King’s Bounty 2 is a strategy game set in the world of The Witcher. Players are tasked with leading their own armies to conquer territory, build up an economy, and ultimately defeat the evil forces that threaten the land.

Battles in King’s Bounty 2 provide a wide range of choices, from troop compositions to magical abilities. Because the tutorials don’t do a good job at describing everything, learning how to utilize magic may take some time.

Depending on whatever character class you choose, you may have different access to magic. In light of this, we’ll go over everything you need to know about studying and utilizing magic in King’s Bounty 2.

How to Use Magic in King’s Bounty 2


You can only use one magic spell each turn, so you’ll need to master spells or have access to a single-use magic scroll first.

It’s easy to use magic in combat. To use a spell, just press “B” to open the spellbook, choose a spell, and then choose a target.

Each character can only cast one spell each turn at first, but later in the game, a skill allows them to cast two spells per round. Supreme Magic is the last choice on the Finesse tree, and it grants you two spells each turn. Because it’s the final skill in the tree, you’ll need to spend at least 28 points in the Finesse tree to acquire it.

The Warrior is unable to learn magic and can only utilize it via scrolls. Scrolls may be obtained in a number of methods, including from chests or magic merchants, as well as as prizes for completing missions. You may have several copies of a scroll, giving you additional applications for the spell. 

The Mage and Paladin, on the other hand, may spend the required amount of mana to learn the spell contained on a scroll. Learning a spell will use the scroll, but it will also grant your character permanent access to it. Using learnt spells in combat depletes a pool of mana that is replenished after each fight. 

How to Get Mana in King’s Bounty 2

In King’s Bounty 2, mana serves as a secondary currency that may be spent to learn and improve spells. Mana may be found in chests and lootable objects all throughout the globe, although it’s typically in tiny amounts. You will sometimes get mana as a prize for winning a fight. 

Aside from that, keep a watch out for Mana Stones, which resemble enormous blue crystals floating in a series of arches. These are often located in towns or other settlements with NPCs, and using one gives 150 mana as well as a bonus that grants extra mana for the next three fights. 

That’s all there is to know about using magic in King’s Bounty 2. Check out our other King’s Bounty 2 guides on GameSkinny if you like this one.

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