As Keto diets become increasingly popular, dietitian Tom Naughton and I created this podcast with the aim of helping you make the transition into a healthy and sustainable keto diet. We want you to learn as much as you can from our guests as we discuss a variety of topics, from the basics of keto to the latest news and trends. Our goal is to make this podcast the go-to resource for anyone wanting to make the switch to keto.

Keto For Normies Podcast is an unscripted podcast about a low-carb diet and lifestyle geared towards the average person, for the average person. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the ketogenic diet, as well as any other diet you may be interested in, (lchf, paleo, keto, Atkins diet, etc).

Join the Keto For Normies Podcast as we discuss all things related to the Ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

This is a keto podcast for regular folks.

The Keto For Normies Podcast is a show that lets you know how to live a healthy, keto lifestyle for the rest of your life, so that you can reach your goals in life.. Read more about sustaining keto podcast and let us know what you think.

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