A lot of new World servers are being created these days. Some for fun, some for competition and others to join the ranks of old-school worlds. Here is a list of all the active Worlds in a game that will soon be merged into one server.

Here are all the New World servers destined for a merge in the near future


So, who on your Christmas list had “New World Mergers” on it? Because that’s exactly what you’ll receive. Selected servers in Central Europe, the United States East, the United States West, and Australia were taken down last night, and will be taken offline again today, all in the name of “[preparing] to support” mergers. The first outage will begin at 4 p.m., a small delay from the previously planned noon start time.

Amazon issued a more complete list of servers undergoing the squish overnight, and there are a lot of them, with as many as six servers being smooshed into a new server group in certain situations. For the sake of comparison, both of the servers I played on are included, and both looked to have reasonable pops to me, indicating that Amazon is striving to anticipate future population swings rather than just shoring up the most catastrophic scenarios.

This isn’t the first time the game’s servers have been combined; some servers were merged only last week. According to the global merge server FAQ, Amazon will tell players in-game that the merging will take place the next week, which should give you an indication of when the merge will take place this time. The studio has said that it chooses which servers to combine depending on their population size and “overall involvement.”


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