Google Chrome has an error when trying to access the internet on iOS, MacOS and Windows. This article will help you fix this problem by creating a system restore point before switching browsers as well as temporarily disabling your VPN.

The “err_empty_response windows 10” is a problem that can occur when using Google Chrome. This error usually occurs when you are trying to install something and it fails due to the lack of space on your hard drive.

How to Fix err_empty_response error in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is now one of the greatest online browsers available, and most people prefer it to alternative browsers like Microsoft Edge and Safari.

However, we all know that nothing is flawless, and Google Chrome is no exception, since there are several faults that you may encounter when using it.

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The err empty response issue in Google Chrome is one such problem that prevents you from loading any websites.

It’s important to note that this error prevents Google Chrome from transmitting data to and from your computer, so it’s essentially a network connection problem.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the err empty response problem in Google Chrome may be resolved by following the procedures outlined below:

How can I fix Google Chrome’s err empty response error?

As previously said, there are a few methods to resolve the err empty response problem in Google Chrome, and all of these options are described here.

Activate Incognito Mode


Google Chrome also allows you to view websites in incognito mode, which is a state in which your browsing history is not preserved and you may browse anything without worrying about your privacy.

You could try opening webpages in Google Chrome’s incognito mode to remedy the err empty response problem.

  • To begin, open Chrome on your computer.
  • To open it, tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner and choose New Incognito Window.
  • Then, in regular mode, attempt to view the website you were trying to reach and see if it works.

Chrome extensions are disabled.

The next step in resolving the err empty response problem in Google Chrome is to deactivate all of your installed extensions.

You will be able to eliminate any mistakes or difficulties produced by any of your extensions, and you will be able to determine whether the problem is due to extensions or not.

  • Select the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of Google Chrome.
  • Go to More Tools > Extensions and you will see all the installed extensions on your PC.
  • Disable each one individually, then restart Google Chrome.
  • After that, attempt to access the website you want and check whether it works.

Clear the browsing history in Chrome

If the incognito mode and disabling extensions didn’t solve your err_empty_response problem then you can Clear the browsing history in Chrome. This will solve any problems that might be caused by cache or browsing data as everything will be cleared.

Follow these steps to do this:

  • Open Google Chrome, then go to the three-dot menu and choose Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and Security under Settings and, on the right side, select Clear browsing data.
  • Clear your data and restart Chrome to test whether the websites are now available.

Clear the DNS cache in Chrome

Another thing you can do to solve the Chrome err_empty_response error is to Clear the DNS cache in Chrome in order to resolve any DNS issues that might have crept inside your Google Chrome browser.

  • To begin, open Google Chrome.
  • Enter the following URL into your browser’s address bar:


  • Select the button to clear the host cache.
  • Then, from the left sidebar, choose Sockets and click on Close idle sockets, followed by Flush socket postings.
  • Try to access any webpage after relaunching Chrome.

Clear DNS cache on PC

If none of the above methods have worked, you may also clear the DNS cache on your computer.

  • To start Command Prompt on your PC, go to the Start menu and enter cmd.
  • Type the command below:

/flushdns ipconfig

  • Close the command prompt window and restart Chrome to check whether the problem has been resolved.

Change your computer’s DNS servers.

If your problem persists after clearing the DNS cache on your PC and Google Chrome, you’ll need to modify your PC’s DNS servers. It’s conceivable that the DNS is experiencing issues or is unavailable right now, therefore it’s best to try a new DNS server.

  • To change your PC’s DNS server, press Windows + I at the same time to bring up the Settings program.
  • Select Network & Internet and choose Change Adapter options.
  • Right-click your network adapter and choose Properties from the context menu.
  • Choose Properties from the Internet Protocol Version 4 drop-down menu.
  • Enable Use the following DNS server addresses option, then put the following server addresses in the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server fields: is the preferred DNS server. Alternate DNS Server

  • Click OK to exit the window, then restart Chrome to test whether everything is functioning properly.

VPN should be disabled.


If you’re using a virtual private network to access material from multiple regions, protect your privacy, or unblock geo-restricted content, we recommend turning off your VPN connection to fix the err empty response problem in Google Chrome.

On Google Chrome, people who were using a VPN on their devices had the majority of these sorts of issues.

After you’ve turned off your VPN, try browsing the same page to check whether it works.

If this is the case, you may be certain that your VPN is to blame.

Chrome reset

If none of the preceding alternatives worked to fix the err empty response problem, the best thing you can do is reset Google Chrome on your computer.

This will restore your browser’s settings to the state they were when you originally installed it, ensuring that nothing goes wrong.

  • To Chrome reset, open the browser and tap on the three-dot menu, and choose Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page and hit Reset and Clean Up.
  • Select the option to Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Relaunch Chrome and, if feasible, restart your computer after that.
  • Try to navigate any webpage to test whether it works.


We are certain that your err empty response problem in Google Chrome will be resolved after applying all or any of these steps.

If any of your friends are experiencing the same difficulty with their Google Chrome browser, please share this post with them to assist them in resolving the issue.

The “err_empty_response vpn” is an error that can be encountered when using VPN. The solution to the problem is to change your DNS settings in Google Chrome.

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