Disabling the touchpad on Windows can be done in a number of ways, through the use of device drivers or settings. This article explains how to do this with device drivers and offers some advice for those who would like an easier solution.

The “how to enable touchpad on windows 11” is a tutorial that explains how to disable the touchpad in Windows.

How To Disable Touchpad on Windows 11

One of the most significant aspects of a laptop is the touchpad, which has always been upgraded to aid efficiency. You can modify how your touchpad functions in Windows 11 (and prior Windows versions like Windows 10) to make you more productive when using a mouse or other plugged-in devices.

When you don’t have enough place to put your mouse while working, a touchpad may help. It’s convenient, but it might be disturbing if you mistakenly touch your touchpad while typing and move your cursor somewhere it shouldn’t be. Especially if you’ve already got your mouse hooked in.

Fortunately, Windows 11 offers a number of options for disabling your touchpad so you don’t move your cursor by mistake. When a mouse is hooked in, you may also switch off the touchpad. On Windows 10, you can accomplish the same thing, but with a somewhat different user experience.

How can I turn off the touchpad on Windows 11?

Make use of the search function. Alternatively, press the Start button and type touchpad settings. On the search result, choose Touchpad settings.

windows 11 touchpad

From the Settings app, it will access the touchpad settings. To turn off the touchpad, turn the toggle off on the Touchpad option.

bluetooth and devices touchpad settings

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When a mouse is connected in, how do you turn off the touchpad?

You may also deactivate the touchpad just when a mouse is plugged in or connected to your laptop in Windows 11. To do so, uncheck the box labeled Leave touchpad on when a mouse is attached.

turn off touchpad when a mouse is plugged in

When the touchpad is disabled and you can’t connect in a mouse, how do you switch it on?

If you don’t have a mouse and have deactivated the touchpad, you may re-enable it by selecting the Start button, searching for touchpad settings, moving the selection around using the Tab key on your keyboard, and then pressing Enter when it picks the expand option (downright arrow). When it says Reset, press Enter once again.

How to use Device Manager to deactivate the touchpad

The Device Manager is a feature of Windows. It does exactly what it says on the tin, which includes controlling the touchpad. Press Windows+X and choose Device Manager to open it.

device manager

Mice and other pointing devices should be expanded. Right-click the HID-compliant mouse and choose Properties. Disable the gadget by selecting it.

disable device

Using a keyboard shortcut, deactivate the touchpad.

You may be able to switch off the touchpad with merely a keyboard shortcut depending on the brand and model of the laptop you’re using. The Fn button+ is generally involved (F5,F6,F7,etc). Check to check whether the key combination disables your touchpad.

You may deactivate your touchpad in Windows 11 in a variety of ways, including just while a mouse is attached. It’s simpler to write this way since it’s impossible to keep your hand from touching the touchpad while doing so.

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The “how to disable touchpad driver” is a guide that will show you how to disable the touchpad on Windows 11. The process should be fairly easy and straightforward, but it’s always best to get more information before starting any new project.

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