The Buffalo Bills are looking to jump into the 2 seed, but they’ll have to beat a tough St. Louis Rams team in Week 15 and hope for some other teams that would be favored by less than three points against their opponents at home.

The Buffalo Bills are currently in the 9th spot in the AFC. The Bills will need to win out, and hope for a few upsets in order to secure the 2 seed. Read more in detail here: who will the bills play in the playoffs.

How the Buffalo Bills can obtain the 2 seed in the AFC



The Buffalo Bills were still in contention for the AFC’s top seed a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, a defeat to the New England Patriots shattered that ambition, and the Bills can now only aspire for the AFC’s second-best seed. The Bills are now 10-6 in the AFC East, one game ahead of the Patriots, thus a victory against the Jets would ensure a home playoff game for Buffalo. Buffalo, on the other hand, has a chance to earn the second overall seed.

Kansas City (11-5) and Cincinnati (11-5) provided assistance (10-6)

Buffalo will need assistance from the Chiefs and Bengals to get to the second round.

The Chiefs are on the road in Denver and would have to lose to the Broncos to make the playoffs. The Bills would then pass Kansas City based on their previous season head-to-head victory against Mahomes. Even if the Chiefs lose, the Bills would still need the Bengals to lose to the Browns in order to finish second overall. Because the Bengals have a higher AFC record than Buffalo, if they win the Browns, they will advance to the second round if Kansas City loses to Denver. The Bills would presumably face the Chargers or the Colts as the 2 seed, depending on who wins the game between Los Angeles and Las Vegas on Sunday night. If the Bills do not progress from their present place, they will very certainly face New England in a 4 versus 5 game at home.

Why Buffalo (10-6) is a better fit for the fourth seed

Fans in Buffalo should be concerned that the Bills may have to face the Colts in the playoffs this season. At home, Buffalo was thrashed 41-15 by Indianapolis. As a result, they should be praying that Jacksonville knocks them out in week 18 before they can enter the playoffs. However, if the Patriots defeat the Dolphins, Indianapolis is expected to win, and the Colts will be seeded 6th or 7th in the AFC.

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The Bills may have lost to the Patriots at home, but it was in very windy conditions, and Buffalo showed they could handle Mac Jones on the road in New England. Sean McDermott would be delighted to host a first-round playoff game in Buffalo to exact vengeance on the Patriots.

Buffalo Needs a Better Second-Round Rival

If the Bills do face the Patriots in the first round, their opponent in the second round will almost certainly be simpler to handle.

The Titans are currently the top overall seed in the AFC, and they will keep their title if they do not lose against the Texans. Even with Derrick Henry in the starting lineup, the Bills have shown they can hang with Tennessee. In week 6, the Bills were defeated 34-31 on the road, and Josh Allen had a chance to win the game late on 4th down. Also worth noting is that Bills supporters have the ability to take over Nashville at any time, and this game would be no exception.

If this meeting occurs, it would very certainly pit Kansas City and the Bengals against one another, with Joe Burrow having previously defeated Patrick Mahomes on the road.

Championship of the AFC

The Buffalo Bills will most likely dodge the Kansas City Chiefs until the AFC Championship game.

Other clubs have a chance to beat the reigning AFC champions in the games leading up to the championship game. If that does not occur, the Bills will be given another chance this season. With 315 passing yards and three touchdowns in a 38-20 victory against the Chiefs, Josh Allen has already shown he can pick apart their defense. It may sound contradictory, but Buffalo’s best chance of reaching the Super Bowl is from the fourth seed, and the Bills should hope that nothing changes on Sunday save the Colts’ elimination from the playoffs.


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The “buffalo bills playoffs history” is a team that has made the playoffs in each of the last 8 seasons. The team was able to obtain the 2 seed in the AFC this season. This is a must have because it shows how they can get into the playoffs again and make it further than they have before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bills get the number 2 seed?

How can the Bills clinch the 2 seed?

A: The Bills will clinch the 2 seed if they win against the Titans on Sunday. The Seahawks need to beat both the Texans and Lions in order for them to make it into a tiebreaker, but that is unlikely now with how well Buffalo has been playing lately.

How did Buffalo clinch AFC East?

A: Buffalo clinched the AFC East after defeating Miami 41-9.

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