Jabra Elite 75t are a pair of excellent wireless earbuds. They deliver a very impressive audio experience for their price, have a very good build quality, and seem to be one of the best sounding wireless earbuds on the market today. I can highly recommend them if you want a solid pair of earbuds, but don’t want to pay a lot of money. They are currently selling for $99.99 on Amazon, with free shipping.

After a year of ownership, the Jabra Elite 75t are still a favorite pair of earbuds for me. They’re comfortable, they offer a nice level of sound quality for the price, and they look great. I’ve tried and tested a lot over the last year, and those things still hold true.

The Jabra Elite 75t is a competitor to the Plantronics BackBeat Pro and the Bose SoundSport earbuds. I’ve been testing these earbuds for the past few months, and here is a review of them. Both earbuds have the same form factor and similar sound quality. Jabra Elite 75t fit better and provide a more comfortable experience.

It should come as no surprise that we receive a large number of headphones to analyze and provide our final opinion on whether or not the money you spend is well spent. After every review frame, there’s always that one True Wireless Earbuds I go back to, the one that remains in my pocket all the time, the one that I adore, and that’s the Jabra Elite 75t, which was released in 2019 but is still my go-to.

Keep an eye on our review.


The Form factor is unquestionably the most important.

I wasn’t kidding when I said the Elite 75t is “the one that stays in my pocket all the time,” because the form factor is so small and delicate to grasp and feel in your hands. The matte texture surrounding the shell is a lovely touch, and I went with the cream color, which looks fantastic in my opinion. However, if you like other colors such as Black, Teal, or Bronze (another favorite of mine), go ahead. It’s good to see earbuds in a variety of bright colors to match one’s personality.

Hardware and connectivity are satisfactory.


Both earpieces have a 6mm driver and 4-microphone call technology to decrease noise on outgoing calls if you use them for calls – a sample of which will be shown later. In terms of codecs, it only supports two: SBC and AAC, which is a bit of a bummer on paper because it leaves out codecs like Qualcomm Apt X. All of this fits into a case with a battery life of 24 to 28 hours, depending on whether you use it in ANC or non-ANC mode. Oh, and don’t forget that it charges via USB-C, with a full charge taking just over 2 hours and rapid charging within the case giving you an hour’s worth of listening in only 15 minutes.

Personally, I think it’s the best fit ever.


Okay, I have to say this because you know how earbuds come in all different shapes and sizes, and some are just made to make you feel uncomfortable straight out of the box * cough * galaxy Buds Live * cough *. However, while most of them get the in-ear concept right, that doesn’t imply they’re a good fit for everyone – but the Jabra Elite 75t is without a doubt the finest fit I’ve experienced from genuine wireless earbuds that don’t add any extra weight. They did engineer it to ensure a comfortable fit, a good seal, and proper placement of the eartip in the canal for good sound and isolation – it checked off every box on my list.

The EarGel ear tips are great and come in precise sizes; for example, I always go for the small, and the Elite 75t smalls were quite right on in this case.

The App in Detail


The software support is an important consideration when purchasing true wireless earbuds, and in this case, Jabra’s app Sound+ is certainly among my top three favorite earphone manufacturer apps for phones. The app will find your headset, configure it, and move to a page with features to set up – Personalized ANC to tweak it nice and right to have that even balance and good intensity between both the earbuds, so you don’t feel that lightheadedness – the moment you start up the app after you download it, and assuming you have paired it. After that, you can set up MySound to receive a personalized sound configuration, which will need you to tap every time you hear a sound to generate a profile, which will then be mapped accordingly. Finally, you may explore what the earbuds can accomplish before being sent to the app control panel, where you can switch between modes, change the equalizer, and access a unique feature called SoundScape.


SoundScape is a Brilliant Idea.

You know how white noise machines are fantastic for calming you down while you’re working, sleeping, or just wanting to feel safe? SoundScape accomplishes this by disguising the sounds around you with sounds such as pink, white noise, ventilation fan, driving, or sounds from nature such as ocean waves, rainy day, songbirds, and comfort ambience sounds such as crowds or caves.


There is a system called mental chronometry to analyze how people react to different stimuli, and there is a lot of studies online on how White Noise and ambient sounds in general helps you relax your anxiety. In one study, participants were 30 percent more calm, 25 percent less agitated, and 20 percent less apprehensive after hearing a minute of woodland noises – link. Nature’s ASMRs, or any other sound that provides comfort, are crucial to have, and Jabra’s inclusion of this in their app for their product is something I didn’t expect and a feature I don’t want to lose.


Crowd is my personal favorite; I live vicariously through the sound, assuming that everything is fine. There are a variety of sounds to choose from, so you know there is one that you favor above the others.

Now, the audio quality is…


It’s all right. Now, my major gripe is that Jabra didn’t add any alternative codecs, and so misses out on the ability to support Qualcomm’s AptX codec, which means the earbuds will be hit or miss.

We found that the Elite 75t handles highs quite well – whereas other earbuds sound overly sharp and pitchy, these sound just right. Out-of-the-box thinking Certain songs sound as though some element is missing, such as in KALEO’s Break My Baby, where J.J’s vocal sounds like he took a backseat trip and those delicate nuances are absent. Many features are obscured by the bass. It wasn’t to murder her softly with bass when Roberta Flack whispered Killing Me Softly. As a result, having that app to change the EQ is a godsend; if you don’t like the bass, you can adjust it via the app to achieve a more muted sound profile. However, the dynamic coverage is excellent.

Passive Cancelling to Active Cancelling OTA Updating


This is the first time I’ve seen a manufacturer release OTA updates for earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, and while the difference isn’t that noticeable, the fact that they did so astonished and took me off guard.

So, why did I decide to keep it in my pockets?


Now that I’ve stated what I have to say, there’s a reason why I carry these more often: their small size, acceptable sound quality (after I modify it to get it perfect), and IP55 ratings, which means I can wear them to the gym without worrying about perspiration damaging my earbuds, unlike my WF-1000XM3. It effectively covers all bases, which I appreciate. Furthermore, providing an app that is simple to use and updates that play a significant role in providing customers with a better experience over time only serves to demonstrate that every euro and dime I spent on this was well spent.


The Jabra 75t is a true wireless headset that is well worth the money at RM 599. However, if you check at the Codec Support, you’ll notice that Apple users will have a better time. Go for it if the SBC codec isn’t an issue. The Elite 85t is the top of the line, but at that price point, you’d be better off investing in something better, such as the WF-1000XM4s, which costs around 1000 Ringgit, or the Airpods Pro.


For me, it all began last summer when I took a trip to the beach. I had been wanting to get some new earbuds for a while, but I had never found a pair I liked. I tried the earbuds included with my iPhone, but I found them uncomfortable and a bit too heavy for my liking. At the beach, I was using my I-pod touch, but I didn’t want to go through the trouble of bringing my laptop, so I was stuck listening to music through the earbuds that came installed on my cell phone.. Read more about jabra elite active 75t and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my Jabra earbuds keep falling out?

This is a common issue with earbuds, and its usually due to the size of the earbud being too big for your ears. We recommend trying out different sizes until you find one that fits comfortably.

Is the Jabra Elite 75t worth it?

The Jabra Elite 75t is a great headset for the price. It has good sound quality and microphone quality.

Can I use just the left earbud Jabra Elite 75t?

Yes, you can use just the left earbud Jabra Elite 75t.

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