The Sportsbay is an example of an illegal streaming service that was shut down by the UK government. Sportsbay faced a lot of criticism because they did not display advertisements, which made them popular among consumers who wanted to watch sporting events without ads in between. Some argue that this service should be legalized so it can reinvigorate sports consumption and generate more revenue for broadcasters like SkySports.
The market has seen many alternatives emerge as well such as Arte TV, NowTV, Myvidster and Channel 4’s BoxNation platform but it remains unclear if these services are legal or whether there will ever be a way for those struggling with copyright infringement issues to access paid content legally again. is an illegal website that allows users to watch sports for free. There are a lot of alternatives to Sportsbay and they range from legal websites to apps.

Is Sportsbay illegal? Top 7 alternatives

Sportsbay was one of the most popular free sports streaming sites until DISH Network sued it for violating the DMCA’s anti-circumvention clauses. Since then, the website has been down, and its users have been looking for a replacement. 

Most, if not all, sports broadcasts are typically subject to a network’s exclusive rights. If a website is streaming them for free, the networks lose money, and it’s also considered piracy. As a result, Sportsbay or any of its rivals aren’t precisely lawful in the strictest sense. They are, at best, somewhere in the middle. 

We’ll go through the top seven Sportsbay alternatives available right now in this post.

As sports feeds are typically the property of their individual broadcasters, the majority of these sites may be breaking copyright restrictions. We do not condone or encourage the violation of any laws, whether they are cyber or not. To prevent getting into problems, please verify your local regulations before accessing any such sites. 

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This is the website for you if you’re simply searching for a fast and free method to get to your favorite football, baseball, or basketball game on time.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

Aside from the aforementioned sports, boxing, tennis, and hockey are also available. The site has few, if any, advertisements, and the streaming works well for the most part.

Stream2watch may be found here.

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Bosscast is a casting platform that provides free access to prominent sports broadcasting networks through streaming links. This means you’ll be able to view your matches just as they would be aired on television or streamed online. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

Casting from a variety of sports broadcasters enables them to cover almost every sport on the earth.

Bosscast may be found here.

Sportlemon is a straightforward website that covers a broad range of sports, including racing. The site’s design is simple; all you have to do is seek for the sport you want to watch and then click on a stream.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

The feeds are normally stable, however you may have some buffering difficulties. There are a few adverts that appear at random, but they aren’t too bothersome. 

Sportlemon may be found here.

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This site is almost similar to Sportlemon, with the exception that it includes a few additional sports and has a somewhat more attractive UI with less advertisements. There are more than 12 sports streams available, including football and racing. Boxing, the NFL, and other sports are examples. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

Users may also contribute their own stream URLs to the site, which you can use as a handy widget to incorporate their streams into your own site if you feel like performing some community service. 

StreamHunter may be found here.

Sportrar.TV is another simple service with a single goal: to broadcast sports with the fewest possible obstacles. Football, baseball, basketball, and boxing are among the most popular sports to watch on the site.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

The broadcasts are quite reliable, but like with any unauthorized source, they may go down at any time or have buffering difficulties. may be found here.

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Sportsurge doesn’t provide a wide range of sports, but the streams are reliable and run without a hitch. You could get some buffering difficulties now and again, but that’s all. It’s important to remember that the site is currently in testing. 

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

They transmit from some of the most well-known sports broadcasters in the world, such as Sky Sports and ESPN, and as a result, the broadcasts are among the finest available. You can watch racing, mixed martial arts, the NFL, and the NBA, among other things.

Sportsurge may be found here.

If all you want to do is watch a football match with your friends without having to worry about the stream falling down or buffering difficulties, FromHots has you covered.

11 best free Sports Streaming sites |

The service collects many streams from various sources so that viewers may quickly locate an alternative if one isn’t functioning. Hundreds of matches are broadcast live from all around the globe. 

You may go to FromHots by clicking here.

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The “sportsbay twitter” is a service that allows users to watch live sports. This service has been banned in some countries, but it is still legal in others. Sportsbay alternatives are the top 7 most popular services on the internet.

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