In February 2022, Niantic announced that the upcoming Johto Tour will be the biggest event in Pokemon GO’s history. A lot of people have their eyes on it and are excited to see what happens next!

The “pokémon go tour 2022” is a new type of event that was announced by Niantic on December 14th, 2018. It will take place in February of 2022 and will be the first time that players have been able to travel across regions.

Here’s what we know about Pokemon GO’s February 2022 Johto Tour so far


We now have additional information about Pokemon Go’s upcoming Johto Tour event, which will take place on February 26th and 27th, 2022. So far, it seems to be pretty comparable to the Kanto Tour event, despite the fact that Gen 1 is generally at the forefront of the series’ hype train. However, Gen 2 isn’t all awful, as it introduced several extremely popular eeveelutions and, arguably, one of the finest regional Megas, Heracross, who should be returning in some way internationally for the event.

While there are a few juicy tidbits, Niantic hasn’t revealed everything yet. Players who buy $11.99 (US) tickets before January 10 receive free January and February timed events, however we’re not sure whether this is a new feature or simply a reference to the $1 Community Day activities.

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You’ll have to choose between versions once again, albeit the exclusives aren’t as divisive as previously. Certain regional pokemon will be less regional, according to Niantic, and hopefully they won’t be raid locked and screwy like the previous Poke-region event.

Silver seems to me to be the better choice of the two events. When captured, Delibird yields additional stardust, Skarmory is still useful in Great League PvP, and shiny Soodowoodo, Houndoom, and Miltank look fantastic.

That said, Mantine may be an unexpected lead selection for Beautiful League (personal experience); Gliscgar (Gligar’s final form) is a decent option for Ultra league plus is a nice looking shiny; Wobbuffet’s shiny looks great and is highly important to the gym meta; and Ho-oh receives a good looking shiny. Oh, and Gold gets Shuckle, which transforms from a red to a blue shell for Mario Kart lovers. Remember, once you’ve chosen your version, there’s no going back, so plan with your buddies!

Niantic provides an excellent overview of what is and isn’t paid for during the event for gamers who don’t want to pay for it. The Community Day moves for Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Tyranitar, Espeon, Umbreon, and Mamoswine will be available to all free players. Lugia and Ho-oh will have their own special moves (presumably Aeroblast and Earthquake), as well as timed research for the legendary dogs/beasts three. Raids on legendary and regional Pokemon will not be reserved for ticket holders. You’ll also get six daily special transactions (most likely throughout the festival, so don’t wait until the end!). To develop Umbreon or Espeon from Eevee, no one will have to walk them. And everyone will get a chance to see Smeargle shine as a result of his daily photobombing.

Ticket holders, on the other hand, get a slew of other benefits, including 1/4 egg hatching distance, double candy from catches, three free remote raid passes (compared to the nine in-person raid passes you’ll be able to get from Gyms), a Celebi encounter, “Masterwork Research” (like last year’s shiny Mew research), and more. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more!


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The “kanto tour 2022 pokemon go” is a new event that has been announced for the game. It will be happening in February of 2022, and we have some information about it so far.

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