The youtube floating window extension is a way to play YouTube videos in a floating window in the Edge browser.

Picture in Picture mode is available in desktop browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to view movies in a floating window that stays on top of other tabs. 

The video player exits its tab and separates from the browser window, remaining active in the forefront on top of other open program windows. 

This floating pop-out window may be resized and dragged to any area of the desktop screen. Even if you minimize the browser window, it will stay visible. While the movie plays in the floating window, you may work on other tabs or applications at the same time.

This mode was originally launched in the Safari Browser on macOS Sierra in 2016, and it was subsequently adopted by Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge Versions 93 and later come with a built-in Picture in Picture mode for movies.

Furthermore, using this function does not need the installation of any third-party extensions or add-ons.

Using Edge’s Picture in Picture mode

While the Picture in Picture mode in Edge works flawlessly on YouTube and Netflix, it does not yet support some of the most popular video sharing sites, such as Vimeo.  

To activate PIP mode on YouTube, open any video and right-click twice in the video player area while it is playing. The first right click would open the context menu for YouTube, the second right click would open the context menu for Edge, and then choose Picture in Picture mode. 


The video player would display in a floating popup window after detaching from the tab. The floating window may be resized or dragged and dropped anywhere on your desktop. It would keep track of all other open windows and applications.


The Floating Windows may play or stop the movie, but it does not show the video progress or the seek bar.

In Edge’s Global Media Control, enable Picture In Picture.

When a video, audio, or other media file is playing in the browser, the global media control button will show automatically in the Edge toolbar. This utility allows you to play or stop movies straight from the toolbar, eliminating the need to locate the media tab. 


Picture in Picture is a feature of Google Chrome’s Global Media Control Panel. To activate this functionality in Microsoft Edge, you’ll need to utilize Edge flags. 

Make sure you have the most recent version of Microsoft Edge before activating these flags. These flags are only available in Edge 93 and later. You can find out what version of Edge you have by entering the following command into the Edge address bar.



The following two flags must be enabled in the Global media control to activate the PIP button:

Media Controls on a Global Scale

Type or paste the following URL into Edge’s address bar and press Enter to activate this flag.



Select Enabled from the dropdown menu.

Restart Edge and check the box next to the following option.

Picture in Picture is under the control of Global Media.

Type the following into Edge’s address bar and press Enter to activate the flag.



Select Enabled from the dropdown menu. To activate the Global Media controls and the Picture in Picture mode button, restart Edge.


The how to enable youtube floating window is a question that has been asked many times. This article will show you how to play YouTube videos in a Floating window in Edge Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get YouTube to play in a small window on my computer?

If you are on Windows, click the start button and type in the search bar. You can also go to

How do you float YouTube?

YouTube is a service that allows people to upload and share videos. It is not really an app in the traditional sense, but rather its a website.

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