On social media, celebrities and public figures are often shamed by rabid fans who can’t seem to hold back their disgust. We all know it’s not good for the psyche to be called out on our bad behavior while living in a 24-hour news cycle that tells us we should always be open about what we do or say.

Intentionally or not, the entertainment industry has picked up a habit of fanshaming



Movies, television programs, and novels can’t all be categorized in the same way. That has always been the case. That is, in many respects, how it should be.

People should be able to appreciate what they love freely and enthusiastically in general. On the other hand, they should be able to express their discontent in general. Of certainly, as long as it stays within the confines of decency. If you choose to work in the entertainment sector, you will be exposed to this. However, it seems that some in the sector have difficulty with this.

They might get too defensive at times.

‘Fanshaming,’ like so many other things, has grown in popularity as the Internet has become more widely used. Essentially, it is making fun of someone for what they like or how they do it. It’s often carried out by online trolls who would never conceive of doing such things to their intended victim’s face. Using the hashtag on Twitter, several examples have been compiled.

However, even inside the sector, there are certain issues. Jimmy Kimmel, who is usually more mean-spirited than is warranted, routinely makes potshots at ardent fans of different things. Many times, he quickly followed up by expressing his own passion for his selected topics.

So it seems to be sufficient for him, but not for others.

The outrage to the last season of “Game of Thrones” was perhaps the largest fan uproar in recent memory. Deep displeasure with it spread swiftly across numerous social, political, and other groups from throughout the United States and internationally, sparking ideas of a possible future ‘fix-it’ scenario.

On Eunomia, you may discuss this news.

Something that has gained increasing acceptance in recent years.

According to Audacy, actor Peter Dinklage has his own thoughts on the subject. He also said that he had issues with the previous season. Many of his co-stars have as well. Dinklage, on the other hand, has gotten more adamant about it since then. It’s worth noting that Dinklage is a terrific performer with a long list of credits.

But in this situation, he’s completely missed the target.

, thus dismissing the reaction as a result of the show’s ‘breakup with them.’ They were just furious because the program would no longer be produced. Taking issue with other issues as well, such as the need to know who would inherit the throne. There were also his comments about how supporters “wanted the attractive white folks to ride off into the sunset together,” as he put it.

At best, his remarks are extremely faulty.

Dinklage’s assertion that viewers were irritated merely because the performance ended abruptly was problematic. For instance, if it were true, practically every conclusion would be fraught with agony. Even with previous poor endings, there hasn’t been much of a reaction. The real crater-in-the-Earth option may not have appealed to “Buffy” fans.

However, the degree of offense was not the same. It should be emphasized that the tale would continue in comic book form, leading to a far more satisfying conclusion.

For a variety of reasons, his dismissal of the public’s interest in who would succeed to the throne falls hollow. First, who is he to tell people that they aren’t interested in that plot? Another reason is that it was likely the most hyped tale, designed to pique people’s attention. Obviously, there were several additional plots. But pretending it wasn’t a major part of the series is ridiculous.

Where to begin with his remarks on “beautiful white people”? He seems to be alluding to Daenerys and Jon’s heartbreaking endings.

Two characters who the program explicitly wanted viewers to like and cheer for. Develop strong emotional bonds with. It’s hardly surprising that the sudden and painful turns in their story have upset so many people.

I’m not sure why he believed it was necessary to bring race into the discussion. But there is one thing I can add. Characters performed by Caucasian actors and actresses were not alone in their dissatisfaction with substandard story-telling. What happened to the show’s most prominent minority character also elicited strong negative reactions.

Entertainers should not blame their failures on the audience.

When things are going well for a performer, they frequently enjoy the loud responses they might receive from their fans, embracing the joy they are experiencing.

However, if anything goes wrong, they may quickly alter their tune. Essentially, he’s encouraging followers to “get a life.”

Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way. On several levels, it approach is disrespectful and hypocritical. People have a tendency to push things too far at times. That isn’t supposed to happen. However, in general, you can’t have it both ways. When things are going well, someone who thrives on passion can anticipate a comparable reaction when things go wrong. Exuberant favorable responses may help writers, performers, and others establish their names and reputations. Right or wrong, when the quality declines, voiced unfavorable comments are unavoidable.

No, entertainment cannot be compared to many other, more objective sectors on an equal footing.

Viewers, on the other hand, are often the consumers. If consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction in a major manner, it shouldn’t be dismissed. With New Coke, Coca-Cola didn’t do it. With the Deluxe initiative, McDonald’s did not succeed.

Storytellers must be able to control at least some aspects of their work. However, if a substantial reaction indicates that something is wrong, it is possible that something is wrong. It is something that should be handled seriously. And maybe even repaired.

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