A guide to the Kappa Roam, a dungeon that has been overrun by monsters.

Lost Judgement Where The Kappa Roam is a guide that can help players find the judgement boss.

Where the Kappa Roam is one of the side stories of Lost Judgement. To find the appropriate keyword places, use our Lost Judgement Where The Kappa Roam guide. You won’t waste time getting to the incorrect hotspots this way.

Where The Kappa Roam Guide Has Lost Its Judgement

In fact, the journey begins with a battle. If you keep letting him strike you, the man has a statue and will stun lock you. To prevent getting shocked, you should attack him from behind. After you’ve defeated him, you’ll need to search the region for additional Kappa sculptures. Open your phone and search for the term Kappa, then look for the greatest activity in the region. My location was marked on the map.

Kappa 1

Wait around that location till a man with a Kappa statue passes by, then catch and speak with him. This will start the pursuit event, allowing you to capture the Kappa man and get the statue.

Next, go here and speak with the man who is fishing for a Kappa. To reel it in, pull up on the stick and then press X when the bar reaches its maximum height.

Kappa 2

Return to where you pursued the first Kappa man and listen in on the surrounding discussions. One of the guys will mention that he has some extra cash after selling a statue to a pawn shop. Purchase it for 100 yen from a pawnshop.

Kappa 1

Now go to this location on the map and look for the Kappa statue beside the river. Collect it by interacting with it.

Kappa 3

Now come here, where a Kappa statue has been thrown in among some garbage.

Kappa 4

This is where you’ll locate Kappa, who is playing goalkeeper on the pitch.

Kappa 5

Then there’s the area near your home office where you may locate it. If there is a task there, you must finish it first, but after that you will see a cut scene and be able to complete the Kappa quest. This is where the office is located.

Kappa 6

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