Flash has been unpopular in recent years, but one color that’s always remained popular is Cobalt Blue. The blue hue was introduced in the original Flash web browser back when it first launched in 1994 and since then, many other brands have also adopted this shade of blue. This week we found ourselves wondering if there would be a resurgence for Cobalt Blue with Adobe releasing their new full-screen video player called Project Ion which could potentially replace Flash

Is The Flash Finally Introducing Cobalt Blue?



Rick Cosnett, an original cast member of The Flash, said on Tuesday that his comeback for The CW series’ eighth season would be a little longer than planned. Cosnett will appear in at least three episodes, according to series producer Eric Wallace, and his arrival will introduce a “exciting new dimension to his performance of Eddie Thawne.” While Wallace’s remark didn’t provide any specifics about the appearance, one can’t help but wonder whether the long-running series will finally give fans what they’ve been waiting for for years: Cobalt Blue’s entrance.

Although most The Flash fans are aware that Eddie Thawne does not appear in DC Comics, Malcolm Thawne does. Malcolm is Barry Allen’s long-lost twin brother, created by Mark Waid and Brian Augustyn. He was effectively taken from Nora Allen, who had really given birth to twins when Barry was born but was told one of them, Malcolm, was stillborn. Instead, the newborn was handed to the Thawne family, who eventually learned the truth and became outraged that his sibling had had a better life than him. He eventually turned to magic for his abilities, and used a talisman to acquire what he wanted—specifically, vengeance on Barry—becoming the villain Cobalt Blue.

It may seem like a long cry from the Eddie Thawne we’ve seen on The Flash, but fans saw a ring on a necklace Eddie was wearing when he died to stop Eobard Thawne during the Season 1 finale, and many felt it was a connection to Cobalt Blue’s talisman. The program, on the other hand, has never really taken up on that potential connection. But, with Cosnett returning for a multi-episode arc in Season 8 and Wallace stating that the appearance will “honor the character’s past while also taking it somewhere unexpected,” it appears that Eddie will have the chance to be Cobalt Blue—especially since we’re dealing with a post-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” world.

When Earth Prime was founded, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” brought just enough modifications to reality as we know it that familiar characters may be drastically different. We’ve already seen some variances in prior villains and their backstories, so making a modification to Eddie, or at the very least using it as an avenue to explore this element of the character, wouldn’t be too far fetched. Even if “Crisis” isn’t used to effect this shift, we’ve already seen in the show’s return trailers that something is wrong with the timeline, causing Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) children from the future to go back to 2014 and the start of their father’s adventure as The Flash. Given that Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart (Jordan Fisher) featured in a 2014 picture of the Central City Police Department, and Eddie Thawne worked there in 2014, it’s possible that Eddie’s identification as Cobalt Blue and the danger he represents to Barry is the reason Nora and Bart are there. After all, Bart did advise his children in the Season 7 finale to keep the future secure.

Fans will have to wait a little longer to find out what intentions The Flash has for Eddie Thawne. Season 8 of the show will premiere on The CW on March 9th, little over a month from now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cobalt blue going to be in the Flash?

A: It is possible, but not yet confirmed.

Who is cobalt blue in the Flash?

Is cobalt blue a villain?

A: Yes.

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