Hey guys, it’s been a while since I last updated you on the game. I’ve been working like crazy to get the new Kingdoms Reborn update up and ready to release. The release date is approaching quickly and I want to give you a quick update on the new tech trees, buildings and some other changes.

Hello, welcome to my blog. On this blog, I will mostly go over Kingdoms Reborn, the latest update to the game I work on that is a multiplayer game based off of the 4X game ‘Kingdoms’. This article will mostly go over the new tech tree and buildings that go with it, as well as the new way that the game handles research.

It’s that time of year again! The clock has been turned back, and the earliest season of game time is upon us! As we wind down the current era and prepare to dive into the new year in “Kingdoms Reborn” fashion, we are going to be working on a series of updates to the game. This post will serve as an overview of the updates we hope to deliver to you in the coming months. Today we will talk about the first of many, the Kingdoms Reborn Update: May 25th 2021.

Die-hard Kingdoms Reborn fans will be happy to hear about the latest update for 25. Can rejoice. The update has arrived in the BETA branch of Steam and can be accessed with our instructions here. The latest update includes new technology trees, buildings and user interface changes. Here’s a look at the contents of the latest Kingdoms Reborn update:

  1. Modernization of the technical shaft
  2. New town hall
  3. Additional levels of the house
  4. Changes to the user interface
  5. Updated postcard illustrations

Kingdoms Reborn Update: Process tree

In Kingdoms Reborn, science points are earned for progressing through the technology tree. Before the last Kingdoms Reborn update, science points could only be spent in the main tech tree. Housing improvement takes place when a number of homes reach a certain level. The old home update tree has been removed and replaced with a technology update tree.

Tech Boom

word-image-12562 The technology tree has been redesigned for different age levels. Dude:

  • The Dark Ages
  • Medieval
  • The Age of Enlightenment
  • The industrial age

Changes have also been made to the requirements for promotion at any age. For example, to open a mushroom farm in Kingdoms Reborn, players must upgrade 80 houses to level 4.   word-image-12563 You can open the technology tree by pressing the U button.

Tech TreeUpdates

word-image-12564 Science points can now be spent on the new tech tree upgrade, formerly known as the house upgrade. Before the latest Kingdoms Reborn update, bonuses like farm power and building combos could be unlocked based on the number of houses and their levels. You need to use your science points wisely, because the system has become more complex and difficult. Note: This information is based on the May_25 branch and may change as new updates are released.

Kingdoms Reborn Update: New Town Hall

word-image-12565 With the latest update, you’ll notice the town hall has changed a bit. Villagers now start with a tent that can be upgraded for 500 coins.   word-image-12566 When the Town Hall reaches level 2, the biome bonus is unlocked. Depending on the biome you started the game in, you can choose one of two bonus biome cards that will give you some help.

Biome bonus

word-image-12567 Each biome now gets a biome bonus. The bonus biome cards are designed to offset the negative effects you may get by choosing a province.


  • Jungle picker (+10% productivity for fruit picker)
  • Jungle Mushroom (+10% productivity for mushroom farms)


  • Grassland hunting (+30% productivity hunting home)
  • Grass fed (+10% livestock productivity)

Boreal forest or tundra

  • Winter fishing (+25% power for fishing cabins)
  • Winter hardiness (wood/wood charcoal gives 15% more heat)


  • Improvement of agriculture (+5% farm productivity)
  • Improved charcoal production (+10% charcoal production)

Kingdoms Reborn Update: Levels of the house

word-image-12568 Like the new town hall, the first floor house replaced the previous first floor house. The level 1 house now looks more like a tent/hut and can be upgraded to a level 1 luxury type. For more information on accommodation levels, please see our Beginner’s Guide.

Corrected questions

  • Desync
  • A resource fort/forward should not have a quick build option.
  • It must be shown that the library and school department are there for all homes (not just the posh ones).
  • Service buildings shall not contain card slots
  • The ship, which sails from the port of Intercity Logistics, is currently undergoing a thorough renovation.
  • Before starting a game in multiplayer mode, no strange images should appear.
  • Be sure to clear the network log indicator when disconnecting a player from the network.
  • Left click on the ocean before choosing the starting location. The furniture shop is displayed in the information window…

The Kingdom Reborn update was developed by the Wargaming.net team to give players a fresh take on the Wargaming.net franchise, bringing the feel of the action-packed original game along with all the brand new features, technologies, and tools in game.. Read more about kingdoms reborn mods and let us know what you think.

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