost your odds of rolling better gear scores or more perks, but it does increase your chances of spotting item drops with greater bonus chances.”
  • You’ll be able to switch sides every 60 days rather than 120 days in the near future. Other ideas are in the works to aid underdog groups.
  • Isn’t it true that exploits are bad?
  • Quest diversity and layout will be improved, with new tradeskill and weapon mastery missions on the way.
  • There will be more character creation possibilities in the future.
  • Amazon says it understands that players want a minimap, but it’s “not a high priority” for the studio; nonetheless, as we reported yesterday, the studio isn’t backing down from its opposition to third-party minimap modifications.
  • There will be a combat development pass.
  • The game’s weaponry has been expanded with the addition of the new Void Gauntlet.


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