To help you identify and fix a Netflix error code UI-800-3, this article provides 7 fixes for the issue. Fix 1: Reinstall your device drivers Fix 2: Update all of your Windows system files Fix 3: Unplug from an internet source or disable any VPNs running on your computer Fix 4: Reset network connection settings in Device Manager Fix 5: Verify that no other programs are accessing the same port as Netflix is using when opening the website to access it via =9658712054874878151160\u0026y =96583474135932142673533\r , 96564064453858250174981\u0027dvd_bypass_startup .exe (Possibly malware) \r , 652980569907952890233637 (Chrome extension) \t , 6184033916756025524631722 (Opera add-on) \FQnMzEwN2IxZDE0YTg5MDggbWFuZDc1LjU4MTlhOWJiNTdjNDkwOTQ2ODk5NGVmMS04NWRoMiIsInRhdGVUeXBlPSJSdbHIVTI6IiBkaCI6NSkyfCld7SjRIOzVTKEFWOEyzLGcsKikpPMNsOUhDTRlyTWGEQTY8\” & X=”987191376741093210106169″ & y=”106175″; ?>

The “netflix error code ui-800-3” is a problem that has been present for a while. Netflix has released 7 fixes to fix the issue.

Netflix is now one of the most popular streaming services on the world. It features a diverse selection of TV programs and films from across the globe for people to enjoy. However, with that fame comes a large user base and the duty of keeping the site operational.

While Netflix will work for you most of the time, it, like any technology, may have problems from time to time. In this post, we’ll look at the Netflix Error-UI-800-3, its causes, and several methods for fixing it.

Corrupt cache files on the device you’re using to stream are the most common source of this issue. However, there are a few other types of errors that may occur if the information on your device needs to be updated. 

  • UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI- (205040)
  • UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI-800-3 UI- (100018)

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Here are a few solutions to this problem that you may attempt.

Restart your computer.

Restart whichever device you’re using to watch Netflix on. It may be your smartphone, laptop, video game system, or smart television. Restart your computer and check if you can stream anything. 

While it may seem like an understatement to say that the methods to repair the error are simple, rebooting your device may help with a variety of problems.

If you’re using a Roku, set-top box, or streaming device, you should turn it on after waiting up to three minutes. It’s much better to unplug straight from the power source.

Update the firmware on your device or do a factory reset.

You may either upgrade the firmware on your device yourself or have it done for you by the manufacturer. To fix the Netflix issue UI-800-3, you may attempt factory resetting your device or at the very least its network settings.


Netflix error number UI-800-3 may be caused by outdated firmware interfering with updated applications.

Log off of Netflix.

To fix the problem, sign out of Netflix on your streaming device or smart TV and then sign back in. You may log out of the Netflix app for Roku, Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and smart TVs by following the instructions outlined below.

  • Either choose More Info/More Details from the error page or go to the Netflix home screen and click the Settings (Gear) button.
  • Then, on the sign-out page, choose Sign Out/Reset.

You may also log out of Netflix on your iPhone by following this instruction, or log out of Netflix on all platforms, including your PC and Android device, by following this guide.

The program should be reinstalled or updated.

If the Netflix issue still occurs, you should delete and reinstall the program on your device. Any problems, as well as any app data and cache, should be gone after a new installation.

Similarly, you may check to see whether your Netflix app requires an update. Updates include bug fixes and patches that may help to resolve the issue.

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Restart your router or internet connection if necessary.

Your router or modem’s firmware or software may be creating problems, which may be the case, particularly if they’ve been upgraded lately, similar to the remedy above. Restarting the router may also assist in resetting everything and resolving Netflix Error UI-800-3.

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The five techniques mentioned above should resolve the Netflix Error UI-800-3 on your Smart TV, Roku, Blu-ray player, or other streaming media device.

Is it my fault or Netflix’s?

After everything is said and done, if the Netflix Error UI-800-3 on your device persists and you’re thinking, “Is it you or is Netflix down?” you could check Netflix’s server status on their official website here or via third-party services like DownDetector here.

You have no choice but to wait for Netflix to come back up if it is unavailable.

Netflix should be contacted.

If nothing else works, you may ask Netflix to assist you identify the problem. Here’s how to get in touch with Netflix customer service. 

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The “Netflix error code ui-800-3 roku” is a problem that has been present for a while. Netflix has released 7 fixes to fix the issue. Reference: netflix error code ui-800-3 roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix UI-800-3 on Netflix?

A: The UI-800-3 error could be related to your connection speed. If you are not able to watch content on Netflix, try changing the resolution of your TV or streaming device to reduce the amount of bandwidth required for playback.

How do I fix error code UI-800-3?

A: This error has been reported by users on the PlayStation 4 and is usually caused by an outdated or incompatible firmware. To fix this issue, try updating your systems firmware with a recent update that can be found here.

Why does my Netflix say error code UI-800-3?

A: This error is a common one that most users will encounter when they try to link their Netflix account to a new device. Youll need to contact support for your Xbox One in order to have it linked again, and the code UI-800-3 is just an example of what can happen during this process

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