The Huawei P40 is a new phone with a focus on performance and battery life. It also has a built-in Emoji keyboard, but it’s not as easy to use as you might think.

The weird emojis are a problem that has been present on Huawei P40 devices. There is a workaround to get these emoji’s back on the device.

In almost all of our conversations, we use emoticons. Indeed, if you want to convey a message with your HUAWEI P40, emoticons are usually a great addition. You can use an emoji to visually communicate with anybody. So, if you need to personalize your conversations on the HUAWEI P40, we’ll go through how to enable and install emojis in your HUAWEI P40 using this tutorial. We’ll start by learning how to utilize the emojis included in the HUAWEI P40’s keyboard set. In a subsequent step, we will learn how to use an application to add additional emojis to your HUAWEI P40.How-To-Get-Emojis-On-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge

Emojis may be used straight from the HUAWEI P40’s keyboard equivalent.

Many people believe that if they wish to use emojis on their HUAWEI P40, they must first install an application. Emojis are, in fact, present in your HUAWEI P40 right now. Indeed, if you utilize the Google keyboard on your HUAWEI P40, you’ll find a large selection of emoji. On the HUAWEI P40, the Yahoo keyboard is usually configured as the default keyboard. You must go to Settings / Language and Input / Default Keyboard to check that the Google keyboard set is configured on your smartphone. If the default keyboard on your HUAWEI P40 is Gboard, that indicates the Google keyboard set is installed.

How to use emojis in your HUAWEI P40 text messages

We’ll go through how to input an emoji while writing a message now that you’ve confirmed you have the Google keyboard on your HUAWEI P40. When you type a message, a little smiling should appear next to the spacebar. Simply clicking on it will scale down the emoji collection. Simply browse through the emojis on this page and choose one that you prefer. When you choose an emoji, it automatically merges with your message. Currently, you know how to have and put an emoji in your HUAWEI P40’s texts.

Install an app to get a larger selection of emoji.

If you want a wider selection of emoji on your HUAWEI P40, or if you just don’t like origins emojis. There are other apps that provide an even wider selection of emoji. Emojis are usually pre-installed on the keyboard you use to send messages. If you wish to use other emojis, you’ll need to install a new keyboard on your HUAWEI P40. If you need to replace the keyboard on your HUAWEI P40, don’t hesitate to check our tutorial. In terms of keyboard selection, we recommend Swype Keyboard, which is an excellent alternative to the standard Google keyboard. On this alternate keyboard set, you’ll discover all of the emojis you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Emojis on my Huawei?

You can download the Emoji app from the Google Play Store.

How do you change Emojis on Huawei?

You can change Emojis on Huawei phones by going to the Emoji app.

How do you get the new Emojis on Android 2020?

You can download them from the Google Play Store.

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