After a photo posted to Instagram features a person in a vulnerable condition, Instagram are introducing new features to combat the problem.  The new features will show how many times someone has blocked your profile from viewing their posts, and a warning if you don’t follow someone back within 30 days. This will give a warning if someone has blocked you and if they don’t follow you back within 30 days, the account will be disabled.

This week Instagram introduced three features to fight abuse on the platform, and it’s the third that’s the most interesting. The first and second are surprisingly common, and will probably become a new normal for the platform. The first is a ‘report abuse’ feature that allows users to report posts that are being spammy or inappropriate. The second is a closed group ‘private chat’ feature that will allow users to send a message to a specific audience, such as people on a specific list or in a specific area. The third is an ‘unsend’ feature, similar to the ‘unsend’ function for SMS text messages, which will allow users to remove or delete a notification after sending it.

The social network is introducing 3 new features to fight abuse on its photography and video applications. According to a report, Instagram has been struggling to deal with the threat of abuse on the photo sharing platform since its inception.

Instagram has unveiled three new features aimed at protecting its users from online abuse. Limiting comments and DM requests, as well as tougher cautions when publishing potentially harmful remarks and a worldwide deployment of the Hidden Words tool, which enables users to filter abusive DM requests, are among the new features.

Instagram claims to be continuously soliciting input from professionals and the public in order to create new features that give users greater control over their Instagram experience and safeguard them from abuse.

“It is our duty to ensure that everyone who visits Instagram feels secure. On Tuesday, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said, “We don’t tolerate hate speech or bullying on Instagram, and we delete it whenever we discover it.” 

Synology issues a warning to NAS customers about a possible ransomware assault.

Limits, a new comment restricting tool that enables users to automatically hide comments and DM requests from people who don’t follow them or who have just begun following them, is now available worldwide.


The option is useful for artists who don’t want to completely disable comments since they may still want to hear from and interact with their communities, especially long-time fans and followers. 

The functionality may be turned on from the platform’s privacy settings. The firm also said they’re looking at methods to identify when a person’s comments and DMs are increasing, so they can urge them to switch on Limits. 

When someone attempts to submit a potentially offensive remark, Instagram already issues a warning, and repeat offenders’ accounts are deleted. 

Rather of waiting for someone to commit the same offense twice or three times, the platform will issue a stern warning the first time. The warning informs the individual who submitted the comment of the community rules and cautions that if their remark is posted, it may be hidden or removed. 


In the past week, the firm says that over one million warnings were shown on average to individuals who made similar remarks. Based on the warnings, about half of the comments were either modified or removed.

Instagram has officially announced a worldwide launch of Hidden Words, a tool that enables users to automatically filter abusive or insulting words, phrases, or emojis and put them to a hidden folder. DM requests that are likely spam or of poor quality are likewise filtered. 

While the function was initially only accessible in a few countries, it will be made available worldwide by the end of the month. According to the business, it will continue to encourage users with a big following to activate the function.

The list of potentially objectionable phrases, hashtags, and emojis used to filter out comments has also grown and will continue to grow in the future. Furthermore, a new opt-in option to conceal additional comments has been introduced to further hide more inflammatory remarks, even if they don’t precisely violate the community standards. 

Samsung unveiled the Exynos W920, the industry’s smallest wearable chip.


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No one can deny the prevalence of cyber abuse, and Instagram has been part of the problem. The new set of features that Instagram is rolling out in the fight against abuse will help address an issue that has been plaguing the site for years.. Read more about how long does instagram dm ban last and let us know what you think.

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